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U.S. Equities: Volatile at Times, Static at Others -- Yet, Always Patterned

Here's how to track and anticipate the often aggressive moves across U.S. equities.

Trading Forex: Why You MUST Have Perspective

The FX market is extremely liquid with a lot of volume, making it the perfect landscape for using Elliott wave analysis to forecast the next move in your favorite currency pair. Jim Martens, the editor of our Currency Pro Service, explains how he uses the rules and guidelines of the Wave Principle to stay one step ahead of market moves across forex.

Gold, Etc.: Here's Why the Trend Truly IS Your Friend

Strong liquidity and a mass following means metals markets often reflect Elliott wave patterns very clearly. Learn how to exploit a trend for as long as it's in progress.

Extreme Weather & Energy Markets: What's Next?

Given the recent hurricanes and intense volatility across commodity markets, anticipating fluctuations in crude and natural gas has rarely been this challenging. Learn how to make sense of it all using the Elliott Wave Principle.

This is Why It's an Exciting Time for Gold, Copper, Etc.

Tom Denham discusses dramatic moves that we've seen across the metals markets over the last several days.

Peak Credit

The latest figures for consumer credit in the US showed a lower-than-expected increase of $12.4 billion in June.