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An (Un)Popular President & the Rise of the Anti-Authoritarians

He was re-elected in a landslide. But when the mood music changed key, Richard Nixon found himself in a cacophony of scandal. Watch as Robert Folsom and Jordan Kotick discuss this tumultuous period in American history that still echoes with relevance today.

Gold, ETFs, Copper… Equally Volatile, or Not?

Volatility in stocks and cryptocurrencies has been stealing the spotlight, but what about other key markets such as gold, copper and the metals in general? Our Metals Pro Service, editor Tom Denham, gives you his take on volatility in base vs. precious metals, ETFs and more.

Will Volatility Stick Around?

One of the signs that a volatility spike was around the corner were the bullish market sentiment extremes we saw in Q4 2017, well before the January 26 turn. ElliottWaveTV asked Robert Kelley, our U.S. Intraday Stocks Pro Service editor, for his take on the storm that followed.

Commodities: Why the Time to Pay Attention is NOW

Despite the shake-up in the stock market and cryptocurrencies, commodities like corn and soybeans have been rising lately. There may be more "surprises" ahead -- ElliottWaveTV sat down with our Commodity Junctures editor, Jeffrey Kennedy, to get his latest thoughts.

Did Good News Sink the Stock Market?

Watch as Jordan Kotick and Matt Lampert bust the myth that better-than-expected wage growth sent the stock market reeling AND the myth that rising rates are in control of the stock market's trend. Plus they reveal what's really behind the stock market's moves.

What's the Real Reason Behind Falling Oil Prices?

Is there really a connection between the drop in the stock market and falling oil prices? Our Energy Pro Service editor, Steve Craig, gives ElliottWaveTV some illuminating answers.