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One of Elliott’s best-known qualities is that it identifies objective price levels to confirm or deny the market’s current form. So you can know whether to stay with a move or get out now.

Did you know that Elliott also gives you objective entry points? You can quickly learn how to assess various entries based on quantified risk vs reward assessments using Elliott. So you can know where you should get in, how far Elliott says the move is likely to go, and when you should get out--with either a stop or a winning exit. All of which means you can be far more confident that your actions match your pre-defined system and not your emotions.

This introduction to Elliott wave essentials covers these simple techniques and more. In just 90 intriguing minutes, you get an introduction to the details you need to identify market opportunities. And you learn proven real-world strategies to help you plan your approach. All using the world-famous Elliott wave method.

You learn all this from Wayne Gorman, Elliott Wave International’s Senior Instructor with 40 years’ experience trading and forecasting the markets both on and off Wall Street. Elliott Wave International (EWI) is the world’s largest market forecasting firm with 25 analysts covering every major market around the globe on every meaningful timeframe.

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