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If This is a Recovery, What Does a Downtrend Look Like?
Commercial real estate: "First Six Months Free"

By Bob Stokes
3/13/2012 5:45:00 PM

People who might have started a business pre-2007-2009 now shun the risk. Commercial property "owners" themselves are neck-high in debt. And some are drowning in it. Here's a recent reminder...

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The New Hot Trend in Real Estate: Should You Jump Aboard?
Bulk buying: When one house just isn't enough

By Bob Stokes
3/6/2012 5:45:00 PM

Anyone who bought near the housing mania peak was left holding the bag -- and in the bag was a mortgage that today exceeds the value of the property. Lesson learned? Apparently not...

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Is This the Right Time to "Invest" in a House?
A look at why people think of a consumption item as an investment.

By Bob Stokes
2/17/2012 5:45:00 PM

As any homeowner knows, one unexpected repair can run into the thousands of dollars. Then there's the maintenance (and other costs) you do expect, which add up to a pretty penny by the end of a given year. On the other hand, homeowners do get tax breaks. But even considering that, is a house or condominium a good investment?...

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Expensive "Free Lunch" in Real Estate: Two More Shoes to Drop
Is a bottom in home prices anywhere in sight?

By Bob Stokes
1/31/2012 5:45:00 PM

Will the wide swaths of vacant homes now visible in Detroit, Cleveland, Las Vegas and Florida become common elsewhere?...

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Can The Fed Rebuild The US Housing Market?
Robert Prechter's latest Elliott Wave Theorist shows you compelling evidence on whether the wait for a housing recovery is almost over

By Nico Isaac
1/23/2012 5:30:00 PM

As the leading US economists look ahead to the future, they see one glaring obstacle standing in the way to lasting recovery: the still, defunct real estate market. And, according to many mainstream experts, there is one surefire way to turn the housing sector around: government stimulus, stimulus, and more stimulus.

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The Real Estate Crash: How to Survive and Prosper
Commercial real estate and the skyscraper boom/bust: Deflation has a long way to go.

By Bob Stokes
1/10/2012 5:15:00 PM

It's time to learn specific steps on how to financially protect yourself before the economy sinks even deeper into a deflationary depression. Indeed, you can even position yourself to prosper in the months ahead. How?...

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Are Even Lower Prices Ahead for Single-Family Homes?
No recovery 5 years after the housing bubble burst. Should you expect one soon?

By Bob Stokes
11/11/2011 5:30:00 PM

Many home sellers wait hopefully for the real estate market to bounce back. But they may be waiting longer than they anticipate...

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Vultures Circle the US Housing Market, Again
Why EWI's team of analysts, including Bob Prechter in his Conquer the Crash, foresaw the real estate crash -- and what Elliott wave analysis suggest for housing now

By Nico Isaac
9/27/2011 4:00:00 PM

On site of the gruesome real estate crash, financial paramedics have tried every resuscitating trick in the book to revive their dying patient: Trillions of dollars in government bailouts; repeated first-time buyer tax breaks; and record low mortgage rates. Yet, the US housing market is showing no gain activity.

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Size Matters: Smaller Homes Signal Declining Social Mood
The August Socionomist: a riveting study of how real estate reflects deflation in more ways than one

By Nico Isaac
9/22/2011 9:45:00 AM

When it comes to the US housing market, bigger no longer means better. A slew of recent news items confirm that the hunt for smaller homes is officially on. As for why? The August Socionomist reveals a long-term correlation between the average size of US homes and the rise and fall in social mood.

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New Record Low Mortgage Rates: A Boost for Real Estate?
Or is a "final nail" going to be driven into the already fragile housing sector?

By Bob Stokes
9/16/2011 3:30:00 PM

Have you heard what Freddie Mac just announced? The 30-year fixed rate fell to 4.09 percent -- the lowest in six decades. But many "want-to-be" homeowners aren't in a position to take advantage of that. Here's why...

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Real Estate Market: Take a Loss or Wait It Out?
Home Sellers In Denial

By Bob Stokes
7/21/2011 5:30:00 PM

An overpriced listing will deter buyers even in a good housing market. Yet today's market includes an added risk...

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Housing Market: Worst Since "The Great Depression"?
Has the Downtrend in Housing Hit a Bottom?

By Bob Stokes
6/6/2011 5:15:00 PM

Home prices were on a "one-way street" -- namely up. But as we know, the trend in real estate prices did an abrupt U-turn. Now it's traveling swiftly in the opposite lane. How long will this downward trend continue?...

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Double-Dip Housing Recession and the Unending Foreclosure Story: What Does It Mean for U.S. Economy?

By Susan C. Walker
5/27/2011 2:00:00 PM

With a double-dip housing recession and foreclosures accounting for 28% of all U.S. home sales in April, the housing debacle is the gift that keeps on taking away. Elliott Wave International began warning about the consequences of too much credit in the U.S. economy and the housing markets in the early 2000s. What does it say now?

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Commercial Real Estate: "Ghost Malls" in the Making?
One in Ten Mall Stores Are Vacant

By Bob Stokes
4/29/2011 3:30:00 PM

Commercial real estate's downward trend goes beyond suburban malls. Much office space in business districts is empty. Read this excerpt...

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Home Prices: A Time for "Bargain Hunting?"
See the Housing Charts and Read the Commentary in the Latest Financial Forecast

By Bob Stokes
4/4/2011 5:15:00 PM

Does the latest housing data suggest a bottom now -- a time to go searching for your dream home?...

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US Housing Market: The Lost City Of Atlantis
Elliott wave analysis and historical stock market and real estate trend comparisons helped foresee the historic reversal in the US real estate market.

By Nico Isaac
2/10/2011 6:00:00 PM

According to the most recent quarterly real estate market survey from Zillow.com, the percentage of U.S. homes UNDERWATER -- i.e., those whose market values are below what's owed on them -- soared from 20% in August 2010 to 27% today. On top of that, home prices continue to decline while foreclosure rates rose to a new, all-time record high. (February 10, 2011 Associated Press)

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If It's "A Buyer's Market," Why Is No One Buying?
Looking for a Bottom in the Residential Real Estate Market

By Bob Stokes
1/27/2011 4:15:00 PM

Much of what makes a "home and hearth" cannot be measured in dollars and cents. Even so, it's not wise to ignore the financial facts of residential real estate...

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The Real Estate Market: Still Agonizing. Still Ironic

By Nico Isaac
1/13/2011 1:45:00 PM

In October 2010, I wrote about real estate short sales in an article titled, "An End To Easy Lending: The Irony and Agony of Real Estate." The irony was that there's nothing SHORT about trying to buy a house via a short sale. It's usually the longest, most drawn out means of buying a home -- and it often ends in failure. As an example, I provided my own experience of jumping through hoops for three months as I waited for the bank to approve my own short sale offer on a totally affordable apartment -- only to be denied.

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Quantitative Easing and the Housing Market: Is Bernanke's Strategy Helping?
Mortgage Rates are Moving the "Wrong Way"

By Bob Stokes
12/14/2010 4:45:00 PM

The evidence so far shows that the Fed's attempts to stop the deflationary trend will fail, including home values...

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"Act II" in the Housing Collapse Drama?
Which Assets Will Follow Real Estate into a Potential Abyss

By Bob Stokes
12/1/2010 4:15:00 PM

Houses are just one of many assets that skyrocketed during The Great Asset Mania. Our analysis suggests that the "downward spiral" has much further to fall...

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