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From Nukes to Cannabis to Russia Resurgent: A Book to Blow Your Mind

by Robert Folsom
Updated: October 13, 2017


Suppose YOU had a single framework that allowed you to understand why certain candidates win elections and why nations go to war. And why a country's internal politics can be peaceful one minute and beset with strikes, protests and terrorism the next. Such is the value of Socionomic Causality in Politics. In a paradigm-shifting work, Robert Prechter and fellow contributors unveil why politics frequently confound even the most brilliant pollsters, historians, politicians, social scientists and the media -- and how you can understand and sometimes even anticipate political changes with one simple shift in your perspective.

Socionomic Causality in Politics is one of Prechter's two new books, both of which are available exclusively on Amazon. For a limited time, get special pricing: