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You Can Outsmart the "Smart Money" Crowd

by Editorial Staff
Updated: May 06, 2019

There is one group of investors that almost always gets caught with a wrong bet at big turns. Who are they?

You probably guessed "mom-and-pop investors" -- but no, these are professionals.

What's more, they are the kind of professionals who you'd expect to be ahead of the market, not behind it.

In the business, they call them Large Speculators. We just call them hedge fund managers.

Remember the sell-off last October and into December? Our October 8 Short Term Update showed subscribers that Large Specs were betting big on continued low volatility.

Days later, volatility jumped.

Why bring it up today? Because a chart from our just-published May Elliott Wave Financial Forecast shows that history may be repeating itself.

In fact... well, you just have to see for yourself this chart of today's Large Specs' position in VIX futures.

Free, see the chart now -- and get ready to outsmart the "smart money."

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