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Elliott Wave Tips of the "Trade"

by Editorial Staff
Updated: June 03, 2019

Make no mistake, Elliott wave analysis is a sharp tool -- NOT a sure-fire solution -- to help traders identify and maintain high-confidence set-ups in the markets they follow. The key is to use that tool correctly.

On tap is EWI instructor Jeffrey Kennedy's landmark video lesson, in which he unveils the most essential "tips" to using Elliott wave analysis correctly and favorably for any market on any time frame. They include:

  • The number one rule governing whether a market's price chart presents a high-probability opportunity -- or failure
  • The first place to look to identify a market's trend
  • What are the Elliott wave "unicorns" -- i.e. the rare patterns that occur maybe 20% of the time -- and why hunting them is a dangerous and futile trap
  • Which Elliott wave pattern almost always occurs when there's an acceleration gap in price
  • How to avoid the all-too common "Alice in Wonderland" syndrome
  • If you see a fifth wave extension, you know the approximate number of waves that will follow and the area in which that price move will terminate
  • A three-wave move contained within parallel lines signifies one kind of trend

In his video, Jeffrey shows you how to use these tips in real time to develop a high-confidence forecast for the Big Board listee Navistar International Corporation (NYSE: NAV). Hint: This market may be on its way to setting a new price extreme in the weeks and months ahead.

Watch this video FREE today and tip your odds in favor of high confidence, Elliott wave trades.

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