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Germany's DAX: 2 Stunning Charts You Won't See Elsewhere

by Brian Whitmer
Updated: June 07, 2019

The 30 largest stocks of Europe's biggest economy are "dramatically outperforming the rest of Europe," goes a common opinion today. So, is there anything to worry about?

Well, that depends. You can look at the DAX in different ways. For example, did you know that the DAX is a so-called total return index -- meaning, what you see on the chart includes interest, dividends and other distributions?

Other EU indexes, like Stoxx 50 or FTSE 100, are measured in price only. So, to compare apples to apples, you have to do the same for the DAX. But where would you find a chart like that?

You can see it in this 4-minute video that our European Opportunities Expert and contributor to our monthly Global Market Perspective, Brian Whitmer, has just recorded.

In fact: Brian digs deeper and also shows you the DAX divided by the PPI, Producer Price Index. That way, you see German stocks in terms of what really matters -- i.e., how much "stuff" they buy today vs. say, two decades ago.

Once you see these two hard-to-find charts, you'll see a different picture emerge.

See them now -- and understand "if there is something to worry about.."

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