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How Badly Will the Hong Kong Protests Shake Global Stock Markets?

by Matt Lampert
Updated: August 22, 2019

The news is crazy. You don’t have to be.

Paramilitary forces mass near the Hong Kong border. Authorities crack down on booksellers, bloggers and professors. Cultural genocide rages in Xinjiang.

Most people look at these developments and see chaos. The September Socionomist shows you the patterns, so that you can become that rare individual who rises above media narratives and unsatisfying explanations to truly understand what’s behind these events, who calmly anticipates change, and who sees the big picture.

You will discover why China is flexing its muscles now, how far its authoritarian streak has gone and what signs you should look for to signal when the nation’s authoritarian trend is likely to reverse course.

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The new science of socionomics starts with a simple observation: How people FEEL influences how they will BEHAVE.

At the Socionomics Institute, we look at how the whole society is feeling today – so you can anticipate how society will behave tomorrow. Using various indicators, we track social mood in real time across the globe. You’ll see how changes in social mood shift everything from the songs people want to hear to the leaders they elect; from people’s desire for peace to their hunger for scandals.

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