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How (and when) a Textbook Pattern Came to Life: See the Euro-Yen Move for Yourself

by Robert Folsom
Updated: June 08, 2020

Welcome to Chart of the Day. I'm Robert Folsom.

How (and when) a Textbook Pattern Came to Life: See the euro-Yen Move for Yourself

Here we have the euro-yen, one of the major non-dollar currency pairs in the FX market. Our timeline is 2020, thru June 5th.

Note this May 6th low near 114.40; we'll discuss the relevant price action preceding the turn, then the large move higher starting in May which has carried into June.

On May 18th -- eight trading days after the low -- the euro-Yen saw a spike higher. That one-day move confirmed a larger Elliott Wave pattern that our currency analyst Michael Madden had been following: specifically, an ending diagonal.

This idealized graph is from Robert Prechter's Elliott Wave Principle, which says the pattern is called an ending diagonal since it anticipates an important change in direction, namely a thrust higher.

Back to our real time example: We noted that the trend in this market thru May 6th had been bearish; yet the action that followed soon indicated that a large thrust higher was about to unfold.

So, on May 18th analyst Michael Madden showed Currency Pro Services subscribers a version of this chart, complete with the diagonal pattern, the 5-wave move into the low at multiple degrees of trend, and a clear directional arrow.

His commentary that day said,

"This is a very bullish outlook... we could see further aggressive price action as EURJPY stages a full retracement of that 5-wave pattern [from the high at 122.87]."

The thrust higher that followed speaks for itself.

This is where I say that not all of our forecasts work out this way -- Currency Pro Services subscribers were alerted to this move in time to be ready.

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The EURJPY chart and forecast speak for themselves. Our subscribers were READY for this cross-rate to explode higher.

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