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The Bitcoin Crime Wave Hits

Excerpted from the June 2021 Elliott Wave Financial Forecast

by Editorial Staff
Updated: June 09, 2021

In early June, over 12,000 crypto fans came to Miami to take part in Bitcoin 2021, the largest Bitcoin event in the world.

Although the event took place against the background of Bitcoin's value cut nearly in half from the April high of $64K, the enthusiasm for the King of Cryptos was palpable.

In fact, says the excerpt from our June Financial Forecast you're about to read,

"The conviction gripping bitcoin's ascendancy is so deep that children are now being indoctrinated into the bullish fold."

Indeed, the widespread conviction that Bitcoin is a "sure thing" has never been stronger.

So, should you buy? Should you buy now, before it goes to $500,000, as some are predicting?

First, read this excerpt from our June Financial Forecast -- on us.

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