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Bitcoin Traders: What Were You Reading at Bitcoin $30,000 in June?

by Editorial Staff
Updated: October 28, 2021

So, let's recap.

Over the past year, Bitcoin has rallied from ~$10,000 to ~$60,000+. That includes getting cut in half and then doubling again in the last six months. It's been a manic ride. Tough to navigate, tough to stay in, tough to get in, easy to get thrown. How did you handle it?

We've all seen at least one rodeo scene where the wild stallion throws somebody unceremoniously on their ass-ets. And then there's the one cowboy who can read that beast like a book.

Our Crypto Pro Service editor Tony Carrion may be more of a city guy -- but man, he has been nothing short of a crypto whisperer for the past couple of years.

Just look back at Bitcoin in June of this year. Bitcoin had just hit an intraday low of $28,957 and crypto traders and the mainstream financial media were hitting the panic button. Many were blaming Bitcoin's historic fall on China's crypto crackdown.

Now let's look at what Elliott waves said as the world panicked. Our Crypto Pro Service posted the labeled chart you see below on June 29 -- you see it just as subscribers saw it on that day.

Tony told subscribers that the recent low was "right in the ballpark of our previous 4th wave support ($28,860)" and told his readers,

"It is very possible that we have an end to the wave 4 correction."

Crypto Pro Service subscribers knew exactly what that meant: A wave 5 rally back above $65,000.

Unless you live under a rock -- or your wi-fi really sucks -- you know what happened. A few months later, Bitcoin traded back above $65,000. Not too shabby.

And, of course, the same media experts LOVE Bitcoin now. That's how it always goes: They hate the market at the bottom, love it at the top.

211028 - BB

You have to see BTC's larger Elliott wave price pattern to see what's next. And you can see it right now inside our Crypto Pro Service.

You'll see a level of detailed analysis unlike anything you'll find elsewhere. Our Crypto Pro Service team covers Bitcoin plus half-a-dozen more of the most popular cryptos at the timeframes you need: intraday, daily and longer-term.

Tired of getting thrown off the horse, why not saddle up with a pro?

Tony Carrion, the crypto whisperer, our Crypto Pro Service editor, is ready to give you his latest right now.

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