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Bitcoin’s November Pain. The FTX-Binance Drama isn’t To Blame

by Nico Isaac
Updated: November 22, 2022

As Crypto Patterns Move with Explosive Speed ...

... Please know that there's more to come. You saw that the Bitcoin forecast in late October bear was spot-on: in the days and weeks ahead, Crypto Trader's Classroom will keep you two steps ahead of the patterns.

You can anticipate the risks -- and be ready to move on the opportunities -- when the right market juncture arrives. Fast-moving, volatile markets are when Elliott Wave analysis is at its best. See below for more.

A “Freight Train of Grains” Didn’t Cause Soybeans’ Recent Price Crash. So… What Did?

"Crash," "sink," "runaway freight train," and ever-lowering "limbo pole" are a few of the phrases used to describe the May selloff in grains, particularly soybeans. But before you blame the "bombshell" May 12 USDA supply/demand report for the slide, you'll want to read this first.

Commercial Real Estate: Prepare for a Potential Global Calamity

A lot of the commercial real estate market is faced with a decline in liquidity and falling values. The specter of defaults looms large. In at least one region of the world, there are reminders of the dark days of Q1 2009, as revealed by this chart.

'How people FEEL is how they ACT'

Like all ideas that make you want to slap yourself on the forehead and scream "How didn't I think of that!", the idea behind socionomics is simple: Social mood impels social action. When you know social mood's trend, you can forecast everything from the stock market to culture to politics and more. So, how then do you define the social mood trend? Watch our Head of Global Research touch on that in this video.