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Australia's Housing Market Soars, the Fundamentals in Ashes

by Nico Isaac
Updated: February 04, 2020

Does "Bad News" Drive Markets Down?

You just saw a clear answer from Australia's housing market.

So ... here's the better question: Does "news" drive markets at all? The simple answer is no. Investors who rely on news to make financial decisions are permanently a step behind.

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On February 24th, the U.S. stock market saw a huge one-day decline. Headlines blamed the coronavirus ... yet those stories are badly mistaken. Now see what did anticipate the big decline, days before it happened.

EWI Insight: Global Stocks

What's behind this selloff? Every article you read, unless it's written by an Elliottician, is going to tell you it's because of the coronavirus. Yet consider this line from the February issue of Global Market Perspective...

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Coronavirus has been killing people around the world in January and February. Yet, the stock market kept popping to new record highs -- until now.