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USDJPY: Multi-Year "Triangle" Ending... Next -- a Massive Opportunity

by Jim Martens
Updated: June 28, 2019

You can see them on almost every chart: Those areas when prices first swing wide, up or down; then you see another, shorter swing; then each swing gets shorter and shorter... until -- boom! Prices explode in a sharp thrust.

The Elliott wave triangle pattern is easy to spot. As for the "post-triangle thrust" -- those have well-defined target ranges and support/resistance levels.

That's why a triangle is a favorite amongst Elliott wave traders.

Want to see an example? Boy, do we have one for you.

For several years, our Currency Pro Service Editor Jim Martens has been tracking for subscribers a giant triangle in USDJPY. It's almost complete.

The thrust -- a.k.a. your opportunity -- is almost here.

Watch as Jim walks you through this real-life, real-time opportunity (usually reserved for Currency Pro Service subscribers only).

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