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EU Stocks: How Simple Highs and Lows Help You See What's Next

by Murray Gunn
Updated: March 09, 2020

"Is that it"?

After a month of selling -- and a jarring, global crash on March 9 -- this is the one question on every investor's mind.

Yours too, probably. So, let us offer you some well-researched answers.

Back in 1987, before the DJIA lost 22% in one day, it was already down 14% off the high. In other words, just because a market is down hard doesn't mean "this is it."

Watch our Head of Research apply this lesson in history to the recent price action in the Euro Stoxx 50, the pan-European index of 50 blue chips.

You'll also get a good idea of how to know when the worst may be over.

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