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Winter Solstice and Stock Market: Is There a Connection?

by Murray Gunn
Updated: December 22, 2020

In our technology-driven world, as we enjoy the highly controlled environment of our air-conditioned homes, cars and offices, it's easy to forget that us humans are still very much a part of nature.

Well, the stock market is a human invention -- so is it a stretch to suggest that some of its cycles reflect the cycles we observe in nature? Not at all.

Take the Winter Solstice, for example. The sudden global stock market sell-off on December 21 was widely blamed on the new COVID-19 strain. But did you realize that December 21 was also the Winter Solstice?

Few people would make a connection, but watch our Head of Global Research show you what stocks did on or around this day during the 4 of the past 5 years.

You'll also get a clear idea of what stocks might do next.

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