Where will oil prices go in the next hour?

Tomorrow? Next week? Next month?

Don't bother asking mainstream finance these questions. At best, you'll hear "if/then" answers like: "If the pandemic continues, then..." and: "If the next stimulus happens..."

For anyone investing or trading oil -- and even for oil producers -- that's not good enough. History shows this approach doesn’t work

So, let us help. Our Energy Pro Service gives you intraday and daily forecasts for the whole energy complex.

And if you're looking at energy long-term, once a month our Global Market Perspective updates you on the big trends.

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I need big-picture forecasts for energy markets each month.

Our Global Market Perspective has been covering oil, natural gas and other energy markets since its inception in 1992. Each month, Chief Energy Analyst Steve Craig tells you like it is: what he sees next for the major energy commodities, and why. Plus, you get Elliott wave forecasts for stocks, bonds, metals, currencies (including cryptos) and more -- 40+ global markets in total.

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Energy markets are never boring. Our Energy Pro Service market experts have decades of experience forecasting them using Elliott waves and other technical tools. Skip watching the news and watch price patterns instead -- and let us help you catch those short-term moves.

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