Markets "Make No Sense"? Try Elliott Waves (Parts I & II)

Surfing the Elliott Wave: A Rational View of Non-Rational Financial Markets, Part 1 & 2

When you look at the rally in stocks since late March -- in the middle of the worst pandemic in 100 years! -- it's hard not to feel confused.

Take comfort in the fact that you're not alone: Many Wall Street pros have also confessed that they missed the rally because ... well, it just makes no sense.

Consider: Global economies are crashing, U.S. unemployment is at its highest since the Great Depressions, earnings are at $0 or worse.

Yet, somehow the NASDAQ is at a new all-time high, with the DJIA and S&P not that far behind?

To get some much-needed clarity, watch these interviews with our own Mark Galasiewski conducted by Robert J. Bowman from (SupplyChainBrain is a comprehensive supply chain management information resource that addresses the fundamental principles of supply-chain management.)

And find some "sanity" in these "insane markets."

Watch these now...

Part One:

Part Two:

Need clarity about specific markets? We can help.

Now you know: Elliott waves help you see logic and predictability where others only see chaos.

You probably have questions about specific markets -- and what Elliott waves show for them next?

We can help.

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