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About Your Global Opportunities FreeWeek
June 23 – July 30

The globe is full of opportunities and risks, with several markets at critical junctures.

That’s why we’ve decided to offer you Global Opportunities FreeWeek. For 7 days, you’ll see exactly what our world-leading Elliott analysts are providing to our paying subscribers right now – at no cost to you.

Our Elliott experts cover stocks, bonds, oil, FX, cryptos – in Asian/Pacifica, Europe and the US. The event runs from July 23–30.

My commitment to you is that during this time, we’ll help you make objective choices on how to protect your portfolio and take advantage of opportunities. And we’ll give you guidance about what’s to come for the next few months.

You Get A LOT During FreeWeek

On July 23–30, you’ll have full, free access to Global Market Perspective. Plus, you get one issue of each of our regional Short Term Updates (3 total):

Global Market Perspective

15 of our global market experts give you an in-depth view of stocks, bonds, FX, cryptos, gold, oil, investor psychology and more for 50+ of the most-watched markets.

July issue: yours free ($59 value).

U.S. Short Term Update

Every Monday, Wednesday and Friday evening (New York time), STU gives subscribers objective forecasts of where stocks, bonds, gold, USD and euro will go in the next few trading sessions.

July 27 issue: yours free ($49/mo. value)

European Short-Term Update

Every Monday, Wednesday and Friday by 8 PM London time, you get a 1-3 day outlook for the key equities, FX, metals and bonds across Europe.

July 29 issue: yours free ($49/mo. value)

Asian-Pacific Short-Term Update

Every Monday, Wednesday and Friday morning by 7 AM Tokyo Time, you get likely direction of the key Asian-Pacific markets for several days ahead.

July 29 issue: yours free ($49/mo. value)

Together, on July 23–30, we’ll give you the rare clarity every investor needs today. It’s a $100+ value, all free.

Greg Eident
Your FreeWeek Host

P.S. Worried about a language barrier? That shouldn’t be a problem. We publish in HTML format, so you should be able to translate our publications quickly through your web browser/app translator. From my internal tests, Google’s Chrome Web Browser and the Google Translator app seem to do the best job. (Please note that some web/app translators may not translate the author’s intended message properly. Always refer to the English version and the chart labeling as authoritative.)

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