Interest Rates

Bonds are boring. They are the beige minivan of the investment world. Yet, bond yields (which move inversely to prices) are hugely important. They determine lots of things: from how much companies and governments pay to borrow money -- to the rate you get on your mortgage. To help you navigate the complex world of interest rates, here are some free resources.


How to Put Market Corrections to Good Use

When you first learn Elliott wave analysis, the one move you always want to catch is wave 3. After all, it's the strongest and usually longest part of the basic wave pattern. But HOW exactly do you catch one? Watch our Interest Rates Pro Service editor Nady Laymoud show how he uses market corrections to answer that question. (U.S. 30-Year Treasury Bonds in focus).

Trade Bonds like a Pro: Put an Expert in Your Corner

Interest Rates Pro Service gives you timely forecasts to help you capitalize on trends in bonds and prepare for the next move.