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It’s Another Fed Day. Want to Know What They’ll Do AHEAD of Time?

by Editorial Staff
Updated: November 02, 2022

Stop waiting. Start anticipating.

If you think about, forecasting the markets based on "fundamentals" is all about waiting. Waiting for the next GDP number. Waiting for unemployment figures. Waiting for the Fed. "If X happens, then markets will go [up, down -- pick one]..."

With Elliott waves, there is no waiting. The waves let you track a pattern today, right now. Like you just saw in Steven's interview, once you know what part of the pattern is underway, you know what's likely next.

Give it a try, read our flagship Financial Forecast Service publications now, risk-free.

Financial Forecast Service


All month long, Financial Forecast Service helps you stay ahead of the waves in the U.S. markets on the timeframes that matter the most. FFS covers the stock indexes, bonds, gold, silver, the U.S. dollar, as well as market psychology and cultural trends. It is our most popular service.

Comprises the monthly Elliott Wave Financial Forecast, 3x-per-week Short Term Update and at least 12x-per-year Elliott Wave Theorist.


Forget the Fed -- Watch the Waves

The Federal Reserve, and to a lesser degree the European Central Bank, have dominated the conversation about interest rates lately. But watch our Interest Rates Pro Service analyst Ivo Zhelev apply textbook Elliott waves to forecast the price of the UK's Long Gilt -- and, by extension, UK interest rates -- without a single glance at central bank statements.

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