Dick Diamond's Legacy Trading Course

Learn the same time-tested trading method that put the odds 80% + in Dick's favor over a lifetime of trading. You'll learn how to zero-in on "80/20" trade setups, overcome the obstacles that hinder your success, improve your patience and discipline and develop your path to a successful trading career -- all from the legend himself, Dick Diamond.

  • Format: Streaming | 7+ hours
  • By: Dick Diamond
  • Level: Advanced

Win small. Win consistently. And stay in the market only briefly each time. This new course teaches you how.

Dick Diamond's Legacy Trading Course teaches you the trading method that fueled Dick's incredible 48-year professional trading career.

The key to Diamond's success was his ability to identify and execute what he called "80/20" trades -- i.e., solid opportunities where the odds were 80% or more in his favor.

This new online, on-demand course teaches you Dick's entire trading methodology, including his now-legendary "80/20" approach.

Most importantly, you'll learn how to win like Dick did: little by little, consistently, while minimizing both exposure and risk.

Learn from the man who earned a living trading full-time for 48 years

For some traders, the market is a hobby. Others trade for the rush of it. Dick Diamond traded for a living.

A quiet, steady man over his almost 50-year career as a full-time trader, this ex-Marine developed -- and perfected -- a real, honest trading method that works.

What's more, it can work for anyone -- you, too. As Bob Prechter put it, "It's all here, and it's very clear."

Simply put, this new on-demand online course teaches you Diamond's perfected trading method.



Richard Dick DiamondMr. Diamond lost his battle with cancer in 2015.

EWI lost a dear long-time friend, and the world lost a true trading legend.

For almost 50 years, Dick perfected his trademark "80/20" method of winning in stocks with strong momentum, OEX options, and E-mini S&P 500 futures.

Along the way, he showed hundreds of aspiring traders how to do the same with his live, real-time trading course. This "legacy" online course is built directly from Dick's masterful curriculum.


"Win little by little -- but consistently. And minimize the risk."

Diamond's story as a full-time trader began in the 1960s, the bull market years. Dick "rode the wave" (his words) from 1965 to 1968.

During this time, he made $900,000.

But the next year a new bear market started -- and Dick lost 70% of his capital.

That would finish the career of most traders. Dick vowed it would never happen again. It didn't. In fact, the loss taught him the most definitive lesson of his career: To trade for a living, you must take opportunities in both directions, up and down, while staying most of the time in cash, to minimize risk.

For almost 50 years, Diamond did just that.

Here's what Bob Prechter, who first met Dick in 1979, said about him and his trading method:

Robert PrechterIn 1979, I was sitting between two traders at a specialty brokerage firm. Sitting across the room was a loner who quietly worked his system. The friend to my left suggested I meet him, so I did. I asked him what he was doing. He said he traded options, and I could sit and watch if I wanted. His name was Dick Diamond.

Most of the traders in the room were chatty, but Dick was quiet. Mostly he just watched the screen and updated his indicators. Then every now and then he would sit up straight and become hyper-alert. Then -- bam -- he would call in a trade. (There were no electronic trading platforms back then.)

When I pressed him about what he was doing, he would talk about waiting for the right "setups," acting swiftly and getting out while momentum was still in his favor, an absolute must when trading options. He seemed more disciplined than other traders. He wasn't trying to win a war; he was in a bunker, taking the occasional shot when his odds of a hit were 80/20. He never changed his tactics, never asked other people their opinions, and never bet big. Incredibly, unlike almost everyone else, he was also making a very good living, every single month.

I liked Dick right away because he was a pure technician. He never acted on news; he didn't factor in what the economy was doing, or the Fed. He just waited for the market to signal the start of a volatile move; then he grabbed a piece of it, time and again. We struck up a friendship.

In the mid-1980s, Dick and I talked about teaching his method. For several years, he taught would-be traders, usually about four at a time, in his Long Island home. In the 2000s, after Dick moved to Florida, he set up seminars that would accommodate 20 or more people. Dick was trading futures by then, but he never changed his entry and exit methods.

Dick's approach is so conservative that he kept trading at an age when most people are retired. For most people, trading produces sleepless nights. For him, it produced steady income at retirement age. What a difference!

Anybody can adopt Dick's method. Whether you do is another question. But it's all here, and it's very clear.

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Yes! I want to start learning Dick Diamond's time-tested trading method now -- and take my 1st step towards a successful trading career.

Let Diamond's "exceptional teaching skills" work for you

Starting in 2003 Dick began teaching aspiring traders at a live seminar he called The Market Mentor trading course. Two or three times a year, 20 or so students would fill the room at a Florida resort to learn trading principles from the man who had made a living as a full-time trader since 1966.

At the course, Dick gave full access to his method. Here are just a couple of reviews from his students:

  • "I came to the Market Mentor seminar as a total novice in trading and a computer semi-illiterate as well. Due to [Dick's] exceptional teaching skills, I now am very comfortable trading my own account. This seminar was a life-changing event for me! I encourage anyone seeking to learn the 'tricks of the trade' to attend the Market Mentor seminar A.S.A.P." -- Michael S., Hawaii

  •  "After attending Dick Diamond's course, one thing is clear ... his systematic approach, methodology and priceless wisdom will give you the 'edge' for trading. My only regret is that I didn't take his course earlier! Worth every penny -- 100 times over!" -- Harrison T., Iceland

  •  "I truly had a watershed event (eye opening experience and education) coming out to your seminar. The thing that I like about your system, it is very specific and very direct; if and when this happens then you do this, etc... with a very short tolerance level and quick response to get out of a trade if things are not going your way..." -- K. Sullivan, Arizona

In the years before his passing, Dick began offering his seminar in a live webinar format.

This on-demand version of his Market Mentor course is built directly from Dick's masterful curriculum, including his best video recorded lessons.

Learn Dick's entire method, including his legendary "80/20" approach

This new on-demand course compresses your learning experience into 7.5 hours of hand-picked, best recorded material from Diamond's live curriculum.

You'll learn from the maestro himself in a very compact, convenient format.

In fact, this on-demand course is even more effective than Dick's in-person seminars because you can study the same material on your schedule, from your own home or office. You can pause, rewind and learn at your own pace -- until you know Dick's method cold.

To help you learn faster, we've broken up this video course into three key modules:

  • On-Demand Module 1:
    Develop Your Trading Discipline (1 hr., 34 mins.)
    Dick considered this module the most important section of the course. Without it, no method will work consistently for you. This module's two video segments show you more than 80 of Dick's tips and strategies that develop the discipline you need to succeed as a trader. Dick reviews the rules you must follow to keep from giving in to emotions that cause bad trading decisions and destroy so many traders: over-trading, betting too much, etc.


  • On-Demand Module 2:
    Dick's Tips for trading Stocks, Options and Futures -- Plus, Dick's Legendary "80/20" Trade Setups (1 hr., 35 mins.)
    Now that you've learned in Module 1 how to maintain emotional discipline, Dick gives you trading tips from his 48-year career for squeezing the most of opportunities in stocks, options and futures. He then reviews his trading templates and shows you how to identify his famous "80/20" trade setups.
  • Bonus Module (1 hr., 37 mins.) The first two modules are each followed by a recorded Q&A session with Dick where he covers more lessons and answers questions from students.

  • On-Demand Module 3:
    Dick's LIVE Trading Sessions (2 hrs., 47 mins.)
    Here you'll see the method in action as Dick applies it in real time with real money. You'll see his prep work and system set-up. You'll watch him scan the markets for those "80/20" setups -- and put on live trades.

Bonus: Along the way, you'll apply what you've learned with hands-on application and homework assignments. Yes, Dick includes quizzes and homework assignments to help you learn his methodology faster. In Module 2, he even gives you 7 market charts for you to scan for "80/20" trade setups.

For a limited time, you can save $600. Order now for only $3,499.

Yes! I want to start learning Dick Diamond's time-tested trading method now -- and take my 1st step towards a successful trading career.

After finishing Diamond's new Legacy Trading course, you will:

  • Learn how to identify and execute Diamond's high-confidence "80/20" trade setups
  • Develop military-like discipline to win in this cruel business where hardly any traders survive
  • Learn what it means to trade "within your capital" 
  • Learn how to establish a "core position"
  • See Dick's "best time of day" -- when the market has a high degree of predictability
  • Learn how to "trend-play" with options
  • Learn important nuances of trading stocks, options and futures
  • Get the key indicators that must align to present you with the best opportunities
  • Learn how to "read" your own psychology -- and stop from breaking your own trading rules
  • Learn how to put Diamond's full method into action so you can win consistently
  • And much, much more.

Just imagine how much you'll learn from someone who made a living trading markets for 48 years!

Bonus ($60 value, yours free): A perfect "hands-on" companion to this new course, written by Dick Diamond himself

Trading as a BusinessYou also get "Trading as a Business: The Methods I've Used To Beat the Markets for 40 Years" ($60 value) -- a book Dick Diamond finished shortly before his passing. The book gives you a behind-the-scenes look at Dick's know-how, the cornerstone of which is his famous "80/20" trading strategy. You'll learn how he combined a set of objective market indicators with his well-honed risk-limiting rules. Think of this book as Dick's supplementary "manual" to his online, on-demand course.

If you've been dreaming about trading for a living... If you've been looking for a real trading method that works... If you're ready and committed to give it 100%...

...then let Dick Diamond's Legacy Trading Course become your first step toward a successful trading career.

To prove that his method works, Dick always validated his approach with actual live trades. In this new on-demand course, you'll watch Dick scan his indicators in live markets looking for that legendary "80/20" trade setup -- and then trade live, right in front of you. You'll see him enter trades, set his stop and move his stop to lessen his risk.

Dick always made sure you actually understood -- and could apply -- his techniques. He always wanted you to see how his method works in real time, in real markets.

And you will.

For a limited time, you can save $600. Order now for only $3,499.

Yes! I want to start learning Dick Diamond's time-tested trading method now -- and take my 1st step towards a successful trading career.