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Metals Update, Baby Boomers Driving the Market & More

Episode 72

Updated: March 27, 2017

Learn why it's unusual for gold and silver to have different patterns -- as they've shown lately -- and what that means for the price trends going forward. Some insurance companies themselves might be at risk as "A massive insurance company failure" just made the news. Are "baby boomers" driving the stock market's trend?

Show Notes:

Features in this episode:

Gold & Silver: Why It's Unusual to See Different Price Patterns (start time -- 00:21)
Why You Should Check the Safety of Your Insurance Company (start time -- 06:30)
Are "Baby Boomers" Driving the Stock Market's Trend? (start time -- 09:22)

It was discovered, when sliding birth data around on top of a chart of the stock market, that there is a four-decade correlation when birth data are moved forward 46-49 years. The explanation for this correlation is that people spend and invest more when in their 40s, so the stock market will go up and down with the percentage of people in their 40s. It seems so sensible to the conventional mindset that people across the country have embraced this thesis.

The first problem with this case is that when data may be moved around at will, apparent correlations appear often. I can find three different multi-decade periods of correlation between immigration data and the stock market when I am allowed to slide the two series around until they fit. The second problem with this case is that the available data prior to the mid-1950s diverges so significantly from this postulation that it disproves any causality. -- Elliott Wave Theorist, November 1999

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