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Divided Election: What the Heck Is Going On with 2020?

Dear 2020, we've had enough drama, thanks. As if a global pandemic, worldwide lockdowns, waves of unrest, waves of peace, a record stock market plunge, a record rally and then record-smashing volatility weren't enough, now we have to contend with a razor-close election, too! And there's still nearly two months of this crazy year left.

If you want to make sense of a year in which seemingly nothing has made sense, then check out our special presentation, "What the Heck is Going on with 2020?"

You will discover tools to understand the "why" behind this chaotic calendar year so that you can see the order behind the fray. You"ll come away with a solid understanding of why your country, your society and indeed your world have become so volatile, and you will get a glimpse of what could be next.

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