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Election 2020: On a Knife's Edge

by Matt Lampert
Updated: July 09, 2020

Read our full groundbreaking presidential elections report FREE

The most-downloaded study on presidential elections in the history of the Social Science Research Network reveals that the stock market is a powerful indicator of whether voters will send an incumbent back to the White House or throw ‘em out. As Election Day 2020 nears, read the paper’s relevant, deeply-researched findings for yourself, free, on the Social Science Research Network.

U.S. Stocks: This Major Group of Investors is Sending a Signal

Heavy buying of U.S. stocks by this group of investors has usually served as an “excellent indicator.” A historical chart provides a case in point. Get the insights you need to know – and learn why these insights are relevant now.

NIO Stock Soars 679% in 4 Months: Get the FULL "Comeback Story of 2020"

In early May, Jeffrey Kennedy showed a chart of NIO and said the stock was in the early stages of a powerful third wave: See for yourself what unfolded next.


Finding Clarity in Bond Markets with Elliott Waves

EMLC is a fairly exotic market instrument reflecting the values of… other fairly exotic market instruments. It's an ETF that tracks bonds issued by emerging market governments. Can a market like that reflect accurate Elliott wave patterns? Watch our Interest Rates Pro Service editor explain.