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Want to See the Future? Start Here

by Matt Lampert
Updated: November 21, 2017


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The science of socionomics starts with an indisputable observation: How people FEEL influences what they DO. If you know how someone is feeling, you have a leg up on predicting how they will behave.

We zoom out. We look at how society is feeling so that we can understand--and even anticipate--how society behaves. As we track social mood in real time across the globe, we chart how its changes produce shifts in everything from the songs people want to hear to the leaders they elect to their desire for peace to their hunger for scandals to the trajectories of their stock markets, and more.

This is the great insight. It's what enables the Socionomics Institute -- and its members -- to stay ahead of all others.

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How to Use the Socionomic Perspective in Real Time

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Socionomics Explained

Five Tenets of Socionomics
  • Social mood motivates social actions, not the other way around.
  • Social mood is endogenously regulated, not prompted by outside forces.
  • Social mood is constantly fluctuating according to a hierarchical, robust fractal called the Wave Principle. Robust fractals are patterned but quantitatively variable.
  • Social mood is unconscious and unremembered.
  • Waves of social mood arise when humans interact socially. The process appears to be related to the herding impulse.