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The "45-Day Investor FastTrack"

You just saw yet another example of how market sentiment is an incredible indicator of market moves -- before they get to your portfolio. So you can decide when it makes sense to get in the markets, reverse a position or stand safely aside.

You have to know what to look for and how it all fits together. Over the next few weeks, Steven Hochberg, Peter Kendall and Bob Prechter will show you exactly that.

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Risk-Free, Take the 45-Day Investor FastTrack and Learn to Time the U.S. Markets on Any Timeframe

We've put together this 45-Day Investor FastTrack collection to give you the essentials you need to determine when the markets are poised to move.


The Foundations

[FREE, $29 value] -- First, the Elliott Wave Principle - Key to Market Behavior. This Wall Street bestseller is the definitive text for Elliott wave novices and veterans alike. Co-authored by Robert Prechter, the world's foremost Elliott wave practitioner, it clearly explains how to recognize market probabilities, risks and targets. This classic book is available in our Store for $29, but it's yours free when you buy the 45-Day Investor FastTrack.


Investment Strategies

[FREE, $99 value] -- Second, Trading the Elliott Waves -- Winning Strategies for Timing Entry & Exit Moves. In this fast-paced, two-hour video, Robert Prechter reveals his favorite trading strategies. It is a $99 value -- and it's included free with your 45-Day Investor FastTrack.


Real-Time Opportunities

Finally, the Financial Forecast Service. Throughout your 45-day Investor FastTrack, the FFS team of Steven Hochberg, Peter Kendall and Robert Prechter will provide you unparalleled insights into U.S. markets. You get the monthly Elliott Wave Theorist, monthly Financial Forecast and 3x-per-week Short Term Update. To get you up-to-speed on the current market environment, we'll include several of our latest issues. 45 days of this service normally costs $89 -- but again, it's yours as part of your 45-Day Investor FastTrack.

Normally, these resources would cost you $217. For a limited time, you can access them all inside the 45-Day Investor FastTrack collection for only $97.

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100% Satisfaction Guarantee

Your order is 100% risk-free. We are so confident that you'll love this service that we'll let you try it for 30 days. If within 30 days you tell us you don't like it, we'll cheerfully credit your money to another subscription or give it back, whichever you prefer.

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Over the past 30+ years, EWI's Trio of Hochberg, Kendall and Prechter have won numerous prestigious market timing awards.