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Canadian GOOS… That Laid a Golden Opportunity Egg

(NYSE: GOOS) One Big Board stock, two Elliott wave forecasts.

by Nico Isaac
Updated: January 25, 2019

The world of finance is infinitely varied. There are countless markets to invest in, multiple time frames, and endless methods and tools to help keep you on the right side of price moves.

But no matter these differences, there is one commonality that unites all traders and investors: The desire to know when a high-confidence opportunity has arrived.

Many mainstream experts say the number one indicator of significant price turns are market "fundamentals": news and events pertaining to the market at hand. These factors run the gamut from natural disasters, trade wars, scandals, hirings and firings, trends in the broader market, and economic events like earnings reports.

For example, on January 23, Canada Goose Holdings, the Toronto-based luxury parka marker and New York Stock Exchange listee (ticker symbol GOOS) plummeted a shocking 11%. This was the company's sharpest single-day selloff in 11 months.

And, according to the news-moves-market analysts, one factor ruffled the GOOS's feathers: a January 23 downgrade by Wells Fargo.

Pardon our Geese... but that logic is a complete quack!

The truth is, GOOS had been migrating south since late November 2018, when the stock hit an all-time high. As GOOS was rising to record highs, and later sharply reversed lower, our Trader's Classroom instructor, Jeffrey Kennedy, watched the stock's Elliott wave price pattern.

In the November 12 Trader's Classroom, Jeffrey revealed that the pattern had completed an Elliott wave correction and called for "GOOS to continue higher, back to beyond 68.75." From there, GOOS's wings had indeed soared, pushing to a lifetime high late that month.

Then, in his November 27 Trader's Classroom, Jeffrey identified another completed Elliott wave pattern, this time a five-wave move up. The stage was now set for "quite the decline." Once again, GOOS followed its Elliott wave flock and began a precipitous decline.

You can watch Jeffrey's November 12 and 27 Trader's Classroom analysis here. Simply press play to begin the video:

To see where Jeffrey's Trader's Classroom analysis occurred along GOOS's flight path, check out the chart below:


We'd love to say all Elliott wave-based analysis ends happily ever after, as was the case with GOOS. But this isn't a fairytale, and no market forecasting method is perfect.

Jeffrey's Trader's Classroom offers something else: A perfectly objective means for identifying trade setups with an attractive risk/reward potential in the world's leading markets.

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