So Much for U.S.-China Trade War News Killing the Rally

On Monday (September 17), you heard that stocks fell because investors were concerned about new Chinese tariffs the Trump administration planned to impose.

Now, you're hearing that stocks are making gains despite the tariff news.

Which is it? If you've been a free Club EWI member (or our paid subscriber) for long, you know our answer. It's neither.

News does not drive the market. Something more elemental does. Monday-Tuesday's flip-flopping market action is just the latest of literally hundreds of examples.

Last Friday, September 14, before any details of the new trade-war move emerged, our Short Term Update subscribers read this:

"... it's been two weeks since the high in the NYSE Composite index, the S&P 500 and the NASDAQ and both the DJIA and NYSE Composite index remain below their respective January 26 peaks, while recent measures of volume and breadth remain muted. Our stance is aligned with the technical evidence..."

We'd love to show you the Elliott wave-labeled charts that supported this analysis -- plus, the rest of the forecast itself. But, out of respect for our subscribers, we cannot. Suffice it to say, they saw Monday's sell-off coming -- before any trade-war news.

Naturally, we don't nail every single turn. But we don't give you a news-based "forecast" after the market move is over, either. We want you to be ahead of market action.

Stocks are entering the season's historically most volatile period. The time to prepare is now -- and we have a 3-step plan for you:

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