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Complex Market Corrections: If You Can Learn This Part, the Rest is Gravy

By Nico Isaac
February 07, 2019

Some 25 years ago, the long-time editor of our Trader's Classroom, Jeffrey Kennedy, took his first step into the world of Elliott wave analysis. As a complete newbie, he found the most confusing component of the Wave Principle to be complex corrective price patterns.

Since then, Jeffrey has mastered his understanding of all things Elliott, bestowing his knowledge in the pages of books and behind the podium as adjunct professor of technical analysis at Georgia Tech, repeated guest presenter at the Las Vegas Money Show, editor of EWI's Commodity Junctures Service and live-video instructor of Trader's Classroom.

But ... guess what? Jeffrey still finds the most confusing component of the Wave Principle to be complex corrections.

Let's put it this way. Sometimes, the Elliott wave pattern unfolding on a market's price chart is clear as a bell, the trend unmistakable, and the trading opportunity undeniable.

And other times, the pattern looks like what Jeffrey calls "a plate of wet spaghetti noodles." That's when a complex correction is underway. That's the bad news.

The good news is, Jeffrey has made it a life mission to untangle the complexities of complex corrections so that they're no longer obstacles in the way of opportunity, but rather springboards to them.

Below, watch an exclusive clip from Jeffrey's January 31 Trader's Classroom lesson, in which he explains exactly how to do just that.

In this 9-plus minute video, you'll have the answers to these crucial questions:

  • What exactly is a complex correction?
  • What are the 3 kinds of complex corrections?
  • What are the common Fibonacci relationship s within complex corrections?
  • When is a complex correction likely to occur?
  • What do you look for to know a complex correction is underway?
  • How do Fibonacci retracement levels help you spot a complex correction unfolding?

As Jeffrey (quoting Louis Pasteur) says, "Be prepared! Chance favors the prepared mind."

His video lesson sets you on that very path. Log in below to begin!

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