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DX Alert: Want A Sneak Peek At An Experimental New Flash Feature?

For nearly 20 years, two of our consistently most popular services have been FLASH, delivering real-time set-ups in futures, stocks and ETFs, and Traders Classroom, providing a detailed, educational walk-thru of trade set-ups. And the services have always been simpatico, as in, were they TV shows or movies, Netflix would quickly recommend one if you had the other.

And we thought, what a great idea -- not just the real-time Flash set-up, but accompanied by an educational walk-thru and assessment!

Which brings us to our experimental feature, wherein Traders Classroom Senior Analyst Jeffrey Kennedy records a video for Flash subscribers to explain not only the Elliott wave setup, but also his own additional technical tools and "how to know when you're wrong" to mitigate the risk.

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