Coming Market Volatility Will Separate 3 Types of Investors. Which Are You?

EWI's research shows that the financial markets, including stocks, are approaching a critical juncture. The ensuing volatility will separate investors into two broad categories: The prepared and the unprepared. 

Prepared investors will be calm. They are positioned to survive and prosper in the new environment. 

Unprepared investors will hopefully identify their fault and quickly scramble to safety.

There's a third group. They will be the most devastated of all by the new environment. In fact, most investors are in this category, meaning...

...there's a good chance that YOU are part of this group.

The third group is the Pseudo-Prepared. They think they are prepared... but they are not.

Pseudo-Prepared investors have followed conventional wisdom to a tee. They built their strategies on conventional approaches that mainstream sources advocated. Their preparations rest on taken-for-granted assumptions like: the Fed controls the economy; earnings drive stock prices; news determines the market's path; gold is a good hedge; diversification equals stability... and many other "truths."

The problem is that these assumptions are false. They are dangerous to any person who uses them to make investing decisions. Sure, they seem to add up, now, but very soon, when volatility returns to the markets, as it must, they will come under enormous pressure and fall apart.

And while the Prepared Investor calmly waits out the storms... and the Unprepared Investor scrambles to safety... the Pseudo-Prepared Investor naively clings to his or her strategies. They do so even as their portfolio gets ravaged, because they nervously expect the market to "return to normal" at any moment. They listen to conventional experts—the same ones they relied upon to build their strategies—scratch their heads and use terms like "Black Swan" to explain why the markets are operating outside their models. This is exactly what happened in 2000 and 2008... and the same early warning signs are flashing again.

When volatility returns, investors' conventional wisdom crumbles and takes portfolios with it. It happens again, and again, and again.

What can you do? Learn. Understand the failings of current mainstream thinking. Then, prepare.

YOU Can Become a Truly Prepared Investor.
You Can Make Decisions Based on Solid, Tested Foundations.
You Can Survive and Prosper in the Coming Environment.

The new environment will reward investors who understand real market dynamics and stay alert. That’s exactly what our new Financial Forecast Service bundle is designed to equip you to do.

Be forewarned: This shift in thinking isn’t for everyone. Died-in-the-wool conventional investors have trouble embracing this information. From our experience, mainly those who’ve been hurt in past market swings or who intuitively recognize that something doesn’t completely add up with the mainstream approach are most open to this new way of thinking.

Here’s what we can help you do.

Reset Your Thinking By Understanding True Market Dynamics
You start by receiving a copy of Robert Prechter's new book, The Socionomic Theory of Finance. Thirteen years in the making, STF exposes layers of flawed assumptions and offers you a new approach. The book is jaw-dropping and, at times, an uncomfortable read. STF uses history to painstakingly challenge beliefs. It shows what actually happens in the markets. It does so fearlessly, taking on even the most sacred of assumptions. The book is acclaimed by academics, practitioners and investors alike as a landmark paradigm-setter. It comes in print and online editions and sells for $99. We include it free with your Financial Forecast Service bundle.

Stay Alert
Your next step is to be sure to stay alert, on the lookout for danger and opportunity. The Financial Forecast Service equips you to do this.

Here's How Your Financial Forecast Service Team Works to Prepare YOU For New Opportunities

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Your Financial Forecast Service team includes three of the best-known market analysts in the world – Robert Prechter, Steven Hochberg and Pete Kendall. If you are familiar with Elliott wave analysis, you know exactly who they are.

No other analysts in the world, anywhere, undertake the depth of research that goes into the Financial Forecast Service. Throughout the month, Bob, Steve and Pete sift through mountains of data, often studying 100 years of data or more. Why? Because a chart of the big, long term waves is the only way to know precisely where in the pattern we are today – and therefore, precisely where we are most likely to go next.

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In addition, at the end of the U.S. trading session every Monday, Wednesday and Friday, your team updates its monthly analysis with the Short Term Update. In STU, they prepare you for the most likely price moves in the next 3-5 trading days.

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Finally, once every month, Robert Prechter sends you his very latest research about Elliott waves in the markets and society. For 30+ years, The Elliott Wave Theorist has delivered more groundbreaking market research than any other publication on the planet. One month Bob might prepare you for a multi-year move in a market; the next he will deliver a jaw-dropping study that challenges everything you thought you knew about investing. Whatever he writes, it will help you hone your grasp of the psychology behind the markets – and give you an enormous advantage over other investors.

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