Trump: Will the President Survive the Impeachment Scandal and Win the 2020 Election?

Matt Lampert

On-demand webinar presented by Socionomics Institute Director Matt Lampert

Recorded December 5, 2019
45 minutes

Election 2020 is likely to overflow with political drama. In this webinar, Matt Lampert appraises the president's prospects to remain in office and win a second term, like only a seasoned surveyor of social mood can.

You'll see what history and the stock market's patterns suggest about Donald Trump's political future. You'll also discover how to track his possible removal and reelection in real time -- without using a single poll. You'll learn socionomic insights about politics that can apply to any country or political system, and you will get hard data on which candidate in the 2020 race could be best for the stock market and the economy.

Whether you're thinking "Four more years!" or "Throw the bum out!" -- or even if you're just an impassioned connoisseur of political theatre -- you'll get a new perspective that will put you miles ahead of what the herd can see, in one of the most exciting election years in American history.

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