4 Critical Elements of High-Confidence Trading

In this intense course, Jeffrey Kennedy will teach you about the 4 elements he analyzes on a chart before he makes a trade. He’ll teach you his method and show you real-market examples so you can use these elements each time you consider a trade.

  • Format: Live Online Course | 6 Sessions
  • Instructor: Jeffrey Kennedy
  • Level: Intermediate
  • Dates:

A 6-part, live online course for traders tired of not being successful -- and ready to do something about it

Learn from the best, use proven methods and diligently apply them yourself.

These ingredients will improve just about anything -- including your trading.

This live trading course teaches you 4 real, practical steps to help take fear out of your trading.

You will learn several proven, easy-to-understand techniques from one of the best technical trading instructors in the world, Jeffrey Kennedy.

Each session brings you closer to the ultimate goal: to help you make smarter, more confident trading decisions. Here's what each session entails:

How to Trade WITH the Trend and Squeeze Every Opportunity Dry

Online Session 1 

Over 60 minutes, our star instructor Jeffrey Kennedy walks you through simple ways to identify the trend and how to know when the trend has changed. He also gives you a practical review of Elliott wave analysis basics. In this session, you'll learn how to:

  • Identify the main trend (Should I go long -- or short?)
  • Identify small countertrends within the big trend (Should I worry about any short-term volatility?)
  • Determine the maturity of the trend (How long can I ride this trend?)
  • Recognize the 5 key Elliott wave patterns (Is this an impulsive move, or are we in a correction?)

How to Time Your Entries and Exits with Precision Using Advanced Elliott Wave Methods

Online Session 2 

Here, you'll take your understanding of trading with Elliott wave to the next level.

You'll learn the Kennedy Channeling Technique, the proprietary and effective method Jeffrey uses to determine whether a market is correcting or whether it is trending. Jeffrey developed it over the years to add clarity to Elliott wave counts and to help traders stay on the right side of the market.

You will also watch as Kennedy searches for easy-to-identify Elliott wave trade setups in his charts. He completes this session with a review of his Elliott wave trading guidelines. You will learn:

  • Which waves to use for entry (Is wave 1 a good place to jump in?)
  • How to set specific price targets (When do I exit a winning trade?)
  • Specific risk-management points (Where do I place my stop-loss?)

How to Maximize Your Winning Trades with Simple Tools that Help You "Build a Case" for Your Outlook, Using Momentum and Japanese Candlestick Analysis

Online Session 3 

In Session 3, you learn how to use supporting technical analysis to confirm a high-confidence trade setup:

  • Indicators and Oscillators -- Jeffrey demonstrates how to use different forms of momentum to support your analysis. Whether it's moving averages, stochastic or relative strength, momentum studies are a must when looking for a high-confidence trade setup.
  • Japanese Candlestick Analysis -- Learn some of the most reliable candlestick reversal patterns as well as those that indicate the continuation of a trend. It's amazing what just a few bars of information can tell you, and learning some of the key candlestick patterns can keep you from being on the wrong side of the market. 

Putting the 4 Elements Together to Win in Real Markets

Online Session 4

Session 4 is where you'll see the proof.

This is your time to practice what you have learned. And let Jeffrey help you and your fellow students build confidence for real-world trading.

Watch Jeffrey bring together trend analysis, Elliott wave patterns, momentum and candlesticks to find those high-confidence trades we all look for.

He applies the 4 critical elements to chart after chart of real-market examples.

Your Markets, in Real Time: Putting It All Together for "Worry Less" Trades

Online Session 5

This is where the rubber meets the road.

In Session 5, Jeffrey puts his trading platform in front of you live -- as he shows you how he evaluates the markets you trade, using the 4 elements you have just learned.

Very few trading instructors have the confidence and courage to do this.

Session 5 is where you'll see -- and agree -- why Jeffrey Kennedy is one of the best technical trading instructors in the world.


Overflow Session: The Nuts and Bolts Leftover from Putting Everything Together

Online Session 6

You know how after following a set of assembly instructions, you always seem to have a few nuts and bolts leftover? Well, that's why we have Session 6.

Every time Jeffrey holds his "4 Critical Elements for High-Confidence Trading" course, we find that he figures out clever new ways to pack more and more valuable information into it. So for the past several courses, Jeffrey has realized -- between his real-time examples and audience interaction -- there is just not quite enough time to pack every vital lesson into his five advertised sessions. So rather than cutting valuable lessons, Jeffrey has added a sixth session to account for the inevitable overflow of previous sessions, as well as cover anything he didn't have time for in sessions 1-5.

This is no "review" or "summary" session, though, so don't think you can cut out early without missing something vitally important.

Note: During the course Jeffrey will show you the different indicators, oscillators and charting tools that he uses for his analysis and trading. Many of them are readily available on free charting services, however, students with access to a professional-grade charting platform/software will get the most out of his lessons.

Bonus Materials

Get 6 live, online sessions with Q&A, plus 2 FREE bonuses:

Visual Guide to Elliott Wave Trading

The Visual Guide to Elliott Wave Trading is the most practical book about Elliott wave trading ever published. This Amazon.com Finance bestseller by Jeffrey Kennedy and Wayne Gorman includes more than 220 charts in 20-plus markets, demonstrating exactly what the Wave Principle can do for you when you adapt it to your own trading style. Readers get in-depth instruction in "everything Elliott" -- from its roots in investor psychology, to the fine points of actionable opportunities, to how to integrate other helpful professional trading techniques. The book is user-friendly and graphically clear. ($60 value)

Traders Classroom

1 month of Trader's Classroom

Trader's Classroom gives you ongoing education to help you continuously improve as a trader. Master Instructor Jeffrey Kennedy delivers 3-5 engaging videos per week that feature real-market scenarios so you can learn to spot opportunities in your own charts. The service helps you to better understand Elliott waves and other technical tools and teaches you how to effectively apply them to your own trading -- today, right now.

What Jeffrey's students are saying:

You're in good hands with Jeffrey Kennedy, MSTA, CFTe, CMT:

Jeffrey Kennedy

Jeffrey Kennedy Chief Commodity Analyst

Jeffrey Kennedy, MSTA, CFTe, CMT, CEWA-M, is Chief Commodity Analyst at Elliott Wave International (EWI), with 25-plus years of experience as an analyst, trader and teacher. He writes Commodity Junctures, EWI's premier commodity forecasting package that focuses on Elliott wave analysis of the commodity markets. He also produces Trader's Classroom, an educational service that shows how to spot trading opportunities with wave analysis and supporting technical methods. In 2014, he achieved the title of a Chartered Market Technician, certifying his proficiency in multiple technical analysis tools. Subscribers and students always tell us how committed he is to empowering them to achieve trading success.


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