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Watch as I show you how to spot and ride
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"Glance at your screens. Spot a setup. Open a trade. Close it. Repeat."

That's what trading is supposed to be like. Yeah, right!

You know what the reality looks like: tips, rumors, media noise, market surprises... A winner, a loser, a loser... a winner!

Trading is a stressful merry-go-round. I get it.

You can make it easier on yourself. I can help you become a confident, method-based trader, one video lesson at a time.

3 times a week, I deliver to your screen a simple, hands-on lesson in Elliott waves and other technical analysis tools.

Most of my lessons focus on a REAL-MARKET opportunity.

Recent lessons included: AAPL, AMD, F, BA, VALE, CCL, crude oil, S&P E-mini futures and more...

Each new lesson gives you tips to help you put your new skills to work the same day.

Meet Your Trading Guide

Deep-Dive Lesson Library:

Gain a deeper understanding of how to anticipate market turns and trends like a pro ($1,000+ value)

My bite-sized lessons 3X-a-week help you learn on the fly. But sometimes, you'll want to dive deeper.

Trend channels, price targets, Candlesticks... Maybe a topic you see in my short lesson will resonate with you. Or maybe you've heard about it before and now would like to learn more. Whatever the reason, you want a thorough understanding of the complete topic -- and I've got you covered here, too.

As soon as you subscribe, you get instant access to a library of full-length webinar recordings covering all kinds of technical analysis concepts.

We sell many of these webinars in our Store for $99+; Trader's Classroom library is easily worth over $1,000.


Deep-dive topics include:

Motive Waves: The all-important basics of Elliott wave analysis -- learn to spot and trade with the trend

Corrective Waves: Basics, Part 2 -- learn to handle market corrections

Practice what you learned: Put your new-found skills to the test

Advanced Elliott: Take your confidence to a new level by mastering a few, select nuances

Fibonacci Analysis: Learn how to set risk levels and price targets using simple math

Kennedy Channeling Technique: Understand how to apply my proprietary technique for drawing trend channels on a price chart to strengthen your forecast

Japanese Candlesticks: Learn how to combine them with wave analysis

Momentum Analysis: How to use indicators and oscillators to aid in identifying high-confidence trade setups

Putting it all Together: See how to put it all together for a high-confidence, well-timed trade


Upcoming deep-dive topics:

Market Timing: My favorite market timing techniques

Recommended Reading: My favorite books on technical analysis and trading

The goal of deep-dive lessons is simple: Help your Trader's Classroom learning go even faster.

Interactive Live Sessions:

Your chance to get your questions answered live ($99 value)

Sometimes you just want to hang out with fellow traders -- We'll make it happen once every month.

On a set date each month (we'll email the date and time), I'll turn on a real-time market data stream and pick a few charts for a live, 1-hour-long lesson.

This is also your chance to ask questions. Live sessions are always fun and lively, which makes them one of the most popular features of Trader's Classroom.

Next live session: November 22, 2022 and will cover Market Timing.

Remember: Bring your questions!

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Jeffrey Kennedy


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— Zorrays J.

"Jeffrey Kennedy's courses help me to better understand chart patterns and forecast the next big moves. I thought I had enough knowledge of Technical Analysis but I did not. Thank you Jeffrey for showing me that and thanks for sharing your knowledge and experience during these excellent presentations."
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"Trader's Classroom videos have given me a more holistic view of spotting trading opportunities. I appreciate how Jeffrey Kennedy combines various indicators, price action, candlestick patterns, etc. -- to provide for higher probability trade setups."
— MT

"This has helped me immeasurably in understanding not only Elliott Wave, but RSI, MACD and other indicators. Please keep up the great work!"
— Marilyn M.

"Over the last 3 years, I have been able to spot many trading opportunities from the experience and knowledge I have gotten."
— TM


3 times a week, published on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday, a short video lesson from Robert gives you hands-on lessons in Elliott waves and other technical analysis tools. Watch and re-watch lessons as often as you want.

Real Markets

Most lessons show you a new market opportunity. Today, it may be gold or oil. Tomorrow, AMZN or TSLA.


Become the self-reliant trader you want to be. Each lesson helps you change the way you trade. For good.


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