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Why Bitcoin Rallied Amid Crypto-Related Bank Failures

Updated: March 15, 2023

Many investors are probably wondering why Bitcoin rallied around the time that two crypto-related banks went down for the count. Here are some insights that you'll find useful now -- and in the future.

"Why the Triangle is my favorite Elliott wave pattern"

Updated: March 13, 2023

USD/CAD, USD/JPY in focus: See how a single high-confidence Elliott wave price pattern helps you define both risk and reward in this new video by our Currency Pro Service editor, Michael Madden.

Flash Service: Our Bitcoin Rally Forecast, January-February

Updated: March 7, 2023

The extreme Bitcoin declines in 2022 seemed like the dominant story for this crypto as 2023 began. Yet we looked for the potential end of the decline: Now see what we saw.

Bitcoin’s Elliott Wave Pattern: Believe What You SEE, Not Hear

Updated: February 22, 2023

Bitcoin has taken investors on an extraordinarily wild ride over the past few years. Elliott wave analysis has been there to catch many of the turns. Yet, "fundamental" analysis seems to have fallen short at key junctures. Here's an example or two.

U.S. Dollar Index: From 2008 to 2023

Updated: February 14, 2023

One of the benefits of using Elliott wave analysis is that is allows you to see your market at multiple degrees of trend. Watch our Currency Pro Service editor Michael Madden show you the waves in U.S. Dollar Index dating back to the 2008 financial crisis -- and zoom in on today's price pattern to show you where the buck is likely headed next.

A Broad Selloff in Cryptos: Don't Blame the Kraken

Updated: February 13, 2023

On February 9, the wide swath of cryptos from Bitcoin to Litecoin hit the skids. The Feb. 9 SEC charges against crypto exchange Kraken seemed to be the catalyst for the selloff. But under the Elliott wave lens, cryptos were slated to fall long before the SEC released the Kraken.

When to Say Yes to a Cryptocurrency Trade? Hint: Emotions Should Run… <em>Mild</em>

Updated: February 6, 2023

On December 30, our Crypto Trader's Classroom confirmed that the conditions for high-confidence setups were in place for Litecoin and Ethereum. Today, both cryptos stand at multi-month highs. Here’s what those conditions were and how you can identify them moving forward.

Trends, Turns and Dollar Index Opportunities Since 2021

Updated: February 2, 2023

Sentiment indicators can help you anticipate huge turns in financial market trends. See exactly what Short Term Update subscribers saw at the start and the end of a two-year move in the Dollar Index.

Bitcoin: Anticipating the Next Big Move

Updated: February 2, 2023

There's been a lot of negative news in the world of crypto during the past several months. Yet, the price of Bitcoin has recently advanced -- which Elliott waves anticipated. Here's the evidence.

How to Fine-Tune Your Elliott Wave Forecast

Updated: January 26, 2023

When you combine Elliott waves with other technical analysis indicators, often it helps you clarify your forecast. Watch our Currency Pro Service editor, Michael Madden, combine the waves with classic technical tools like Head & Shoulders and RSI to forecast the next move in USD/CAD.

Cryptocurrencies Start 2023 With a Bang!

Updated: January 24, 2023

Several cryptocurrencies have seen serious rallies in January. Now see how Elliott wave analysis anticipated opportunities in four crypto markets.

Bitcoin vs. COIN vs. GLXY: See How One Leads the Other

Updated: January 12, 2023

One way that helps in trading stocks, explains our Crypto Pro Service analyst, Jason Soni, in this new video, is to look at Elliott wave patterns in a related market. Watch Jason show you charts of Bitcoin, COIN, GLXY and HUT and show how he puts it all together.

Chinese Govt. Bonds: What to Expect Over Next Few Months

Updated: January 10, 2023

The Chinese yuan has been getting stronger, while the U.S. dollar and China's government bond prices have been falling. If you plot the yuan and bonds on a chart, an interesting relationship emerges. Watch as our Asian-Pacific Short Term Update editor, Chris Carolan, explain more in his new video.

Euro/Dollar Fluctuations AND … the Elliott Wave Factor

Updated: January 6, 2023

What drives FX trends? Wall Street has lists of answers, from interest rates to inflation to the Fed. Now see a forecast based only on a price chart -- and the big moves that followed.

FTX: What Happens After the Scandal?

Updated: January 5, 2023

There's been no shortage of crypto drama in the wake of the FTX implosion. Yet the scandal's timing helps us to see some order in the chaos and anticipate what may be around the corner in the crypto space. See a two-minute breakdown in an excerpt from EWI's just-published Global Market Perspective.

Can Bitcoin's Price Action Really Be Attributed to the FTX Meltdown?

Updated: December 30, 2022

"Not surprisingly, the recent state of bearishness in bitcoin is still being attributed to the FTX exchange meltdown and the fall of its founder Sam Bankman-Fried. However, I think that excuse is getting somewhat tired," says Crypto Pro Service editor Tony Carrion. See his reasoning in this video.

The BOJ Sends the Yen Soaring … We Bleeping Think NOT!

Updated: December 23, 2022

On December 19, our Currency Pro Service forecast a precipitous move lower in the Euro-Yen rate. See for yourself what happened next.

Forex: How to Recognize a Change in Trend

Updated: December 20, 2022

A lot of forex traders watch the news to spot a change in trend. But you can spot market reversals before the news; without any news -- simply by tracking a currency pair's Elliott wave pattern. Watch our Currency Pro Service analyst, Jason Soni, explain how to do that using USD/MXN as his example.

Bitcoin Surges to a 1-Month High: Why Elliott Wave Analysis is the Best Forecasting Face Forward

Updated: December 15, 2022

Before Bitcoin's recent rally, "what's next" stories were all over the place. Now see a clear, on-target forecast that prepared our subscribers for Bitcoin's big move.

Bitcoin: Elliott Wave Analysis Versus Wild Predictions

Updated: December 9, 2022

Opinions about financial markets -- even from professionals -- can widely vary. Such is the case with Bitcoin. Learn how Elliott wave analysis can put the cryptocurrency's price action into perspective.

Cryptocurrencies: "Joined at the hip with the stock market"

Updated: December 7, 2022

The NASDAQ has just passed the 1-year bear market anniversary -- and so have cryptos, with Bitcoin leading the way down. Watch our Financial Forecast co-editor Pete Kendall explore this connection as he walks you through the charts of FTT, Bitcoin, Cronos and others.

Yen’s Surge to 3-Month Highs: Not in the “Fundamental” Playbook

Updated: December 5, 2022

The recent move in the US Dollar/Japanese Yen has shocked currency market participants far and wide: Now see what our analysis showed subscribers.

Bitcoin: How the “Fear of Missing Out” Still Lingers

Updated: November 29, 2022

Even after a big decline in Bitcoin, a bullish conviction about the cryptocurrency remains -- at least in some quarters. Elliott wave analysis can put Bitcoin's price action into context.

Fear & Greed: What Really Caused the Crypto Collapse

Updated: November 28, 2022

From November 5-10, some of crypto's heavy hitters dropped significantly. FTX takes the brunt of the blame, but a quick glance at these charts will show you how Elliott waves were ready for the drop. Plus, you'll learn what our expert analysts are looking for next in cryptos.

Bitcoin’s November Pain. The FTX-Binance Drama isn’t To Blame

Updated: November 22, 2022

Yes, cryptocurrencies are volatile. Yet any investor can look at a price chart to see the Binance/FTX “bombshell” exploded after Bitcoin began to fall. Now see our forecast beforehand.

U.S. Dollar: Has the Mainstream Been Way Too Confident?

Updated: November 17, 2022

Bullish sentiment toward the U.S. Dollar index has recently been quite pronounced. Yet, knowledge of the Elliott wave model -- such as this common relationship between these two Elliott waves -- provided a strong clue that the bullish sentiment may have been off track.

FTX Collapsed. Why Did Most Cryptos Collapse with It?

Updated: November 11, 2022

The latest crypto market wipeout caught many players by surprise. Most cryptos are highly correlated to Bitcoin, and when it went down, the rest of them followed. But watch our Crypto Pro Service editor, Tony Carrion, explain why BTC's wipeout was not an unexpected event -- and give you a hint at what's next.

Chiliz: Here's How Alternate Wave Counts Help You Stay Ahead

Updated: November 9, 2022

Markets are constantly evolving, and your Elliott wave count must evolve with them -- to keep up, and to keep you ahead. Watch our Crypto Pro Service editor Jason Soni explain the importance of alternate wave counts using Chiliz, a cryptocurrency, as example (CHZ/USD).

Flash Service: Our Fearless Bitcoin Forecast, June-October

Updated: November 8, 2022

This year has been a volatile financial environment, with cryptocurrencies the most volatile of all. Now see our EWAVES forecast for Bitcoin helped subscribers make volatility work for them.

Bitcoin vs. Ethereum: The Tale of Two Cryptos

Updated: November 1, 2022

Most cryptos are highly correlated to Bitcoin: They fall and rise together with the King. But lately, the correlation between BTC and ETH has been less than perfect. What does this mean? Watch our Crypto Pro Service editor, Tony Carrion, give you his thoughts on what's going on.

What Is Bitcoin’s Low Volatility Telling You?

Updated: November 1, 2022

Bitcoin has a highly volatile price history, yet the cryptocurrency has been in a relatively tight trading range in recent months. Here's an example of why you may want to consult the Elliott wave model to ascertain what could be next.

The Yen's Oct. 21 Surge: "Intervention" or Investor Psychology?

Updated: October 24, 2022

On October 20 Dollar fall/Yen rate spiked above 150, which sent the yen to its weakest level in decades. Yet October 21 saw a 3.6% reversal, its largest single-day move since March 2020. See what we said to subscribers beforehand.

Bitcoin: "Clear as Mud"? Here's Your Fix

Updated: October 14, 2022

One way to describe Bitcoin's price action since the July low is "messy." But in Elliott wave analysis, even "messy" has its place. Watch our Currency Pro Service analyst Jason Soni help you make sense of Bitcoin's ups and downs over the past three months.

Have We Seen the End of Crypto Recovery?

Updated: October 13, 2022

Along with stocks -- and in-line with our Elliott wave forecast -- cryptocurrencies saw a strong rebound in July. But unlike stocks, the index of 25 top cryptos did not fall to a new 2022 low in October. Watch our Crypto Pro Service editor walk you through the index of top 25 crypto markets to answer the question in the headline.

EURUSD: Add THIS Tip to Your Trading Plan

Updated: October 11, 2022

There are rules that an Elliott wave pattern must adhere to, but there are also some guidelines that can help you enhance your trading. See one such Elliott wave guideline explained in EURUSD by our Currency Pro Service analyst.

See the Chart for Yourself: The "Quick Shift" to "Cash is King"

Updated: October 7, 2022

In October 2021 we knew inflation was unfolding & that interest rates were rising. And, our long-term stock market forecast said a major peak was at hand. That's why the October 2021 Elliott Wave Financial Forecast called for a "quick shift" to "cash is king." What followed that forecast speaks for itself.

One Man's Trash is Another Man's Treasure

Updated: October 7, 2022

To most pundits, cash has been a four-letter word for many years. Anyone even hinting at the idea of holding cash was berated and ridiculed. But, like many closely held investor conventions today, the tide seems to be turning and cash is becoming cool again.

MSCI Taiwan, KOSPI: Looking at U.S. Dollar to Understand Stock Trends

Updated: October 4, 2022

The Asian-Pacific stock markets have been showing a clear correlation with the trend in the U.S. dollar. Watch our Asian-Pacific Short Term Update editor Chris Carolan explain why right now, it's a "very dangerous" moment for the regional stocks.

Highlights: Our New European Financial Forecast

Updated: October 4, 2022

Investors are coming back to the beaten-down sectors that they think are hitting a bottom. Watch our monthly European Financial Forecast editor Brian Whitmer touch on these and several other highlights from the new, October issue.

Ethereum's 13% 2-Day Drop: Catch It If You Can

Updated: September 30, 2022

November 15-16 saw an across-the-board collapse in cryptos, led by a 13% plunge in the #2 digital currency Ethereum. Traders are now watching to see if prices reverse back up after the drop. But was it possible to see the reversal coming in advance? You bet!

"Bitcoin: See It, Believe It"

Updated: September 27, 2022

Remember how at the start of the pandemic in early 2020, Bitcoin sold for as little as $5,000? Then it jumped 500%, then it fell hard, then it jumped again ... eventually almost hitting $70,000. Each rally and sell-off was a big opportunity. Was there a way to see them ahead of time? Yes -- here's a chart you need to see to believe.

Ethereum Hits 2-Month Low: What Happened to the “Merge” Rally?

Updated: September 22, 2022

It’s an understatement to say the mainstream experts did not see Ethereum’s selloff coming. Now see the chart and forecast that DID alert subscribers to Ethereum’s decline.

Will Bitcoin Go the Way of the NASDAQ?

Updated: September 21, 2022

A positive correlation has been showing up between many risk-assets. Get insights into this stock market index and Bitcoin.

Bitcoin: How to See Around the Next Corner

Updated: September 21, 2022

All too often, Wall Street economists simply extrapolate today's trends into tomorrow when making forecasts. That's why at big market turns, they usually get surprised. Now watch our Crypto Pro Service editor walk you through Bitcoin's Elliott wave patterns to see what true forecasting looks like.

Bitcoin: Why Traders Should Not “Make Assumptions”

Updated: September 13, 2022

Here's a review of Bitcoin's price action in the early stages of two big bullish moves. Learn why Elliott Wave International's senior cryptocurrency analyst emphasized that traders should approach cryptocurrency analysis with "an open mind."

EUR/USD: Skip the ECB Drama -- and Watch the Waves

Updated: September 12, 2022

The ECB just raised interest rates -- a big event for the EUR/USD, if you buy the mainstream thinking. Watch our Currency Pro Service editor Michael Madden explain why he pays little attention to the "hysteria" surrounding central bank decisions and focuses on Elliott waves instead.

The "Merge" Is Coming: Betting on Ethereum

Updated: August 25, 2022

Few people can explain cryptocurrencies like our Crypto Pro Service editor, Tony Carrion. Watch him discuss the highly anticipated event for Ethereum -- the "merge," scheduled for September -- as well as market expectations, and what Elliott waves show.

The Goerli Test Did NOT Anticipate Ethereum’s Rally: the Elliott Wave Pattern DID

Updated: August 23, 2022

Take a close look at Ethereum’s chart and you’ll see price begin to rally weeks before the “positive catalyst” of the Goerli merge. Our late June forecast put subscribers way ahead...

Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs): Another Financial “Fumble”

Updated: August 16, 2022

Talent on the football field or movie theatre screen often does not mean talent in the field of finance. Consider the price action of cryptos following celebrity endorsements. Here are the details.

Market Trek: Why Has EUR Been So Weak? Think in '8s'

Updated: August 12, 2022

There is a curious 8-year cycle in the euro's strength and weakness. And now that it's near parity with the U.S. dollar, it's worth talking about a curious pattern in the dollar's bouts of strength, too. Watch your Market Trek host Brian Whitmer show you a couple of eye-opening charts with big implications for global stability. (Brian's destination today is Madrid, Spain.)

Euro/Dollar Parity: A "Sight Unseen" in 20 Years. But NOT a Sight Un-Foreseen!

Updated: August 11, 2022

In January 2021, the euro was on fire, soaring to its highest level against the U.S. dollar in three years. Mainstream forex experts saw a fixed image of a giant euro bull as the demand for the "safe-haven" buck dipped amidst a widely expected post-pandemic recovery. But that image looked a whole lot different through the telescope of Elliott waves.

Should I Stay or Should I Go?

Updated: August 11, 2022

"Should I stay or should I go?" is the one question every trader faces routinely. The answer comes down to how much risk one is willing to accept. But is there a way to have a more definitive answer? Yes -- watch our Currency Pro Service editor walk you through a chart of NZD/JPY to show how Elliott waves help you define and manage risk.

Binance Coin: A Lot of Scandal Never Hurt Anyone… Oh, Wait, What?!

Updated: August 9, 2022

Binance Coin was supposed to go down after "bad news" – now see for yourself the contrarian Elliott Wave forecast that got it right.

Big Bitcoin Bets Burn This Firm: What’s Next for the Cryptocurrency?

Updated: August 9, 2022

An executive of a software company remains bullish on Bitcoin despite the firm's big investment losses. Now is the time to learn what the Elliott wave model is suggesting is next for cryptocurrencies.

Central Banks: Big Change Ahead

Updated: August 8, 2022

At a recent press conference, the ECB President Lagarde said, "...we are not offering forward guidance of any kind." That's a huge change in central banks' modus operandi, and it has a lot to do with the strength of the U.S. dollar, says our Head of Global Research, Murray Gunn -- watch.

The U.S. Dollar Vs. the Yen: The Prodigal Bear Returns… But For How Long?

Updated: August 5, 2022

Since the start of 2022, the U.S. dollar/Japanese yen exchange rate has been the best-performing major currency pair, tapping a 24-year high on July 14. Then, "fundamental" signs said this bullish opportunity was safe to consume. Tell that to the now nauseous USDJPY bulls wondering how long this dizzy downtrend will last.

Top 25 Cryptos (Plus, NFTs): Is “Crypto Winter” Finally Over?

Updated: July 28, 2022

The index of the top 25 cryptos was down 82% at the recent low. The related NFT index fell 94% since last November. Surely, the bottom must be near? Before you answer., watch our Crypto Pro Service editor walk you through a couple of Elliott wave charts.

Sharply Rising US Dollar Is a Historical Bad Omen

Updated: July 26, 2022

See this 12-month Rate-of-Change chart in the dollar and learn why a fast-rising buck is historically a bad omen for the economy. Are we headed for another "catastrophe?"

Europe On Sale: Get It While U Can

Updated: July 21, 2022

The euro just met parity with the U.S. dollar for the first time in 20 years! See what helped our Short Term Update say in January 2021 that a "greater bearish potential exists" -- ahead of EUR's sell-off.

Japanese Yen (USD/JPY): “One Heck of a Ride”

Updated: July 21, 2022

Ending diagonals are high-confidence Elliott wave patterns that appear when the market has gone "too far, too fast." When they end, markets reverse -- often, dramatically. Watch our Currency Pro Service analyst Michael Madden walk you through a couple of USD/JPY charts to illustrate the point -- and show you what to look for. (Also in focus: USD/CAD and AUD/USD.)

Ethereum’s Surge & the September “Merge”: Correlation or Coincidence?

Updated: July 20, 2022

The July 14 “merge” news came weeks after Ethereum’s rally: now see the forecast that caught the move a month beforehand.

ETHEREUM (ETH): Up 45% in 17 Days -- Did YOU see that coming?<br />Elliott waves did…

Updated: July 19, 2022

Can you forecast cryptocurrencies without looking at the news or "market fundamentals"? It seems impossible -- until you discover the power of Elliott wave analysis. Our crypto team turned bullish on ETH as early as July 1, before its 45% rally (and counting).

Cryptos: Welcome to the “Lunatic Fringe”

Updated: July 14, 2022

Bitcoin and other cryptos have become synonymous with the word "volatility." Gains have been quickly made -- and in some cases -- just as quickly lost. Here is some of our commentary on the world of crypto during the past several months.

The Crypto “Voyager” Crashes! We Didn’t Read the Fine, Bearish Print. We Wrote It

Updated: July 8, 2022

From its peak on March 23, 2021, small-cap crypto platform Voyager Digital Ltd. has plummeted 99% into bankruptcy. The billion-dollar question is: Were traders sold a false bill of goods? Not exactly. The bearish message was in Voyager's "fine print" all along. Just not in the place you'd normally think to look.

USD/JPY at 20-Year Highs: See How It Got Here via These 7 Forecasts

Updated: June 29, 2022

The Japanese yen vs. U.S. dollar, a major forex market, is trading near the highs not seen since 2002. As the U.S. dollar has risen, the value of the Japanese yen has dropped to a 20-year low! How did the yen get here, and how could Elliott waves have helped you track the opportunities along the way? See this chart with 7 distinct forecasts -- 5 bullish, 2 bearish -- that guided our Currency Pro Service subscribers.

Bitcoin at $20,000: We Really Were Expecting You

Updated: June 24, 2022

Here's what Crypto Trader's Classroom told subscribers about Bitcoin on Oct. 27, 2021: "We're ready for a $50,000 a dollar drop all the way back to $20,000 a coin." See the full forecast right now.

Bitcoin: After a 74% Drop, Why a Low May Be at Hand

Updated: June 24, 2022

Since its high near $69,000 last November, at its recent low Bitcoin was down 74%. Watch our Crypto Pro Service analyst walk you through the King of Crypto's Elliott wave patterns, market sentiment indicators and more to show you how Bitcoin got here -- and what's likely next.

Japanese Yen: How Much More of This 'Historic Weakness'?

Updated: June 24, 2022

A major forex pair, USD/JPY, is trading at highs it hasn't revisited since 2002. As it rises, the value of the Japanese yen keeps dropping. Already at "historic lows," how much lower could the yen go? Watch our Currency Pro Service editor walk you through USD/JPY's longer-term Elliott wave patterns to give you some answers.

The Yen’s Kiss With 20-Year Lows: What We Knew Before the “Kuroda Curse”

Updated: June 10, 2022

Look at our Dollar/Yen chart: You'll see how the yen's huge decline began before the Bank of Japan's President "word bombs" went public, and, that we saw the turn coming.

USD/MXN, NZD/USD: How to Accurately Count a 5-Wave Pattern

Updated: June 6, 2022

Wave analysis works by helping you see a pattern where others only see squiggles on a chart. But to accurately count Elliott waves, you must follow Elliott wave rules. Watch our Currency and Crypto Pro Service contributor Jason Soni walk you through charts of the Mexican Peso and New Zealand dollar to show how he does it.

FX Traders: How to Take “Uncertainty” Out of Your Wave Analysis

Updated: June 3, 2022

Forex traders who are new to Elliott wave analysis sometimes say that it's "subjective." Watch our Currency Pro Service editor walk you through triangle wave patterns in USDCAD, GBPUSD and 3 more FX pairs -- and show you how to handle these high-confidence scenarios.

Bitcoin: Down (a Fibonacci) 62% off Record High

Updated: June 3, 2022

The massive declines in cryptocurrencies may seem disorderly, but there is order in the chaos -- Elliott wave order. Watch our Crypto Pro Service walk your through wave patterns in Bitcoin, Litecoin and Solana to show you if a bottom may be near.

What Did Our Subscribers Know About Crypto and When Did They Know It?

Updated: June 1, 2022

This Chart of the Day answers the question in the headline, and shows the truly extreme bullish psychology driving crypto investing even after the decline was underway.

Cryptocurrency Investors: The Cost of “Fundamental” Analysis May Be Higher Than You Think

Updated: June 1, 2022

Last November, as Bitcoin was orbiting record highs, a major Bitcoin miner Riot Blockchain was widely expected to ride its crypto breadwinner to the moon. Instead, RIOT turned down in a 80% sell-off to 2-year lows. You might want to cancel your fundamental membership after reading this one.

Terra "Stablecoin": The Plunge That Matters

Updated: May 31, 2022

Lots of markets have fallen lately, but none as far as LUNAt/USD, Terra vs. the U.S. dollar, which is down 99.99% off the recent high. This plunge means a lot, says our Financial Forecast co-editor while giving you a sneak peek into the new, June issue.

Bitcoin: "A bottom is not an event. It's a process."

Updated: May 25, 2022

Market top or market bottom, most traders don't recognize it until after the fact. But watch one of our Crypto Trader's Classroom instructors show you how to use Elliott wave analysis and Fibonacci ratios to anticipate the likely bottom in Bitcoin (and other cryptocurrencies).

Who (or What) Is Really in Charge of Bitcoin's Price Swings?

Updated: May 19, 2022

Last November, Bitcoin rocketed to record highs amidst a slew of positive news boosts. And then, the crypto king took a flying leap... DOWN in a 50%-plus crash. How did the "fundamentals" lose control over BTC's trend? Answer: They didn't. They never had it to begin with...

Can You Navigate the Altcoin Universe of "Cons and fraudsters and scams"? Yes!

Updated: May 17, 2022

Our analysis of the altcoin Polkadot shows that you can avoid click-bait driven commentary on cryptos, and instead focus on the Elliott wave patterns that unfold on market price charts.

Bitten by FANG? Clocked by Cryptos? -- 'Air Pockets' Everywhere

Updated: May 16, 2022

Down more than 25%, the NASDAQ is "officially" in bear-market territory. "Big whoop" as they used to say -- some of the hi-tech darlings have already been cut in half and then some. Bet the folks down 50% or more in their so-called investments are glad to hear they're "official." And now Bitcoin, the King of Cryptos, has hit an "air pocket" of its own and fallen below $30,000. Wonder if that's officially a bear market, too? This excerpt from our new, May Financial Forecast explains how it all fits together.

Bitcoin: How to Spot Signs of Fast Reversals

Updated: May 16, 2022

Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies are no strangers to volatile, sharp reversals. If you get caught up in one unprepared, it's not a good feeling. But watch our Crypto Trader's Classroom instructor show you how Elliott waves can help take the "surprise" out of crypto "surprises."

EUR/USD: How to 'Trade with the Trend'

Updated: May 16, 2022

The euro vs. U.S. dollar is most-traded forex pair -- and lately, the euro has been losing, pushing EUR/USD lower and lower. At moments like that, many FX traders will try to catch the bottom. Watch our Currency Pro Service editor show you what Elliott wave evidence you need to do that with less risk.

Bitcoin: Finally, a “Bullish Capitulation”?

Updated: May 11, 2022

Something happened in Bitcoin's technical backdrop a few days ago that deserves your attention if cryptos are your forte. Watch our Crypto Pro Service editor walk you through a key chart and explain what it suggests next.

Is Bitcoin Headed to Zero?

Updated: May 11, 2022

The price path of Bitcoin has been volatile in recent years, to say the least. Forecasts have ranged from a million dollars all the way down to zero. Here's why you may want to consider the Wave Principle when analyzing cryptocurrencies.

It's Never Too Early to Learn How to Trade Cryptocurrencies. Just Ask Your 5-Year- Old!

Updated: April 27, 2022

Just when you thought things couldn't get crazier, an L.A.-based Crypto Kids Camp offers to "educate future leaders" on the boggling world of blockchains. Well, you can take trading advice from your toddler -- OR you can learn to identify high-confident setups on your own, with Crypto Trader's Classroom. Featured markets: NEAR, Luna, and Bitcoin.

Is Ripple (XRP) Ready to Ripple Higher?

Updated: April 25, 2022

XRP is the 6th on the list of "top cryptos," even though (unlike Bitcoin, which has gone as high as $66,000) Ripple has never traded above $4. Today it's well off its recent lows, but what's the next move, higher or lower? Watch our Crypto Pro Service editor walk you through XRP's Elliott wave juncture -- as well as a few key events along its tortured path -- to offer you a clear answer.

Forex: How to Trade Elliott Wave “Triangles”

Updated: April 22, 2022

You see them on prices charts all the time: Those moments when the price first swings wide, then less so, then shrinks some more... until -- boom! -- it explodes higher or lower. Watch our Currency Pro Service editor show you how to trade Elliott wave triangles using a recent AUD/JPY opportunity.

Cryptos: “Does the News Matter?” (Near Protocol in Focus)

Updated: April 22, 2022

Most investors make decisions based on the news. Elliott wave investors "take a more pragmatic approach," says our Crypto Pro Service contributor. Watch as he walks you through Elliott wave patterns in NEAR/USDT to explain how the news is usually "baked into the wave pattern."

The New “Social Movement” Surrounding Cryptos – and What It May Mean

Updated: April 21, 2022

A new social movement indicates that the mania psychology surrounding cryptos is alive and well. Get insights into this "celebrity backed" movement and what it suggests about the big-picture outlook for Bitcoin and other cryptos.

Euro Collapses to 2-Year Low: Don't Blame the ECB... or War!

Updated: April 20, 2022

The euro recently fell hard and fast, to (nearly) 2-year lows. News explaining "why" simply did not add up. Now see and read a forecast that anticipated the trend.

USD/CHF: Spot a Pattern, Spot an Opportunity

Updated: April 14, 2022

Forex traders know the U.S. dollar/Swiss franc currency pair as the Swissie. Recently, it put in a big low. Could you have seen it coming using some basic Elliott wave analysis? Yes -- watch our Currency Pro Service editor walk you through a USD/CHF chart to show you how.

Want to Know Where Cryptocurrencies Are Going? Then Fasten Your Seat Belt!

Updated: April 14, 2022

Accepting the inherent risk in cryptocurrencies is inevitable. But accepting that there's no measurable way to manage that risk -- that's just poppycock! This isn't the wild west. You can know to the dollar where you're right -- and wrong -- before it's too late. So, what are you waiting for?

Ethereum Rises to 3-Month High: Resist the Urge to "MERGE"

Updated: April 6, 2022

Rumors about Ethereum's "the Merge" upgrade began to circulate in mid-November, when the crypto started a big decline. Now "the merge" is supposed to explain a rally? See a forecast that actually makes sense.

Cryptocurrencies: Fortune Favors the... Traders with Elliott Wave Analysis on Their Side

Updated: March 31, 2022

Our brand-new Crypto Trader's Classroom service is live! New lessons, often focusing on ongoing opportunities, are posting 3 times a week. Right now, Crypto Trader's Classroom presents detailed video lessons on meaningful developments underway in Cardano, VeChain, Ethereum, Ripple, Tezos -- and, yes, Bitcoin.

What to Make of the Bullish Resilience of Bitcoin

Updated: March 30, 2022

Price patterns on the charts of widely traded financial markets are repetitive, hence, those patterns offer "predictive value." Learn how this applies to Bitcoin.

Ever Heard of Crypto RUNE? Here’s Why You Might, And Soon

Updated: March 28, 2022

You know there are thousands of cryptocurrencies out there, but which one is a solid bet? There are no guarantees in markets, and Elliott wave analysis likewise deals only in probabilities, not certainties. Watch our Crypto Pro Service analyst walk you through RUNE's recent wave juncture to describe what those probabilities suggest for this crypto newcomer.

NFTs: More Pain – or Back to Gain?

Updated: March 24, 2022

Non-fungible tokens may not be a market you're watching -- but you should. It topped last November, but it wasn't the only market for whom that month proved pivotal. Bitcoin, Ethereum, NASDAQ -- all of them (and more) registered a top that month. Why? Watch our chief Crypto Pro Service analyst give you an explanation rooted in market psychology.

USDJPY: The Yen Tanks to 5-Year Low but Inflationzilla Isn't to Blame?

Updated: March 21, 2022

Mainstream "analysis" is usually all over the map about the "effect" on forex trends. See instead the credible analysis and forecast of the USD-JPY, from our Currency Pro Service.

Bitcoin Jumps 9%: Is This Executive Order the Reason?

Updated: March 10, 2022

Financial markets often move in the opposite direction from the prevailing sentiment, especially when sentiment reaches an extreme. Learn how this applies to Bitcoin.

Wild Currency Swings Far and Wide... But Not Impossible to Ride!

Updated: March 9, 2022

It's hard to keep up with rapid-fire news when mainstream "analysis" is all over the map about the "effect" on forex trends. See instead the credible analysis and forecast of the Aussie-U.S. Dollar's recent performance, from our Currency Pro Service.

Terra LUNA's "Face-Ripping Rally" … Didn't

Updated: March 1, 2022

In a classic crypto rally, the altcoin LUNA soared some 75% in 4 days: Now see the forecast that alerted subscribers before the move happened.

Cardano: A Simple Technique to See What’s Next

Updated: February 24, 2022

As cryptocurrencies compete with established currencies for space under the sun, you can use Elliott wave analysis and other techniques to forecast what's next. Watch our Crypto Pro Service analyst show you a simple channeling technique to forecast what's next for Cardano.

Bitcoin: As Good as Gold?

Updated: February 23, 2022

Right now, safety seems like a smart idea. Bitcoin has often been described as a safety hedge, similar to gold. Will it be this time? Watch our Crypto Pro Service editor walk you through Bitcoin's Elliott wave patterns to give you objective, NOT news-driven answers.

EURUSD: How to Spot a Forex Market Turn

Updated: February 18, 2022

The euro recently fell below $1.12 against the U.S. dollar. Since then, EURUSD rebounded strongly. Was there a way to forecast that bottom? Watch our Currency Pro Service editor watch you through Elliott wave patterns in EURUSD and explain how they helped with that difficult task.

2 Strategies to Help You Capture Crypto Setups

Updated: February 16, 2022

In this webinar recording, EWI crypto experts, Tony Carrion and Michael Madden, walk you through 2 trading strategies in Bitcoin & Binance Coin to show you how to spot crypto setups.

Ripple Rallies 40% in One Week! Jury is IN on the Real Reason Why

Updated: February 14, 2022

On January 30, Crypto Pro Service identified the key resistance level for Ripple: See for yourself what followed.

Bitcoin: “So, When Will This Be Over?!”

Updated: January 26, 2022

The question in the headline is what millions of Bitcoin bulls are asking right now. From our perspective, we've been here before -- after all, Bitcoin is no stranger to deep selloffs. Watch our Crypto Pro Service editor walk you through telling indicators that suggest a bottom may, in fact, be near.

Bitcoin: Look What Sentiment Suggests for the Next Move

Updated: January 18, 2022

Market, or investor, sentiment and Elliott waves go hand-in-hand. Watch our Crypto Pro Service editor walk you through Bitcoin's historic sentiment highs and lows to see how they lined up with the crypto's big rallies and sell-offs -- and what the current position of the Daily Sentiment Index suggests next.

Crypto's Jan. 5 Crash: "Sudden Freefall" OR Something Foreseeable?

Updated: January 11, 2022

Bitcoin and Ethereum fell hard on Jan. 5, and kept falling for days. Did "the Fed" drive the decline, or, was the turn foreseeable days earlier?

A Bitcoin Chart You Have to See to Believe

Updated: January 11, 2022

This EPIC chart captures Bitcoin's historic volatility in 2021. You'll also see the amazing run of forecasts from our Crypto Pro Service that guided subscribers along the way.

Japanese Yen Just Saw its Biggest Annual Drop Since 2014: So, What Now?

Updated: January 7, 2022

Between March and September 2021, USDJPY was stuck in a sideways trend going nowhere. And then, the yen broke out to the downside, plunging to 5-year lows... here's why.

U.S. Dollar vs. Mexican Peso: “Yes, even in ‘exotic’ markets”

Updated: January 6, 2022

We often get asked if Elliott waves work in markets other than the U.S. stock indexes and other major markets. Watch our Currency Pro Service contributor definitively answer this question by walking you through an 'exotic' forex market like USD/MXN.

Cryptocurrencies Are Impossible to Predict & Other Popular Lies

Updated: December 27, 2021

Between April 2020 to May 2021, a little-known altcoin named Monero rocketed 2000%-plus to outperform the entire cryptosphere. Then, it cooled to multi-month lows. What if you could have foreseen one of these moves? Turns out, you could've anticipated both!

EUR/USD: "At an exciting juncture"

Updated: December 23, 2021

The exchange rate between the U.S. dollar and the euro has been falling since May -- meaning, the buck has been getting stronger. Watch our Currency Pro Service editor show you how to properly label the decline in EUR/USD using simple Elliott wave analysis -- and why the result suggests an "exciting juncture" for this key forex pair.

Bitcoin: “It fell yesterday, so it’ll fall tomorrow” Is NOT Forecasting

Updated: December 21, 2021

Many investors tend to linearly extrapolate today's financial trends into the future. This practice is fraught with peril and evident in the price predictions for Bitcoin. By contrast, the Elliott wave model anticipates high-confidence trend-turn junctures. Here are some 2021 highlights.

What the "Crypto Kiss of Death" May Look Like

Updated: December 17, 2021

"Naming Rights" deals for hundreds of millions. Jocks who "know their stocks." Markets gone vertical. Are we talking today ... or two decades ago? See our analysis in Chart of the Day.

Bitcoin and Cryptos vs. Stocks: How Real Is the “Correlation”?

Updated: December 17, 2021

The news and the public often say that where stocks go -- like the S&P 500 or NASDAQ -- cryptocurrencies follow. The reality is that historically, the two markets are only about 20% correlated. So why then do big moves in both asset groups often coincide? Watch our Crypto Pro Service editor explain.

Euro: Look at This Head & Shoulders Chart Formation

Updated: December 16, 2021

The classic "head and shoulders" chart formation can help investors anticipate big price moves in financial markets. Here's the "head and shoulders" measuring formula and a 2021 example of how it was applied.

How to Build a Forex Strategy with Elliott Waves

Updated: December 15, 2021

All trading is really a battle with your own emotions, but having a reliable forecasting method helps. Watch our Currency Pro Service editor show you how to build a trading strategy at multiple degrees of trend using simple Elliott wave analysis. (USD/JPY in focus.)

Bitcoin's "Flash Crash" -- A Flash in the Pan?

Updated: December 10, 2021

A close look at Bitcoin clearly shows that December 3 "flash crash" was not isolated, but part of a larger downtrend underway since its November 10 high. Now see what our forecast said on the day of that high.

Has Crypto-Mania Finally Run Its Course?

Updated: December 9, 2021

Companies which buy naming rights to a professional sports stadium appear to be at the "top of their game." Ironically, history suggests that this is not always the case. Learn what this may mean for "crypto-mania."

Is Shiba Inu the New Dogecoin? Elliott Wave Analysis Offers Answers

Updated: November 26, 2021

Once you've created a meme-based digital currency, it seems easy to give it a "look alike" meme logo. Case-in-point, the logos of Shiba Inu and Dogecoin. Of course, creating a logos is easy... yet there's no "creating" a price trend. See what our Elliott Wave analysis has to say about what's next for Shiba Inu.

Solving the "Enigma" of the Euro/US Dollar's 2021 Nosedive

Updated: November 19, 2021

As 2021 began the financial media was bearish the dollar. But the "downward spiral" currency was the euro, even as the dollar grew stronger. See our January forecast, in COTD.

Ethereum: How to Forecast a Single-day, -15 Percent Plunge

Updated: November 17, 2021

Ethereum saw an attention-getting plunge on Nov. 15th and 16th, as forecast in our Crypto Pro Service. Now see the wave pattern we saw before the decline, in Chart of the Day.

Ethereum: October's (and November's?) Champion

Updated: November 9, 2021

On October 1, our Global Market Perspective showed this bullish Ethereum chart. Here's why -- and here's what happened next.

See What's Next for the Crypto That "Came Out of Nowhere"

Updated: November 2, 2021

From October 2020 to September 2021, Cardano soared 3000% to outperform every major cryptocurrency. One problem: Mainstream experts see the rise as a complete mystery unfounded by "fundamentals." Well, no mystery here...

Bitcoin Traders: What Were You Reading at Bitcoin $30,000 in June?

Updated: October 28, 2021

Over the past year, Bitcoin has rallied from ~$10,000 to ~$60,000+. That includes getting cut in half and then doubling again in the last six months. It's been a manic ride. How did you handle it? See what our Crypto Pro Service subscribers were reading in June.

Bitcoin’s All-Time High Foretold Before U.S. ETF Launch

Updated: October 26, 2021

On Oct. 20, the financial media said the catalyst for Bitcoin' rise to a new all-time high was the launch of a new U.S. exchange-traded fund. However, learn why Bitcoin's continued climb was in the cards well beforehand.

Dollar-Swiss October Decline: As Forecast In September

Updated: October 22, 2021

The Dollar-Swiss currency pair unfolded in a clear Elliott Wave pattern that helped us alert Currency Pro Service subscribers to the opportunity the turn presented. See the forecast and pattern for yourself, now.

EUR/CHF: How to Blend Elliott Waves with “Heads and Shoulders”

Updated: October 22, 2021

Some traders say that the classic "Heads and Shoulders" chart pattern has a "low success rate." But see how well H&S can work as a reversal formation -- and watch our Currency Pro Service editor show you how to boost H&S probability with wave analysis.

Move Over Bitcoin, There's a New Crypto Sheriff in Town

Updated: October 20, 2021

This year has seen Ethereum, the #2 cryptocurrency, outperform Bitcoin to become mainstream's "top crypto investment with the most upside." Elliott wave analysis saw Ethereum's upside potential, too... but one year ago! Here's how, and here's what we see next.

What Our Forecast Said Before Bitcoin's Fifty-Percent-Plus Bitcoin Rally

Updated: October 19, 2021

Bitcoin's trend in 2021 shows how volatile crypto markets are. Yet volatility is when Elliott Wave patterns are usually the most clear: See it for yourself in the rally that began on September 21st.

Currencies & the Great Taper Chase: What You Need to Know

Updated: October 15, 2021

When the U.S. Dollar recently hit a 3-year high vs. the Japanese Yen, the financial media explained "why" by trotting out a 5-month old story and calling it "news." We have a better explanation: See the chart and forecast for yourself.

Where is the U.S. Dollar Headed Next?

Updated: October 15, 2021

The trend in the euro has a LOT to do with the question in the headline, because EUR is the biggest component of the U.S. Dollar Index. Watch our Currency Pro Service editor walk you through several forex charts and explain how he arrives at the answer.

Bitcoin: Should You Trust “Bullish Fundamentals”?

Updated: October 14, 2021

Near Bitcoin's record high of $64,000 back in April, the mainstream expected more highs ahead, based on "market fundamentals." Instead, Bitcoin crashed to $28,000. Now that it's nearing the record high again, the same voices are bullish... again. Now take an objective look at Bitcoin's trend, courtesy our Crypto Pro Service editor.

Japan's Nikkei 225: What to Make of Recent Sell-Off

Updated: October 7, 2021

Japanese stocks have been choppy lately -- see our Asian-Pacific Short Term Update editor put it in an Elliott wave perspective, plus explain why, paradoxically, a "weak Japanese yen is good for the Nikkei."

Bitcoin Soars 10% in 20 Minutes. Here’s What Really Happened.

Updated: October 4, 2021

On the morning of October 1, in a 20-minute time span, Bitcoin surged a whopping 10%. Mainstream experts cited the Fed's pro-crypto pledge as one of several catalysts. But none of them are the real cause of the rally.

USDCHF Exciting Juncture

Updated: October 1, 2021

Among Elliott wave chart patterns, one of the most exciting, high-confidence patterns is an ending diagonal. Watch our Currency Pro Service editor walk you through the ending diagonal visible in the charts of USD/CHF, an important forex pair.

Will China’s Crackdown Send Bitcoin’s Price Tumbling?

Updated: September 28, 2021

China's stern measures toward cryptocurrencies is all over the news. Should this be a "no brainer" bitcoin sell-signal? Before answering, review this.

This Altcoin is Everywhere Right Now, But Was on our Radar 8 Months Ago

Updated: September 22, 2021

Only recently did the Chainlink crypto became all the rage -- yet, our Crypto Pro Service presented the opportunity to subscribers on January 15, 2021. See the story for yourself now.

A "Novel" Shift Caused the Euro's Near-term Rally -- But Not the One You May Think

Updated: September 3, 2021

On September 3, the Euro/US Dollar pair rallied to a one-month high. Mainstream experts cited one reason for the surge: Hawkish comments from the ECB. Yet -- our Elliott wave analysis forecast the rally a week earlier... when it actually began.

Japanese Yen: What’s Next for “Safe Haven” Currency?

Updated: September 3, 2021

When volatility hits and money runs scared, one place it goes into are assets denominated in the Japanese yen. So, what do Elliott waves suggest for the yen next -- and by extension, what does it suggest for the market environment? Our cross-currency FX analyst explains.

Cardano: A Realistic Way to Handle Competing Elliott Wave Counts

Updated: August 27, 2021

There are no guarantees in financial markets, and Elliott wave analysis likewise deals only in probabilities, not certainties. Sometimes, two opposing wave counts on a price chart appear equally likely. Watch our Crypto Pro Service guide walk you through Cardano's recent wave juncture to offer a practical way to pick the right count.

So... This Happened! One Crypto Goes From “Little-Known” -to- “Top 10” in 4 Weeks

Updated: August 26, 2021

On August 20, one cryptocurrency name rose to the top of the news feed to become the new "sheriff" in town. Nope, it wasn't Bitcoin. It was... Solana? Never heard of it? Well, after rallying 4x in one month, this altcoin is now hard to forget. Check out this Elliott wave setup.

How Fear Highlighted Bitcoin's BUYING Opportunity

Updated: August 26, 2021

Back in June, several measures showed strong fear among Bitcoin traders. As we've shown before, extreme fear or greed often send the opposite signal. See how Bitcoin's "terrifying moment" two months ago was really a bullish alert in disguise -- and watch our Crypto Pro Service editor explain the message of today's sentiment.

OMG XRP Soars to Multi-Month Highs! Did You See This Bullish Scenario Coming?

Updated: August 17, 2021

Less than a month ago, widespread reports said the future looked grim for the Ripple cryptocurrency. Yet our Crypto Pro Service told subscribers about the rally potential ...

Bitcoin: How the Elliott Wave Model Anticipated the Rebound

Updated: August 12, 2021

In late June, a survey showed that most investors expected bitcoin to end the year below $30,000. Since then, however, the price of the digital currency has risen significantly. Learn how the Elliott wave model anticipated bitcoin's rebound.

Bitcoin Analysis: Why You WANT to Know "When You're Wrong"

Updated: August 6, 2021

Traders and investors are well aware that no forecasting method is perfect. Yet, as EWI Senior FX Analyst Michael Madden explains, you don't have to sit in the dark -- you can "turn the lights on" by using Elliott Wave analysis. See how Michael did so, via his Bitcoin example.

USDJPY: Two Charts, Same Wave Pattern – and Same Forecast

Updated: July 30, 2021

You may have heard us say Elliott wave chart patterns are fractal -- meaning, smaller patterns make up larger ones. To understand how powerful this can be in forecasting, watch our Currency Pro Service editor walk you through the 2-week and daily charts of the Japanese yen, a big forex market.

Elon Musk vs. Dogecoin: Who Leads, Who Follows?

Updated: July 29, 2021

For months leading up to its May peak at 73 cents, Elon Musk's tweets about Dogecoin were said to drive its price higher. Since the peak, Dogecoin has fallen 78% -- yet, Elon Musk's tweets haven't stopped! So, was it really one person's tweets that were driving this market higher? Our Crypto Pro Service editor explains -- and gives you a hint as to what's next for the "joke crypto."

Bitcoin's July 15 Faceplant: It was an Inside Job Alright ... Just Not the Kind You Think

Updated: July 20, 2021

Bitcoin's fall began last week: media reports blamed a certain Twitter post that went up after price had turned. See it for yourself -- and our forecast beforehand -- in Chart of the Day.

How RSI Helps You Nail the End of 5th Waves

Updated: July 19, 2021

When the 5th wave of a basic 5-wave Elliott wave pattern ends, the trend reverses. That's important information for any trader or investor – but how do you know just when that 5th wave may be over? Watch our Currency Pro Service analyst show you how to use RSI and cross-market analysis to help with the task. (Forex market NZD/USD in focus.)

Forex Traders, Honor Thy Stops

Updated: July 16, 2021

If the 3 rules of real estate are "location, location, location," then you could say that the 3 rules of trading should be "risk management, risk management, risk management." Watch our Currency Pro Service editor show you how to use Elliott wave analysis to place your stops. (EURUSD in focus.)

Why Bitcoin’s “Wild Swings” May Soon Resume

Updated: July 15, 2021

Bitcoin's trading range has narrowed considerably in the past several weeks. In addition, trading volume has fallen. Learn why it's time to get insights from bitcoin's Elliott wave pattern.

The Big Warning Sign Before the "Flash Crash" In Cryptos

Updated: July 12, 2021

Two recent "regulatory crackdowns" supposedly led to the July 7-8 "flash crash" in cryptos, especially in Ethereum. Now see why neither event anticipated Ethereum's 14% plunge.

Meet SuperMania and its Ever-Present Sidekick, SuperMeltdown

Updated: July 12, 2021

Advance warnings about the recent crypto crash were there all along. How did almost everyone miss them?

Bitcoin: How Investors Extrapolate the Trend

Updated: July 9, 2021

Many investors tend to linearly extrapolate today's financial trends into the future. This practice is fraught with peril and evident in the price predictions for bitcoin. Here are the details.

Bitcoin: Down 55% in 2 Months. "IS IT OVER?"

Updated: June 25, 2021

You'll find all kinds of answers to the question in the headline out there. But none will give you a clear, objective analysis based in bitcoin's sentiment reading at its past major highs and lows. If you're thinking about getting into Bitcoin -- and maybe other cryptos -- first, watch this video by our Crypto Pro Service editor.

Bitcoin: “Crowded Trades” Can End Badly. Here’s How to Spot One.

Updated: June 24, 2021

When the "crowd" heads for the exit door at the same time, a "bank run" can happen. This applies generally to financial markets, including cryptos. Here are details.

Forex: How to Know If Support or Resistance Will Hold

Updated: June 11, 2021

Every forex trader knows to watch closely when a currency pair slows down and starts to go sideways: Chances are, it hit a support or resistance price level. But how do you know if it’s likely to hold or not? Watch our Currency Pro Service editor apply simple Elliott wave analysis to AUDUSD in order to get the answer.

Bitcoin: How Sentiment Suggested a Change of Trend

Updated: June 10, 2021

About two months ago, our U.S. Short Term Update told subscribers to expect lower prices for bitcoin. Prices began a sharp slide shortly thereafter. See what could be next for the cryptocurrency.

Bitcoin's Four-Day, 16% Decline: See the Chart and Forecast That Got It Right

Updated: June 9, 2021

Bitcoin recently saw a fast, double-digit decline -- see how subscribers to our Crypto Pro Services were well positioned for the opportunity.

Bitcoin: Here’s the “$64,000 Question”

Updated: May 25, 2021

Bitcoin investors are asking the "$64,000 question": Will the cryptocurrency ever trade at its all-time again? The Elliott wave model has a track record of providing valuable insights into the cryptocurrency. Take a look at this bitcoin chart.

Bitcoin Cash's 2 Day Plunge: Who's Flying this Falling Plane Anyway?

Updated: May 21, 2021

On Monday morning May 17, our Crypto Pro Service showed that Bitcoin cash was on the verge of an explosive move down. See the forecast and 50-percent-plus crash that followed, in this Chart of the Day.

Bitcoin: More Volatility Directly Ahead?

Updated: May 20, 2021

More than a year ago -- much like today -- financial journalists were discussing a "crash" in bitcoin. Many investors feared prices were headed even lower. Elliott wave analysis suggested otherwise. Indeed, prices climbed -- yet that climb has been accompanied by plenty of volatility. Is an even higher degree of volatility just ahead?

The Siren Song of Crypto

Updated: May 19, 2021

Remember what happened to the price of bitcoin after the Chicago Mercantile Exchange launched bitcoin futures trading back in 2017? Most people don't. If you're among them, all the more reason to see the eye-opening bitcoin chart our Head of Global Research, Murray Gunn, shows in this April 20 essay -- a month before the crypto crash.

Forget About Elon Musk -- See the "Parabolic Rise" for This Overlooked Crypto

Updated: May 14, 2021

On April 23, our Crypto Pro Service showed subscribers an EOS chart and said prices were likely in the "early stages" of a new uptrend. See for yourself what happened next.

Ethereum: What Are YOU Reading?

Updated: May 11, 2021

Since the first of the year, the price of Bitcoin's closest competitor, Ethereum, is up more than 450%. Was there a way to foresee the move? Yes -- see this incredible chart for yourself.

Dogecoin: Seems Chaotic, But There's a Rhythm

Updated: May 10, 2021

Dogecoin's value took a dive over the weekend, but that didn't deter its fans. Those among them who apply Elliott waves to Dogecoin's price understand that the crypto is following a pattern -- a rhythm of sorts. See it now as our Crypto Pro Service editor walks you through Dogecoin's wave pattern.

Bitcoin Cash 🔥🔥🔥 This Blaze Has Been Burning for Some Time

Updated: May 6, 2021

On May 5, Bitcoin Cash soared 50% to land at its highest level in three years. News of the move blew up the Twittersphere, but the BCH blaze isn't new. It started burning in December 2020. We know because we saw it coming then.

Forex Traders: Which Story Begets the Success Story?

Updated: May 5, 2021

Back in January, some observers said the Japanese Yen was "too strong" for its own good vs. the U.S. Dollar. We saw a very different path ahead -- see the chart and forecast for yourself.

Ripple Crashes 40%: Wash Your "Washout" With Soap!

Updated: May 3, 2021

One look at Ripple's chart and you'll see why recent news stories about the crypto are full of drama. Yet don't miss the chart we showed subscribers before the big move happened.

Ethereum North of $2700: Who Could’ve Known? Watch…

Updated: April 28, 2021

Bitcoin isn't the only cryptocurrency that's been orbiting the moon lately. Since March, the price of bitcoin's second-closest competitor Ethereum, has doubled. Was there a way to foresee the rally? Yes -- watch our Crypto Pro Service forecast from March 1 explaining the bullish setup.

'My favorite Elliott wave pattern? Ending Diagonal'

Updated: April 22, 2021

Ending diagonals deliver "astonishing" risk-reward ratios, couple with the speed at which they can do it. Watch our Currency Pro Service editor Michael Madden give you a fresh example from a forex market, a cross rate euro/sterling, or EUR/GBP.

When Cab Drivers Start Asking About Bitcoin...

Updated: April 22, 2021

A person who shined shoes for a living offered a stock market tip to a well-known market speculator shortly before the 1929 top. The speculator viewed that as a sign to sell. A similar psychology is at play today with bitcoin. Get the details.

Dogecoin: Up 9250% YTD… See What Elliott Waves Show Next

Updated: April 20, 2021

What started as a joke is a joke no more: Cryptocurrency investors and traders are pouring cash into Dogecoin. You may have it on your radar, too -- but first, see what our Crypto Pro Service editor thinks Elliott waves suggest for the crypto next.

Ripple (XRP): The Makings of a Stunning Elliott Wave Opportunity

Updated: April 16, 2021

Cryptocurrency Ripple (XRP) has been on a tear: up 25%+ on April 13, and 190% since the start of April! Was it foreseeable? Using Elliott waves, yes -- see for yourself, and get a clue as to what's next for XRP.

USD/ZAR: New 'Opportunity of Interest'

Updated: April 15, 2021

Last April, more than one market was flashing an Elliott wave opportunity. Dollar/Rand is not a forex market you hear about often, yet... it's often where people aren't looking that deserves your attention. Watch our Currency Pro Service analyst explain last year's opportunity -- plus, another one in the making.

See the Dollar Index Rally That Followed Our Forecast

Updated: April 13, 2021

As 2021 began, sentiment toward the U.S. Dollar was bearish on Wall Street and among certain traders. Now see and read the rally forecast that anticipated the new uptrend to come.

Show Me the Monero... And We'll Show You the Opportunity

Updated: April 8, 2021

Since March 2020, the Monero cryptocurrency has rallied 800-plus percent. See and read the Elliott Wave forecast that anticipated the huge move.

Ripple (XRP): How to Trade Elliott Wave Triangles

Updated: April 7, 2021

You've seen them: First, the price swings wide, then less so, then the swings get smaller and smaller... until -- boom! -- prices spike. Triangles are high-confidence Elliott wave patterns, and you see them across different markets. Watch our Crypto Pro Service analyst Michael Madden explain how to trade one by looking at the recent action in cryptocurrency Ripple, XRP.

Why Didn’t EURUSD Ride Democrats’ “Blue Wave” Higher?

Updated: April 1, 2021

This January, the euro stood at its highest level against the U.S. dollar in 2-1/2 years. And, according to many experts, the January 6 Democratic victory of the U.S. Senate was set to be a victory for euro bulls, as well. But instead, the euro reversed its uptrend as the U.S. dollar gained, and strongly. Why? Here's an uncommon answer.

Trend-Follower or Contrarian, Here’s How Elliott Waves Help You

Updated: March 26, 2021

Some traders go with the trend, while others try to nail market tops and bottoms. While the latter strategy is far more risky, Elliott waves equips you to employ both. Watch our Currency Pro Service analyst walk you through AUD/JPY charts to show you how.

March 13, 2020: Key Day for Cryptocurrencies (Cardano in Focus)

Updated: March 24, 2021

From $0.02 last March to $1.48 today, Cardano's 8,122%, one-year rally put it in 3rd place as the world's largest cryptocurrency by market capitalization. Was there anything last March to alert you to the opportunity? Yes -- watch our Crypto Pro Service explain.

Bitcoin: Don’t Argue with a 3rd Wave

Updated: March 18, 2021

Elliott wave traders know that 3rd waves within the basic 12345 wave pattern are fast, strong -- and, like the Energizer Bunny, they "just keep going." Watch our Crypto Pro Service analyst walk you through several charts of Bitcoin to illustrate how 3rd waves, if you identify them correctly, can truly become "your best friend."

How the “Crypto-Craze” is Getting Even Crazier

Updated: March 16, 2021

Elliott Wave International called attention to Bitcoin back in September 2010, when the digital currency was trading for just pennies. The world of "cryptos" has evolved dramatically since then. Learn about one of the most recent crypto developments.

Will the U.S. Dollar Continue to Defy the Naysayers?

Updated: March 11, 2021

Back in January, U.S. dollar sentiment was highly negative. Big Wall Street players upped their bets against the greenback. Yet, the dollar just made a new 3-1/2-month high. Learn how EWI helped subscribers by "bucking" the negative dollar sentiment.

This Cryptocurrency Soared 1800% in Five Months! "Proud Mary" Keep on Burning?

Updated: March 8, 2021

Some indicators do help gauge near-term trend. Yet in this chart, see how small price moves have a broader context -- one that was long-term bullish for Cardano -- before the huge, nearly year-long rally.

USD/JPY: See How Elliott Wave Perspective Quickly Shows What's Next

Updated: February 25, 2021

Dollar-yen is a key forex market. To know which way the pair is going, you could study and compare dozens of "fundamentals" in the U.S. and Japan... or you could simply take a look at an Elliott wave chart. Watch our Currency Pro Service editor do just that.

Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum: How to Apply Elliott Waves to Cryptos in Real Time

Updated: February 25, 2021

Cryptocurrencies are relative newcomers on the financial market scene, and there are lots of opinions out there on how to forecasts them. But why reinvent the wheel? Watch our Crypto Pro Service analyst walk you through applying wave analysis to the three biggies -- in real time.

Bitcoin: Let’s Put 2 Heart-Pounding Price Drops into Perspective

Updated: February 23, 2021

Bitcoin's price fell hard on Feb. 22 and many observers are wondering if this is the start of a crash. Well, the word "crashed" was also used back in January, when the cryptocurrency fell from $42,000 to below $30,000, however, prices bounced back. Elliott wave analysis puts both price drops into perspective.

AUD/JPY: Trend-Trading with Elliott and Supporting Technicals

Updated: February 19, 2021

Aussie-Yen is not a forex pair you hear about often. Well, all the more reason to see if we can apply Elliott wave analysis and other technical tools to gauge its trend. Watch our Currency Pro Service analyst look at the AUD/JPY trend since last March -- and see what's likely next.

Ethereum Sets New All-Time High: See Why "GameStop" is NOT the Name of the Game

Updated: February 10, 2021

Ethereum's rally launched in November -- our Crypto Pro Service alerted subscribers to the coming trend. GameStop came later, despite the media stories that "explain" the rally. See when the move began and the forecast that saw it beforehand.

A "Game Changing Move" in Bitcoin... But NOT at the Hands of Tesla?

Updated: February 9, 2021

Bitcoin’s big move began on February 8th: media reports were unanimous - the "driver" was Tesla's billion-dollar bet on the crypto. Now see the when the move really began, and the forecast that saw it beforehand.

Ethereum Surges to Record Highs: As for Fundamental Causes... it's "Game" Over

Updated: February 4, 2021

On February 3, Ethereum soared above $1,500 for the first time ever. The search for what caused the crypto's surge stopped at the foot of the gone viral GameStop fiasco. Why not? Well, because the GameStop "price war" began in mid-January. Ethereum's rally was sooner!

Will “King Dollar” Reign Supreme – Or, “Abdicate” the Throne?

Updated: January 28, 2021

U.S. dollar sentiment is so pessimistic that some observers are asking if the greenback will "collapse." Deep-pocketed trend-followers are placing big bets against the buck. However, investors may want to declare their independence from the "dump the dollar" crowd. Here's why.

U.S. Dollar Index: "Keep it Simple"

Updated: January 22, 2021

In this clip from an interview (recorded Jan. 22) with the Chief Editor of FX Explained, Steve Miley, EWI's Senior Currency Strategist Jim Martens walks viewers through his big-picture Elliott wave outlook U.S. Dollar Index. You'll see its "mirrored" relationship with EURUSD and the key price levels Jim is watching to confirm or deny his forecast.

New Zealand Dollar Rallies to 2-and-a-half Year High DESPITE a Dovish RBA: How Bout Them Kiwis?

Updated: January 12, 2021

By mainstream logic, dovish comments by Australia's central back should have crushed New Zealand’s Dollar. But the Kiwi began a powerful rally. Now see the forecast that got it right.

Here’s Why Bitcoin “Targeted” the $42,000 Mark

Updated: January 12, 2021

On January 8 -- before Bitcoins $10,000 mini-crash three days later -- our Crypto Pro Service told subscribers to watch the $42,000 price level because it could produce a bearish "reaction." Why? Watch our Crypto Pro Service editor explain. (Hint: Think "Fibonacci.")

Bitcoin's 24-Hour Crash: FCA Warning Was a Slap in the Face. But It Wasn't the Cause.

Updated: January 12, 2021

Dang that was fast! Bitcoin prices have plummeted 26% for their worst two-day plunge since March 2020. Mainstream experts cite London's Financial Conduct Authority warning on the risk of cryptos as a possible "crashalyst." But the FCA warning came after prices already turned.

EURUSD: Does “Trend in Motion Stay in Motion”? Yes, Up to a Point.

Updated: January 8, 2021

Since March 2020, the dollar has been steadily losing to the euro. All the while, EURUSD, the biggest forex market on the planet, has been climbing. But the key advantage Elliott wave analysis gives you is the ability to see when the trend is about to end. Watch our Currency Pro Service editor explain how this applies to EURUSD now.

USDCHF: It's Nice to Say We're Managing Risk. It's Quite Another to Show You How

Updated: December 23, 2020

The US Dollar/Swiss Franc trended sideways from late July thru late November, but then the pair turn down on December 1st in a fast fall to 6-year lows. See how we helped subscribers minimize risks ahead of time.

Riot Blockchain Soars to 2-year High: The "Ace Up Your Sleeve" To Play this Wild Card

Updated: December 18, 2020

Our October 4 Currency Pro Service showed a chart of RIOT Blockchain with a very clear UP arrow -- and said price looked "poised to the upside." See this forecast and what followed next.

Bitcoin Breaks $28K! What’s Next?

Updated: December 16, 2020

Bitcoin ripped through $20K and quickly ran past $28K on its way to new all-time highs. The question is, "should I buy Bitcoin... or has it peaked?"

EURUSD: Were Vaccine Hopes the "Shot" that Drove the Euro to 2 1/2-Year Highs? (Hint: NO!)

Updated: December 9, 2020

The timeline on the EURUSD chart shows the November recovery was NOT caused by "vaccine hopes." Now see the forecast that did anticipate the rally.

Ripple's Rally to 2-Year Highs: The Spark That Lit Prices Wasn't THE "Spark" They Speak of

Updated: December 2, 2020

In the months before November, Ripple (XRP) prices were flat. But now we’re told about pre-November news that "explains" Ripple's rally? Nope. Instead see what a real market forecast looks like.

Litecoin Rally: How We Anticipated "The Strongest Leg of a Bullish Elliott Wave Pattern"

Updated: November 30, 2020

That market psychology that drives a big trend can build weeks or months before a rally turns explosive: The Litecoin cryptocurrency did just that in the past eight months, and the Elliott Wave pattern saw it coming.

USDZAR: The Rand Was Supposed to "Languish." So Why Did It Rally to 8-Month Highs?

Updated: November 23, 2020

The supposed "pro-Rand" news all came in the past month, yet the currency's uptrend has unfolded since April. See the forecast that saw the rally happening at the time.

Forex: How to Spot Reversals with Elliott Waves

Updated: November 20, 2020

Our Currency Pro Service editor, Jim Martens, has been applying the waves to the markets for over 30 years. In this video, he walks you through steps that help him answer one of the most frequent questions we get from subscribers: "How do I spot trend reversals using your method?" (USDCHF in focus.)

What Our Forecast Said Before Bitcoin's Big Rally

Updated: November 16, 2020

You can see the Bitcoin chart and bullish forecast from our October Global Market Perspective, published before the big rally of the past six weeks.

Bitcoin Soars to Multi-Year Highs: Sticks & Stones Blah, Blah BUT Names Will Never Hurt Thee

Updated: November 11, 2020

On October 15 and again on November 3, Crypto Pro Service showed subscribers clear Elliott Wave patterns pointing to a big Bitcoin rally. See the chart for yourself, now.

Bitcoin: 2020, Play-By-Play

Updated: November 10, 2020

Now that Bitcoin is trading near 3-year highs, you may be wondering: Will it take out its all-time high near $20000? There is a clear Elliott wave answer to that question. Watch our Crypto Pro Service editor take you through Bitcoin's play-by-play that also hints strongly at what's next.

AUDCAD: When the Aussie Dollar Was Down for the Count, We Foresaw a Comeback -- Here's What Followed

Updated: November 4, 2020

AUDCAD began 2020 in a freefall. While headlines were telling traders to abandon ship, Elliott waves were sending a different message. This is a healthy reminder that today's trend can become tomorrow's turn.

EURUSD: This Technique Is "Better Than Any Moving Average"

Updated: October 23, 2020

When forex markets trend, prices often move along a trendline. What's more, often another trendline forms -- and together, the two trendlines form a so-called trend channel. Watch our Currency Pro Service explain how put this trend-following technique to good use.

Bitcoin's $1300 Rally Defied the 1-2 Punch of Bearish Fundamentals. Here's Why

Updated: October 16, 2020

Bitcoin wasn't supposed to rally in October, or so said media reports. Yet the real cause of bitcoin's price action is NOT the news. It's the psychology of investors, which reflects clear Elliott wave patterns directly on price charts. See it for yourself.

Japanese Yen: How to Handle "Messy" Market Corrections

Updated: October 15, 2020

Strongly trending markets make things easy. But forex markets mostly meander around, seemingly without direction. Watch our Currency Pro Service editor show how Elliott waves can give you clarity using price action in USDJPY since March.

USDCAD: We Can Count At Least 4 Major Opportunities So Far in 2020. Can You?

Updated: October 9, 2020

In March, the Canadian Dollar turned up as the US Dollar went down: It was the first of four opportunities in USDCAD from March to October. Currency Pro Service subscribers were ready each time.

Ethereum: The "Black Swan" Event Didn't Keep this Phoenix From Rising

Updated: October 6, 2020

Before Ethereum's uptrend started last March, reasons to turn bullish were absent from the news. Yet, Pro Services told subscribers to look for a rally. See the chart and forecast for yourself.

What REALLY Moves Bitcoin?

Updated: September 30, 2020

Some say, Bitcoin and the S&P 500 are joined at the hip. Some say, Bitcoin and U.S. dollar are inversely correlated. Some say… well, watch what the editor of our Crypto Pro Service thinks about all that first.

Cardano: From 3-Year Low To 2-Year High To 3-Month Low

Updated: September 25, 2020

Days after cryptocurrency Cardano hit a 3-year low, our Crypto Pro Service showed a major bottom in place. See the chart and forecast, plus what Cardano did in the months that followed.

USDJPY: A Series of Fortunate Events Caused the Yen's Near-Term Surge -- Or, Did It?

Updated: September 23, 2020

Triangle patterns precede the final wave at one larger degree, so, what follows is a rapid price thrust. See the chart and forecast showing exactly how this unfolded with the USDJPY pair.

EURGBP: Did the "Brexit Row" Really Push the Pound to a 6-Month Low? (Fat Chance …)

Updated: September 14, 2020

The correction in the pound began on September 1, before "No-Deal Brexit." See how forex traders could indeed have anticipated the pound's rout vs. the euro before it began.

Ethereum: "Then, an interesting thing happened."

Updated: September 10, 2020

ETH is second only to Bitcoin for market capitalization -- and it's been outperforming Bitcoin this year. Ethereum's August push higher fit a specific Elliott wave pattern -- and "then, an interesting thing happened." Watch our Crypto Pro Service editor explain.

AUDJPY: Aussie Dollar Reverses from 11-Year Low to 15-Month High: Didn't See THAT Coming... or Did You?

Updated: September 8, 2020

Back on March 20, Currency Pro Service said the Aussie Dollar-Japanese yen cross-rate had hit a low, and forecast a move up: Now see what happened in the months that followed.

Bitcoin's Rally to 1-Year Highs: Break the Chain of Fundamental Analysis to Succeed

Updated: August 28, 2020

After the big March low, what drove Bitcoin's recovery? NOT the fundamentals cited by the mainstream. The answer is all about pattern recognition - which anticipated the big rally.

Chainlink: A Crypto That's "Never Had a Bear Market"

Updated: August 21, 2020

LINK has been a hot item in the cryptocurrency trading world. It now has a larger market cap than Bitcoin Cash. Our Crypto Pro Service editor looks at LINK's 1000% rally since March.

Five Dollar Pairs, Five Opportunities Unfolded as Forecast

Updated: August 20, 2020

This story includes more than one chart: the triangle pattern unfolded in five U.S. Dollar currency pairs, all in the month of August. See it for yourself, in Chart of the Day.

“Panic about U.S. Dollar”: Echoes of 2008

Updated: August 20, 2020

Everyone shunned the U.S. dollar shortly before it bottomed in March 2008. Yet the greenback soon rallied and proved the dollar skeptics wrong. Look at a chart that recalls the extremely negative sentiment of 2008 -- and see how that relates to the attitudes towards the dollar here in 2020.

EURJPY: The Yen's Recovery vs. the Euro "Should Have Continued" … Instead, This Happened

Updated: August 19, 2020

On May 18, when our Currency Pro Service said an "ending diagonal" was over in the EURJPY cross-rate and that "aggressive price action" was next. Now see the huge rally that followed.

EURZAR: The Rand Sinks Like a Stone BUT Not for the Reasons You May Think

Updated: August 14, 2020

From January-April 2020, the EURZAR cross rate exploded in a thrust higher. Now see the forecast that put subscribers on the right side of this huge move before it unfolded.

See Why U.S. Dollar Is Probably Near a Bottom

Updated: August 12, 2020

Sometimes a simple Elliott wave chart shows you at a glance why a market is near a major reversal. Such is the case right now with the U.S. dollar. Watch our Currency Pro Service editor explain -- and discover what you get during our Forex and Metals FreeWeek (August 12-19).

Aussie Dollar Soars to Multi-Month High: You Can't Have Your Fed Stimulus Boost AND Eat It Too

Updated: August 7, 2020

In mid-April, Currency Pro Service told subscribers to expect a rising trend in the Aussie/US dollar. We called for a powerful Elliott Wave pattern known as "a third-of-a-third wave" higher. Now see for yourself what followed.

Stellar, Cardano: 296% and 1400% Rallies Leave Bitcoin in the Dust

Updated: July 30, 2020

With 1500+ cryptocurrencies out there, which ones are good bets? Watch our Crypto Pro Service editor show you how Elliott waves helped us catch the recent rallies in Stellar and Cardano. (Also, a look at Dogecoin, Elon Musk's "favorite cryptocurrency.")

EURUSD: The EU Recovery Plan Did NOT Spark the Euro's Near-term Recovery. See What DID

Updated: July 29, 2020

The Euro's rally to multi-year highs was unfolding before EU member states reached their July 21 agreement. Now see the "what and when" of the forecast we delivered to subscribers.

Monero, "Drug Dealers' Crypto of Choice"

Updated: June 30, 2020

Some cryptocurrencies (like Bitcoin) are becoming a "store of value," yet others still have a strong reputation as "privacy coins." Monero (XMR) is one such virtual coin. Watch as our Crypto Pro Service editor takes a look at Monero's 169% rally since March.

Europe: Forget Brexit -- Meet "Quitaly"

Updated: June 25, 2020

Britain's exit from the European Union was bad enough -- but at least the UK wasn't part of the eurozone. Italy is. What if Italy quits the euro? It's not as far-fetched as it seems. Watch our Head of Global Research explain.

The Dollar Index: The Opportunity Before the "Still-Unfolding Pattern"

Updated: June 25, 2020

After its March peak, the Dollar Index went mostly sideways. Yet the Elliott Wave pattern in late April pointed to an opportunity ahead in May and June. See for yourself what followed.

U.S. Dollar: When Almost Everyone Is Bearish ...

Updated: June 24, 2020

Nothing beats the Elliott wave model for anticipating what's next for a widely traded financial market. At the same time, sentiment indicators can also be highly useful to market participants. With that in mind, let's examine the U.S. Dollar Index.

The Aussie Dollar's "Bizarre" Rally to New 2020 Highs … Makes Sense

Updated: June 19, 2020

On April 3, GMP showed the pattern in AUSUSD -- as prices had unfolded in 5 waves down from 2011. This meant a long-term low was at hand: Now see the chart for what happened next.

U.S. Dollar vs. Asian-Pacific Stocks

Updated: June 18, 2020

If you live or invest in Asia, keeping an eye the U.S. dollar can help you make better timing decisions. Except, some markets are an exception to this rule. Watch our Asian-Pacific Short Term Update editor explain. (India, Korea, Taiwan, Singapore in focus.)

AUDUSD: How a Simple Trend Channel Alerts You to Trend Changes

Updated: June 18, 2020

Technical analysis of price trends doesn’t have to be complicated. Watch one of the instructors of our trading course "How to Win in FX & Cryptos" show you how to use trend channels to see what's next. (Aussie dollar in focus.)

Skip "Fundamentals" If You Want to Trade Cryptos

Updated: June 11, 2020

Cryptocurrencies are a new asset class, but most forecasters still apply the "tried and true" set of tools to learn what's next. Watch our Crypto Pro Service expert show why that's a step you can skip. Market in focus: Ripple, XRP.

USDCAD Soars to 4-Year High and Then... Whack! Why the "Experts" Chased the Turn

Updated: June 9, 2020

Why did mainstream commentators MISS the big turn in USDCAD? Not because of "Bad News" about the Canadian dollar. See investor psychology at work in Elliott wave patterns.

How (and when) a Textbook Pattern Came to Life: See the Euro-Yen Move for Yourself

Updated: June 8, 2020

This FX market move is a real-time example of a bearish trend turning higher, in a textbook Elliott Wave pattern. See it for yourself in Chart of the Day.

Chinese Yuan and Hong Kong Stocks: What's Next?

Updated: May 29, 2020

The yuan's been gaining against the greenback, fulfilling our long-standing forecast. The Elliott wave pattern in the Hang Seng, Hong Kong's flagship stock index, is also telling. Watch our Asian-Pacific market expert explain more.

EURGBP: Finding High-Confidence Set Ups in the High-Speed Chase for Opportunity

Updated: May 27, 2020

Mainstream analysis missed the major opportunity in the EURGBP, yet Elliott wave forecasts gave subscribers multiple "heads up" about the action: See it now in Chart of the Day.

Euro-Sterling: What to Expect into Summer

Updated: May 21, 2020

EURGBP is an important forex pair. Log in -- or sign up FREE -- to watch as our cross-currency expert revisits a recent forecast and uses "simple Elliott wave guidelines" to set price targets for euro-sterling for the summer months.

Bitcoin "Halving" vs. Elliott Waves

Updated: May 15, 2020

Bitcoin recently experienced a scheduled event, the so-called halving. What is it -- and more importantly, is it always bullish for Bitcoin's price? Log in --or sign up for free -- to watch our Crypto Pro Service editor walk you through Bitcoin's key Elliott wave patterns.

EUR/USD: Why the Bulls Didn't See the Bear Market Coming in Time

Updated: May 14, 2020

There was no fundamental reason for the euro to turn down against the dollar -- yet there was a clear bearish Elliott wave set up. See it here for yourself.

Asian-Pacific Currencies Vs. Stocks: Any Correlation?

Updated: May 5, 2020

Inter-market correlations can persist for a long time. Watch our Asian-Pacific Short Term Update editor show you the current correlation between local currencies and stocks -- and explain what it likely means for the trend in both. (South Korea and Singapore in focus.)

US Dollar/Indian Rupee Sets New Records: This is What Happens AFTER the Paint Dries

Updated: May 5, 2020

When the Elliott Wave triangle pattern is complete, a “thrust” follows -- a sharp, swift, move in the opposite direction. See how this unfolded in the Dollar/Rupee, after our Currency Pro Service forecast told subscribers the stage was set.

Australian Dollar: A Likely Change on the Horizon for AUDUSD

Updated: May 1, 2020

When you invest in foreign markets, it's vital to know which currencies are trending towards strength -- and which ones are getting weaker. The Australian dollar has been an underperformer lately. Log in -- or sign up for FREE -- to watch our Currency Pro Service analyst explain why that may be about to change.

The Russian Ruble Was Supposed to "Top the Pack" in 2020: Instead... It Got Sacked

Updated: April 29, 2020

In the first three months of 2020, the Ruble fell to a four-year low against the U.S. Dollar. When it started, this trend went against the bullish conventional wisdom on the Ruble: now see the chart and forecast that called it in December 2019.

Bitcoin vs. Stocks, Gold et al: Any Correlations You Can Hang Your Hat on?

Updated: April 16, 2020

With Bitcoin and other cryptos trading well off their recent lows, you are hearing a lot about the reasons why. Some people say that Bitcoin goes where stocks -- or gold -- or U.S. dollar -- go. Is this true? Watch our Cryptocurrency Pro Service analyst explain.

See the Five Up, Three Down Unfold in the U.S. Dollar Index

Updated: April 14, 2020

Price action in the U.S. Dollar Index moved quickly in March and April: Yet from an Elliott Wave perspective, the moves were not random. There was in fact a near-term opportunity.

GBPUSD: From 35-YEAR Low to 3-Week High. Did You See That Coming?

Updated: April 2, 2020

The British Pound recently hit a 35-year low against the US Dollar, yet in a matter of days rose in a 9-plus percent rally thru March 27. There's only one way that forex traders enjoy moves like these -- and that's with a "saw-that-coming" forecast.

The Euro: On the Rise

Updated: April 1, 2020

You can tell a lot about the future of a currency if you look at its longer-term Elliott wave patterns. Watch our Currency Pro Service cross rates expert dissect recent wave patterns in EURGBP, the euro-sterling forex pair -- and give you his conclusions.

Dash: How to Anticipate a Turn

Updated: February 18, 2020

Cryptocurrency Dash rallied 261% over the past couple of months. Watch our Crypto Opportunity Month guide show you how to use the Wave Principle to anticipate a change or pause in the trend. You'll also see what's likely next for Dash.

How Ethereum Got its Groove Back: Elliott Wave Style

Updated: February 13, 2020

On the day of the low in Ethereum, our December 18 Currency Pro Service chart included a big "up" arrow, showing subscribers the bullish turn: Now see the forecast and major rally that followed.

GBPUSD: See What's Next for Cable

Updated: February 13, 2020

Now that Britain has officially left the European Union, what's next for the U.S. dollar vs. British pound? This forecast may surprise sterling skeptics -- watch our Currency Pro Service co-editor explain more. (You'll also get a forecast for Invesco CurrencyShares ETF, FXB.)

Cardano: After Five Up and Three Down, the Explosive Rally Followed

Updated: February 6, 2020

The altcoin Cardano showed a clear Elliott Wave pattern across 2019: 5 Up, 3 Down. This textbook move led our cryptocurrency analyst to feature Cardano in the December issue of Global Market Perspective. See what has followed so far in 2020.

How to Know When the Trend Is No Longer Your Friend

Updated: February 3, 2020

Bitcoin has been trending higher since December. "The trend is your friend," they say. But every trend has pauses. Watch our Crypto Pro Service editor show you how to tell if any slowdowns in Bitcoin's trend are just pauses -- or a sign of a big reversal.

The Pattern in Bitcoin That Anticipated a Six Week, 40-PLUS Percent Gain

Updated: January 31, 2020

Since mid-December, Bitcoin has seen a major rally. But now see for yourself how this recent rally is connected to the even larger move that unfolded in the first half of 2019.

Bitcoin: How to Catch a Rally (Step 1: Skip the News)

Updated: January 29, 2020

On January 24, with Bitcoin trading at $8426, our Crypto Pro Service issued a bullish forecast. By January 29, Bitcoin was trading 12% higher. Watch the forecast that caught the rally -- and get a good idea of what's next for Bitcoin.

Bitcoin Dives 3.5%. Here’s How to Know What’s Next.

Updated: January 23, 2020

You'll find many after-the-fact "reasons" as to why Bitcoin suddenly sold off on January 23. But see how our Crypto Pro Service helped subscribers anticipate this big -- and quick -- sell-off. Plus, get a glimpse at what's next for BTC.

Yen Tumbles to an 8-Month Low: Knowing Why is Half the Battle

Updated: January 17, 2020

Politics do a lousy job as financial market predictors. Case in point, "U.S.-Iran Hostilities" and the movement of the Dollar vs. the Yen. See the facts for yourself about what doesn't work -- and what DOES -- via this Chart of the Day.

Bitcoin: Up 22%. Here's How It Got Here. (Don't Say "Iran.")

Updated: January 9, 2020

This month's strong rally in Bitcoin was attributed to the familiar (by now) "cause": The U.S. attack against an Iranian target. Here's what's wrong with this explanation -- see our Cryptocurrency Pro Service explain in this video.

The Euro Rally and a Key Fibonacci Ratio

Updated: December 31, 2019

The Golden Ratio is highly useful in forecasting financial markets. For example, our U.S. Short Term Update editor let subscribers know what he expected for the euro in just a week's time -- based on a .618 retracement level. Here's what happened.

British Pound Gets Pounded: Will the Real Reason for the Fall Please Stand Up

Updated: December 19, 2019

On Dec. 16, the British pound suffered its biggest one-day drop in a year. Mainstream sources say the currency was burned by Boris Johnson's "reckless" Brexit revision -- also announced that day. By all Elliott wave accounts, the pound's intraday "cliff edge" was set up much earlier -- on Dec. 13!

Ripple (XRP): Using Elliott Waves to Forecast a 13% Drop

Updated: December 18, 2019

Our Crypto Pro Service alerted subscribers ahead of Tuesday's (Dec. 17) 13% decline in Ripple. See the chart for yourself and find out what's next for XRP -- along with key levels.

Sterling: What's Next for It, vs. USD and JPY?

Updated: December 5, 2019

Right now, many analysts are focused on what's next for the British pound, and most discussions you hear revolve around Brexit and British politics. For a different perspective, watch our Currency Pro Service co-editor show you the Elliott wave picture for GBP/USD and GBP/JPY.

This Is a Pivotal Point for Bitcoin and U.S. Dollar -- Here's Why

Updated: November 12, 2019

If you want to see the big picture, you have to "zoom out." Watch as our Cryptocurrency Pro Service editor walks you through the daily USD and Bitcoin charts to explain why both are likely at "pivotal junctures." (Get more analysis, free, on Nov. 13-20 during our Forex FreeWeek.)

How to Use ETFs to Trade Currencies (Forex)

Updated: November 1, 2019

EURUSD is the world's most-traded FX pair, and it deserves your attention right now. Free, watch our Currency Pro Service guide show you why and explain how the Elliott wave pattern in an exchange-traded fund FXE mimics the budding opportunity in its "mother" market.

U.S. Dollar: "Reserve Currency" Status in Danger?

Updated: October 30, 2019

More and more you hear around the world that there are attempts to challenge the US dollar's "reserve currency" status. Our Head of Global Research gives you his take on a recent policy move by Russia -- and on the buck's long-term prospects.

The Best-Performing Currency of 2019 & Who Saw Its Rise Coming

Updated: October 25, 2019

One "explanation" for the Canadian Dollar's recent rise is Prime Minister Trudeau's election to a second term. But, just before the election, headlines warned a Trudeau win would be bearish for Canada's currency. So ... who really saw it coming?

How to Know What's Next for U.S. Dollar

Updated: October 23, 2019

When you look at the stock market and see that all the indexes are moving strongly together, it tells you a lot about the trend. Similarly, when you look at the U.S. Dollar Index, which is comprised of a basket of several currencies, you can tell a lot about the broad trend by how strong the trends are in each individual pair.

U.S. Dollar: a Classic Price Pattern You’ll See Again (and Again)

Updated: October 22, 2019

A currency strategist just cited "fundamental" reasons for the recent price action in the U.S. Dollar Index. Yet, EWI anticipated these price moves -- including the greenback's decline -- before these fundamentals developed. Learn about this classic chart pattern...

Bitcoin: The Real Cause of the September Crash

Updated: October 17, 2019

September 2019 saw Bitcoin fall 20%, its largest monthly decline since November 2018. See for yourself how Elliott wave analysis anticipated the turn before price went south.

Bitcoin: How to Watch Volume to Know What's Next

Updated: October 10, 2019

Besides Elliott waves, we at EWI watch 100+ other technical market indicators. Watch as our Cryptocurrency Pro Service editor shows you how to use the market's volume signature to forecast what's next for Bitcoin.

U.S. Dollar: Expect a "Powerful Move" -- Here's Why

Updated: September 24, 2019

You've probably heard about the recent short-term liquidity issues that the Fed had to intervene into. It sounds eerily similar to the 2008 crisis. What market would give the early warning? Answer: U.S. dollar. Watch our Head of Global Research explain why.

Before EURUSD's Peak, and After: But What's Next Now?

Updated: September 23, 2019

February 2018 was huge for the EURUSD. Headlines then were bearish the euro, bullish the dollar. Yet we saw that peak for what it was, and price unfolded as forecast for 18 months. See it here (plus what may be next) in Chart of the Day.

Bitcoin, Ethereum, EOS: How "Truncations" Alert You to Big Trend Changes

Updated: September 12, 2019

Watch our Crypto Pro Service editor show you examples of recent truncations in Bitcoin, Ethereum and EOS. You'll also discover what's likely next for EOS.

USDJPY at 5-Week Highs: This Is NOT a Market “Moved by Trade Talks”

Updated: September 12, 2019

On September 10, the U.S. dollar soared to a 5-week high against the Japanese yen. In fact, the USDJPY rally has been consistent since August 26. Analysts blamed the yen weakness on its “reduced safe-haven appeal” due to the lack of any consistency in the U.S.-China trade talks. So, how could the latter be the cause of the former? Answer: It can't. We have a good idea of what can.

Chinese Yuan: 1 Month Ago vs. Today

Updated: September 6, 2019

As you know, the Chinese yuan has been getting weaker vs the U.S. dollar. But is the Chinese government behind the weakness -- or something else? Watch our Asian-Pacific opportunities expert give you some unconventional answers.

AUD/USD: Has Aussie Dollar Found a Bottom?

Updated: August 21, 2019

The question in the title is an important one for a lot of forex traders today who are watching AUD/USD. Besides, any major move in this pair will have implications for other U.S. dollar pairs, too. You can get answers now in this new 2-min. video by our Currency Pro Service editor. Watch as he goes over several charts of AUD/USD, from longer- to short-term, to give you some clarity.

Ethereum Kissed $200 Support Goodbye. Do You Know the Real Reason Why?

Updated: August 15, 2019

Just one week ago, Ethereum traders were basking in the glow of bullish news reports and elevated price forecasts. But then, ETH went against its bullish script and plunged more than $60 – a 25% sell-off! -- to a multi-month low. What you need to know, however, is that the cryptocurrency followed its Elliott wave script to a "T."

The Dollar-Yuan: How We Showed "Tomorrow's News Today"

Updated: August 9, 2019

On August 2nd the Dollar-Yuan went vertical, and a flood of news stories then explained "why." Now see the August 1st forecast that called the move before it happened.

Chinese Yuan, Hong Kong's Hang Seng: What the Two Have in Common

Updated: August 7, 2019

China's currency is in the news -- "It's falling!" -- but as it's often the case, it's the kind of move that was in the cards long ago. Watch as our Asian-Pacific Short Term Update editor explains more, and also see how the yuan is not the only market that's been destined to fall.

Bitcoin Cash: How to Spot a Price Bottom in Real Time

Updated: August 6, 2019

"How did I miss THAT?!" When you look back at some market reversals, at times you just want to smack yourself in the forehead. But don't beat yourself up: Hindsight is 20/20, and spotting a trend change in real time is VERY hard. Watch our Crypto Pro Service analyst show you one way to do it using Bitcoin Cash's December 2018 low.

Big Move in Pound v. Dollar: See the Long-Term Chart that Saw It Coming

Updated: July 30, 2019

The July Global Market Perspective showed a long-term chart of the British Pound v. the U.S. Dollar. See why a long-term chart in a monthly publication is very relevant to investors who look for opportunities right now.

Altcoin's "Bloody Monday" Takes No Prisoners -- Who Holds the Key?

Updated: July 18, 2019

Are this week's wild price moves evidence that cryptos are "unpredictable" markets, with sharp moves which take no prisoners? Put simply, NO. See for yourself the difference that Elliott Wave analysis can make.

How Two Possible Moves CAN Mean Opportunity

Updated: July 18, 2019

How can you see the market from a different perspective? "Degrees of trend" means exactly that -- it can be as simple as a daily vs. an hourly chart. See the difference for yourself in EURUSD, and (as analyst Jim Martens explains) how that "difference" can mean opportunity.

See It: Ethereum Fell 26% After This Forecast

Updated: July 15, 2019

Crypto markets are no strangers to volatility -- and you know it. Still, when you see it in real time, it takes your breath away.

Bitcoin: $13,868… $9,651…$13,202… What's Next?

Updated: July 11, 2019

Pop quiz. Do you know when Bitcoin's daily trading volume hit an all-time high: at the 2017 peak near $20,000 -- or at this year's peak near $14,000? Watch to get the answer and learn more about Bitcoin's latest ups and downs.

The CBOE Breaks Up with Bitcoin: The Biggest BULLISH Sign for Cryptos in 2 Years?

Updated: July 3, 2019

From the start, Elliott wave analysis has anticipated many of Bitcoin's biggest turns and trends: See our forecast of the latest big rally for yourself.

USDJPY: Multi-Year "Triangle" Ending... Next -- a Massive Opportunity

Updated: June 28, 2019

For several years, our Currency Pro Service Editor Jim Martens has been tracking for subscribers a giant triangle in USDJPY. It's almost complete.

China's Yuan Weakens Despite the Will of its Central Bank

Updated: June 10, 2019

Why has China's central bank let the yuan plunge against the US Dollar since April 2018? Well, China's central bank tried and failed to change the trend. who saw the decline coming? Chart of the Day has the answer.

Ripple (XRP): Why We Love 3rd Waves (and Why You Should Too)

Updated: May 24, 2019

In the Elliott wave model, third waves are often the broadest and strongest moves within a trend. That is why Elliott wave traders love them.

Ripple (XRP): Prelude to a 60% Rally

Updated: May 16, 2019

Bitcoin steals the spotlight, but hard-nosed crypto investors keep an eye on far more opportunities.

Who Expected What When Bitcoin’s “Death” Was Pronounced?

Updated: April 12, 2019

Dana Weeks talks to EWI's Currency Analyst Jim Martens, about what it REALLY means when headlines about financial markets turn extreme. Case in point: Bitcoin

Before and After: Bitcoin's 19% Move

Updated: April 2, 2019

Bitcoin has mostly been out of the spotlight recently. That changed in the early hours of April 2nd. Around 12:30 a.m. ET, Bitcoin began a meteoric move upward, rising as much as 19% in a few hours.

The Cryptocurrency That's Leading the Pack in 2019

Updated: April 2, 2019

Our Cryptocurrency analysis showed subscribers a bullish Elliott Wave trade set-up on Cardano's price chart, namely: A third wave. See it for yourself.

Litecoin's 2019 Comeback: "Halving" is Not the Whole Story

Updated: March 14, 2019

See the chart and forecast that anticipated the huge, month-long rise in the Litecoin cryptocurrency.

The Euro's Near-Term Nosedive: Don't Blame the ECB

Updated: March 13, 2019

On February 28, our Currency Pro Services identified a major bearish set-up in the euro/US dollar price: See the chart for yourself -- and followed -- in this Chart of the Day.

RIOT & MARA: Mining Near-Term Opportunity in Mining Blockchains

Updated: March 4, 2019

What do the two Nasdaq-listed cryptocurrency mining companies -- Riot Blockchain (RIOT) and Marathon Patent Group (MARA) -- have in common? Both markets were on our near-term, bullish radar. And both markets delivered as expected. Well, NOT everyone expected as much.

Litecoin: A Twenty Percent Gain in One Day

Updated: February 14, 2019

On February 7th, our Cryptocurrency Pro Service issued a VERY bullish forecast. See for yourself what followed the very next day.

EURUSD Down But Germany Did NOT Cast the Bearish Shadow

Updated: February 13, 2019

After-the-fact news stories said bad economic news drove EURUSD lower. Now see the chart and forecast that called the move BEFORE it happened.

The Euro's 2018 Selloff: What Side Were YOU On When the Trend Turned?

Updated: January 18, 2019

For most of 2018, the Euro fell against the Dollar: But when the trend turned nearly a year ago, euro bullishness was everywhere. Now see the chart that shows true contrarian analysis.

A 3-Year Pattern Makes Its Move: Dollar-Yen

Updated: January 15, 2019

EWI's currency analyst Jim Martens shows how the Elliott Wave pattern helped him alert subscribers to the coming big move in the Dollar-Yen.

Bitcoin: $3,000... $4,000... What's Next?

Updated: January 8, 2019

Today, after Bitcoin's 80% plunge in 2018, you'll find plenty of opinions on this pioneer cryptocurrency.

Is Bitcoin the largest financial bubble of our lifetimes

Updated: January 2, 2019

Elliott Prechter and Pete Kendall answer the "largest bubble?" question -- plus many others -- in this EVT video.

Litecoin: Knocked Out Cold -- or Just Dazed?

Updated: December 28, 2018

Between November and mid-December, Litecoin was pummeled to a 14-month low... before shakily getting back up on its feet. According to this indicator, the market's moves were right on schedule.

Bitcoin: Unadulterated Bullishness

Updated: December 14, 2018

In January, EWFF alerted readers to the end of bitcoin's manic surge. In a Special Section that month, we forecasted that a break of the "upward curve that has supported [bitcoin's] exponential rise appears to lie directly ahead."  

Bitcoin's November Crash: Bringing Clarity to the Crypto King

Updated: November 29, 2018

The next time you have a family gathering, if you want to bring a loud dinner table discussion to a screeching silence, ask if anyone can explain how cryptocurrencies work.

Riding the Waves Down: Bitcoin Loses Half Its Value

Updated: November 28, 2018

Since late July, Bitcoin has lost more than HALF its value. Question is, Who was the contrarian before the big move down began? See our answer in Chart of the Day.

Anticipating the Brexit Crisis -- and the Next Recession?

Updated: November 19, 2018

EWI's Murray Gunn talks tells Dana Weeks about the pattern that helped him forecast the huge fall in the pound sterling. Plus, see the chart that warns of a coming recession.

What the Fork?! Why Bitcoin Really Plunged 15% on Nov. 14

Updated: November 19, 2018

Bitcoin plunged 15% on Nov. 14: news stories did a classic retrofit to "explain" the action. Yet, on Nov. 9, we anticipated Bitcoin's move before it happened. See the chart here.

Who Was NOT Surprised by the Dollar’s 2018 Comeback?

Updated: November 16, 2018

In early 2018, the U.S. Dollar had been falling for a more than a year. Conventional wisdom said it would keep falling. One classically contrarian forecast said otherwise: See the chart for yourself.

Calling the Low and High of a 6-Month Dollar Rally

Updated: November 8, 2018

The U.S. Dollar's 6-month rally ran from February thru August -- Dana Weeks asks EWI Currency Analyst Jim Martens if he had subscribers on the right side of the trend.

Italy's Budget Turmoil Did NOT Trigger the Euro's Fall

Updated: October 4, 2018

Look at this FX chart to see if it makes you think of … Italy's government? News reports thought that, AFTER the euro fell. So what saw the move beforehand?

Ripple (XRP) Makes Huge Waves: Did You See Them Coming?

Updated: October 2, 2018

There's always an "after the fact" reason for a BIG market move. Yet check the before the fact forecast that anticipated the recent explosive rise of the cryptocurrency Ripple.

Bitcoin: How Not to Get Caught Up in a Mania (Part III)

Updated: September 26, 2018

After declines of 80% or more in cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, the magnitude of the crypto bust has now surpassed the dotcom crash. How did we get here? What lessons can we learn? Are there still opportunities? In this three-part ElliottWaveTV interview, EWI's Elliott Prechter and Pete Kendall walk you through the ebbs and flows of the Bitcoin mania.

Bitcoin: How Not to Get Caught Up in a Mania (Part II)

Updated: September 24, 2018

After declines of 80% or more in cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, the magnitude of the crypto bust has now surpassed the dotcom crash. How did we get here? What lessons can we learn? Are there still opportunities? In this three-part ElliottWaveTV interview, EWI's Elliott Prechter and Pete Kendall walk you through the ebbs and flows of the Bitcoin mania.

Bitcoin: How Not to Get Caught Up in a Mania (Part I)

Updated: September 14, 2018

After declines of 80% or more in cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, the magnitude of the crypto bust has now surpassed the dotcom crash. How did we get here? What lessons can we learn? Are there still opportunities? In this three-part ElliottWaveTV interview, EWI's Elliott Prechter and Pete Kendall walk you through the ebbs and flows of the Bitcoin mania.

Bitcoin’s 13% Plunge: The REAL Path to its “Bloodbath”

Updated: September 10, 2018

In just 24 hours on September 5-6, the world's largest cryptocurrency, Bitcoin, plunged 13%. Many experts blamed the fall on a report that Goldman Sachs was ditching its crypto-trading desk plans. Here's a different take -- ours.

Bitcoin: Making Sense of a Market "No One Understands"

Updated: September 10, 2018

"If you ask 10 people to explain how cryptocurrencies work, you'll get 10 blank stares. So, how can anyone forecast a market no one really understands?" Find out the answer to this and other point-blank questions in this insightful ElliottWaveTV interview with the co-author of our new, free Crypto Trading Guide, Jim Martens.

Forecasts That "Stayed Ahead" of the Dollar for 21 Months

Updated: September 7, 2018

See the Dollar forecasts -- plus the trends and turns that followed -- for yourself, in Chart of the Day.

"The news spooked the market." (NOT.)

Updated: September 6, 2018

Our story begins on September 5, when the British pound (GBPUSD) experienced its "...biggest 1-hour jump of 2018 on Euro, Dollar." Yes, there had been an unexpected news item...

Trading Cryptocurrencies: To Win, You Must Know Where You're Wrong

Updated: September 5, 2018

This is not a story about the get-rich-quick promises of cryptocurrency trading. It is, however, a true account of how Elliott wave analysis limits the risk involved in one of the riskiest asset classes in modern financial history.

EURUSD: A New Sentiment Extreme Sends a Clear Message

Updated: September 4, 2018

Over the past few months, everyone has grown comfortable with the idea of a strengthening U.S. dollar. Perhaps too comfortable? ElliottWaveTV sat down with Jim Martens, long-time editor of our Currency Pro Service, to get his take.

The Optimism of a Dollar High?

Updated: August 23, 2018

Here's what we said before the 6-month Dollar Index rally, now see where today's Elliott Wave pattern points next.

What's So "Cryptic" About Trading Cryptocurrencies?

Updated: August 23, 2018

Here's a cool parlor trick: If you want to bring a loud, rowdy room to a screeching silence, ask if anyone can explain how cryptocurrencies work.

Is the Emerging Market Crisis "Containable"?

Updated: August 14, 2018

Stories say the Turkish Lira's plunge "erodes confidence." But, what if eroding confidence caused the sell-off? See the chart that shows the facts about the currency trend.

Bitcoin: Is the Recent Rally Just a Flash in the Pan?

Updated: July 20, 2018

On Tuesday (July 17), Bitcoin rallied sharply. ElliottWaveTV called Jim Martens, long-time editor of our Currency Pro Service, to get his take.

Trade War: Who -- or What -- May Be the Biggest Casualty?

Updated: July 17, 2018

Want a big-picture perspective on the "Trade War" headlines? Here's a chart with a perspective you won't see elsewhere.

Aussie Dollar vs U.S. Dollar: See How "Sentiment Supports the Forecast"

Updated: July 12, 2018

What could change the trend in a strong U.S. Dollar/weak Aussie Dollar? Sentiment extremes give a strong hint...

A Currency Move, AI, and Elliott Waves

Updated: June 15, 2018

See the work of an analyst who doesn't read the news, is always on time, and never gets bored or tired -- and that showed a textbook Elliott pattern and forecast in currencies.

Cryptos vs. "Classic" FX: Differences and Similarities

Updated: May 25, 2018

Even big Wall Street firms are adding cryptocurrencies to the markets they trade. So, how similar -- and how different -- is trading Bitcoin et al from the "classic" forex? For insights, ElliottWaveTV sat down with Michael Madden, co-editor of our FX-focused Currency Pro Service.

A VERY Specific Dollar Index Forecast

Updated: May 10, 2018

The Dollar has seen its first real rally of 2018. The move seemed to start in April -- yet, the 2018 low in the Dollar Index was nearly three months ago. See the forecast that nailed it to the day.

Why U.S. Dollar Bears May Soon Get a Surprise

Updated: May 4, 2018

History shows that when everyone starts to feel either very bullish or very bearish about a particular market, a reversal is near. This time around, there is also another piece of evidence...

The Curious Case of Swiss Central Bank Shares

Updated: May 3, 2018

Hear and see how "Swiss Banks" mutated from financial trust and discretion, to controls on bank secrecy and an all-out devaluation of the Swiss franc.

Does Watching U.S. Dollar Help Forecast FX Cross Rates?

Updated: May 2, 2018

Currencies that trade against currencies other than the U.S. dollar can be a lucrative market for traders in the know. For insights, ElliottWaveTV sat down with Michael Madden, co-editor of our forex-focused Currency Pro Service.

Bitcoin: From Hot to Cold… to Hot Again?

Updated: April 30, 2018

Bitcoin has made a lot less news lately, yet Todd Gordon's recent trade caught a double-digit Bitcoin rally -- see it for yourself.

U.S. Dollar: Why It Pays to Use the Elliott Wave Model

Updated: April 3, 2018

Learn how the "basics" of Elliott wave analysis helped to nail the recent low in the U.S. Dollar Index. Take a look at these two charts.

Japanese Yen: See the Pattern, Forecast the Move

Updated: March 21, 2018

"The Yen could be about to explode higher." That’s what EWI's Murray Gunn said in January when he showed subscribers a classic price pattern. See for yourself what followed.

Bitcoin After Hours: Elliott Waves Anticipate 24/7

Updated: March 13, 2018

Cryptocurrency buyers and sellers are active 24/7, so Elliott Wave price patterns likewise unfold around the clock. See the Bitcoin pattern that trader and CNBC contributor Todd Gordon saw, and how he protected his trade at 2am Eastern time.

A Strong Euro Set-Up

Updated: March 9, 2018

Trader sentiment in the euro market has BIG implications for U.S. investors -- and you can (literally) see it for yourself in this Chart of the Day.

Cryptos vs. "Classic" FX Markets: Are Elliott Waves Equally Clear?

Updated: March 9, 2018

Volatility in cryptos has been getting so much spotlight that it's easy to forget about the "classic" currency markets: the euro, the yen, the pound. Michael Madden, one of our Cryptocurrency Pro Service editors, tells ElliottWaveTV what he sees next for both currency classes.

Ethereum: 3 Waves Down Screamed "Opportunity!"

Updated: March 2, 2018

Watch our Cryptocurrency Pro Service editor, Jim Martens, expertly label the recent huge sell-off in Ethereum. See why, when many traders probably thought it was time to jump ship, Elliott waves strongly suggested an opportunity.

Bitcoin: Hoping vs. Knowing

Updated: March 2, 2018

December's high went above $20,000, yet early February saw Bitcoin fell below $6,000 (-71%). Sheer hope kept some investors going. Yet Elliott wave traders saw a better reason to be bullish. See the chart pattern that anticipated the rally to come.

"Twin Deficits" -- Are They BAD for the Buck?

Updated: February 28, 2018

"Twin deficits weaken the U.S. Dollar" is the claim: Are conventional analysts flocking like birds to the same wire of economic opinion, or, is there something to it?

FX “Liquidity” Warning

Updated: February 20, 2018

When financial market conditions become less liquid, it's often accompanied by asset deflation. See what we see in this liquidity trend chart, right now.

Staying Ahead of Crypto Volatility: Tips from a Pro

Updated: February 8, 2018

The three most popular cryptocurrencies -- Bitcoin, Ethereum and Litecoin -- have had a rough start this year. ElliottWaveTV asked Michael Madden, one of our Currency Pro Service analysts, for his take on the recent volatility -- and how it translates into the world of traditional forex markets.

The Tool to Help You Ride Bitcoin's Volatility

Updated: February 7, 2018

See the charts and analysis that successfully caught Bitcoin's major move lower -- you CAN have clarity even in the wildest price swings.

Ethereum: “Volatile” Doesn’t Mean “Unpredictable”

Updated: January 31, 2018

Todd Gordon is a trader who knows the Elliott Wave Principle cold: See how he turned an Elliott wave setup into a successful trade.

Bitcoin’s $10,000 “Line in the Sand”

Updated: January 26, 2018

The cryptocurrency's trends continue to be fueled by investor psychology

The Protectionism Genie: Out of the Bottle?

Updated: January 25, 2018

The world's leading globalists meet with nationalist Donald Trump, all under one roof at a Swiss ski resort: Is it possible to find a pattern in that tangle of ironies?

Volatility in Cryptos: "How Do You Keep Up"

Updated: January 25, 2018

"Wild" doesn't begin to describe price action in cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin lately. ElliottWaveTV sat down with Jim Martens, our long-time Currency Pro Service editor, to ask him how he keeps up -- and stays ahead.

Dollar Index Trend: How Our Subscribers Stayed AHEAD for a Decade

Updated: January 23, 2018

Watch as this "ordinary" Dollar Index chart transforms itself into a 10-year, exceptional series of Elliott Wave forecasts.

Bitcoin Spikes Below $10000. What's Next?

Updated: January 17, 2018

As you take in the news that Bitcoin just plunged "below $10,000 with $36 billion of value wiped off in a day..." (CNBC, Jan. 17), it's worth taking a brief look at how we got here.

Ethereum Breaks $1000: See What Got It There

Updated: January 4, 2018

When we first studied price charts of cryptocurrencies, we discovered a recognizable pattern. The crypto world now includes over 1000 currencies, each trying to become the next big thing. Of all of them, Ethereum has gotten the closest...

"I Wouldn't Touch Bitcoin, Risk of Collapse Too Big"

Updated: December 22, 2017

"Wild" doesn't begin to describe Bitcoin's price action. This spring, it traded as low as $1200. Last week, BTC futures topped $20,000. And on December 21, in an article by newsmax.com, EWI's Elliott Prechter gave this warning…

Bitcoin: Here's Why the Dec. 17, 2017 Push Above $20000 Was in the Cards

Updated: December 18, 2017

It’s hard to believe, but Bitcoin started out at 1 cent in 2009. Today, there are over a thousand crypto-coins, and all of them are being bid up to astronomical levels. The CME has just launched Bitcoin futures, and our own Currency Pro Service is now offering Elliott wave Bitcoin forecasts. Which brings us to this chart…

Here's Why the U.S. Dollar Bears Shouldn't Get Too Comfortable

Updated: December 14, 2017

This chart shows you an indicator that's absolutely critical to the direction of the euro, and the dollar -- namely, sentiment. The market's temperature, if you will...

Emerging Market Currencies: What Do They Say About EM Stocks?

Updated: December 11, 2017

Market analysts should be like detectives -- looking for more than one piece of evidence. See what we see in the price action of the J.P. Morgan Emerging Market Currency Index -- EMCI.

Traders -- Get the Better of Your Emotions with Elliott Wave Analysis

Updated: November 27, 2017

In early 2005, it was next to impossible to escape the doom and gloom surrounding the U.S. dollar. The greenback was four years into a relentless bear market with no seeming end in sight. Until you looked at our Elliott wave labeled price chart of the U.S. dollar index – that is.

E-franc, E-krona...E-volution?

Updated: November 10, 2017

Is cryptocurrency mania the biggest bubble in history, or an epochal change for money and FX markets? It might be both -- learn why.

Volatility: Dead -- or Just "Sleeping"?

Updated: November 3, 2017

Watch as our own Murray Gunn explains why you shouldn’t get too comfortable with the lack of volatility in the markets.

Why You Should Consider This $5-Trillion-a-Day Market

Updated: November 3, 2017

The average daily trading volume in foreign exchange is more than $5 TRILLION. EWI's currencies expert, Jim Martens, discusses the pros and cons of trading forex vs. trading stocks.

Trader Extremes in the Euro: Still "Primed" For a Larger Move?

Updated: November 1, 2017

Why look at the euro? Because of what you're about to see for yourself, in Chart of the Day.

Trading Forex with Elliott Doesn't Have to be Complicated

Updated: October 27, 2017

While it's true that forex trading can be a challenge, Jim Martens makes understanding the rules and guidelines easy... Check out this excerpt from one of Jim's DVD.

When Is The Right Time To Exit a "Good Trade"?

Updated: October 26, 2017

How do you know the right time to exit when price action goes your way? While no forecasting method guarantees that you buy at the absolute low and sell at the absolute high, Elliott wave analysis -- and, specifically, Fibonacci relationships between waves -- can help you identify high-probability price targets.

Forex: Why It Pays to Look Beyond U.S. Dollar Pairs

Updated: October 9, 2017

Learn which non-dollar pairs present the best opportunities right now.

Are U.S. Dollar Speculators Woefully Wrong -- Again?

Updated: October 4, 2017

Why do investors keep making the same mistakes -- i.e., buying at highs and selling at lows? The answer is that their psychology never changes. If you're an independent thinker, you can potentially benefit from this knowledge. Let's take a look at the U.S. Dollar Index.

Loonie Bulls: Don't Thank the Bank of Canada for the Currency's Strength

Updated: September 27, 2017

In early September, the USD/CAD plunged to a 2-year low; meaning, the Canadian dollar soared to its highest level against the U.S. dollar since 2015. Per some experts, the Bank of Canada's back-to-back rate hikes are the catalyst for the move. But we see a glaring flaw in that logic.

U.S Dollar: Plenty of Optimists + Elliott Waves = Financial Opportunity

Updated: September 20, 2017

The U.S. Dollar Index has been on a steady slide since its January high, and one foreign exchange strategist expects the downward trend to continue. But financial markets often move in the opposite direction from the prevailing sentiment. See how this knowledge can help you seize opportunities that most others miss.

Investors: Taking the Road "Less Traveled" Has Its Perks

Updated: September 12, 2017

Using the same market indicators everyone else uses can lead you to make the same mistakes everyone else makes. Here's a chart that proves the point -- you won't see this one elsewhere.

Bitcoin's Surge Leaves Other Financial Bubbles "in the Dust"

Updated: September 1, 2017

EWI first discussed Bitcoin when the currency traded for pennies. The Bitcoin craze has since dwarfed that of Holland's Tulip Mania. Prepare now for some major "crypto-drama."

The Euro, European Stocks & More: How to Spot a Hot Opportunity

Updated: August 15, 2017

Right now, the euro is approaching a point you need to know about. Watch this clip from a new interview with Chris Carolan, our Global Opportunities Expert, for details.

Forget Politics: Here's a Better Way to Predict the U.S. Dollar's Trend

Updated: August 9, 2017

Today's euro-negative sentiment extreme among a certain trader group means that the dollar may soon resume its long-term upward trend. See it for yourself.

Dollar/Peso: Don't Be Sidelined By The Headlines

Updated: August 8, 2017

See for yourself exactly how we kept subscribers ahead of the Dollar's 6-month downtrend.

Canadian Dollar: From "Ugly Duckling" to Soaring Swan

Updated: July 20, 2017

In early May, the Canadian dollar was the "ugly duckling of currencies," shrinking to a 15-month low against its U.S. counterpart. That's when Elliott wave analysis identified a "delicious opportunity" for a swan-like transformation. Behold the full story!

Urgent Bitcoin Report

Updated: July 14, 2017

The story this chart tells shows that since 2014, price activity led to a critical juncture in digital currencies.

USDJPY: The "Safety Play" That Wasn't

Updated: July 7, 2017

In mid-June, a "safety play" of money flowing into the Japanese yen was supposed to bolster the yen against the U.S. dollar. But instead, it did the exact opposite, with the yen falling to a two-month low in early July. The reason why might surprise you.

Down Dollar Down: Time for "UP"?

Updated: July 7, 2017

See how high and low extremes in the Dollar signal important market turns.

The Chinese Yuan's "Cat-and-Mouse" Game Ends Now

Updated: June 20, 2017

Is the Chinese yuan controlled by monetary policy? Mainstream wisdom says yes. But our charts show a different force driving the yuan's major trends since 2014 -- investor psychology.

EURUSD: How to "Peek" Around 2 "Corners" at Once

Updated: June 16, 2017

As is often the case before a big news event, EURUSD went mostly sideways into the June 14 Fed meeting. Traders were waiting to see what the Fed does and says. But here's what Elliott wave forex traders saw...

British Pound Falls… Why This Goes Deeper Than the UK Election Shocker

Updated: June 9, 2017

When calculating the odds of a political victory, accounting for voters' mood may be more important than adding up all the rational pros and cons. Financial markets are also governed by traders' collective mood to a much larger degree than the mainstream finance has been willing to consider.

Higher Interest Rates: "Good" for the U.S. Dollar?

Updated: June 6, 2017

Financial news networks spend untold hours debating with their guests as to whether interest rates will rise or fall -- and the effect that will have on the currency. But what if they argued ... over nothing? See this chart and analysis from Murray Gunn and decide for yourself.

Where Have All the Dollar Bulls Gone?

Updated: May 24, 2017

This Chart of the Day gives you our latest Elliott wave count for the dollar, and reveals an extreme in sentiment that most traders don’t even look at. What it says right now is crucial to all USD traders.

EURGBP: A Picture of Elliott Wave Precision

Updated: May 22, 2017

One minute, strong UK economic data “causes” the British pound to surge against the euro. And then the next, that same data… is futile against a pound selloff. Any questions? The real story behind the EURGBP leaves no room for doubt!

EURJPY: Come on Doooowwwwn! The Price Trend is Right

Updated: May 19, 2017

In early April, all fundamental signs pointed DOWN for the euro/yen currency exchange rate. But instead of falling, the euro went against the bearish current and soared against the Japanese yen. It’s time you knew the reason why. 

U.S. Dollar: From "Trump Bump" to Trump... Slump?

Updated: May 18, 2017

At the start of 2017, a widely expected "Trump Bump" was supposed to keep the U.S. dollar on solid, bullish ground. But instead, the currency reversed from a 14-year high to the 6-month low we see today. Find out why!

Macron Wins and the Euro... Falls? Excusez-moi!

Updated: May 10, 2017

According to the mainstream experts, Emmanuel Macron's victory in May 7's French Presidential Election was also a victory for the euro. And yet, the euro turned down against the U.S. dollar following his win. No surprise here!

EURUSD: "We're at an Interesting Juncture"

Updated: April 13, 2017

Jim Martens talks about a pattern in EURUSD that's been years in the making and what it implies for future price action.

Indian Rupee: Why Politics Matters Less Than You Might Think

Updated: April 10, 2017

An April 5 Bloomberg headline reads: "Rupee Rally Nobody Saw Coming Sees Strategists Play Catch Up." Yet, at least one analyst did. These two charts tell the story -- see them for yourself.

GBPUSD: Imagine It's Early 2016

Updated: April 6, 2017

Imagine it's early 2016. Brexit hasn't yet happened. No one thinks it will. The British pound is trading near 1.45. You put your best Elliott wave count on a monthly GBPUSD chart -- and see this incredibly bearish picture emerge...

Chinese Yuan: The Trump-Xi Meeting Matters Less Than You Think

Updated: April 5, 2017

The next 48 hours are critical, say the experts. Nothing is as important for determining the Chinese yuan’s long-term trend as the April 6 meeting between U.S. President Donald Trump and his Chinese counterpart, Xi Jinping. Or, is it?

GPS vs. Road Map: Which Works Best? (Part 2)

Updated: June 17, 2016

In part two of this essay, our Currency Pro Service editor, Jim Martens, explains how to think of the Elliott Wave Principle as your road map to the market -- and your investment idea as a trip.

EURUSD: The Fed is NOT Your Friend

Updated: May 20, 2016

On May 3, the EURUSD turned down (i.e. falling euro, rising U.S. dollar) in a powerful reversal to two-month lows on May 20. Turns out, the euro's sell-off was not in the popular, Fed-led script handed out by mainstream analysts. It was, however, in the Elliott wave one.

Elliott Waves: "Nothing Better For Modeling Price Action"

Updated: April 20, 2016

Tony Carrion, one of our Currency Pro Service analysts, tells you how he uses Elliott waves in his analysis and why hearing an interview with Bob Prechter was a "game changer."

Elliott Wave Principle Gives You Market "Context"

Updated: April 12, 2016

Learn how the Elliott Wave Principle enhances your market-forecasting ability by giving you market "context." Our Currency Pro Services analyst Michael Madden explains.

Our Forex Strategist: "I'm Always Looking for 'Analytical Colleagues'"

Updated: April 6, 2016

Jim Martens explains why his "ideal subscriber" is a forex trader who thinks for himself and only uses Jim's analysis as a "sounding board" for spotting high-confidence trade setups.

Flexibility of the Wave Principle

Updated: January 19, 2016

Are you curious about our analysts and their background?  Our Senior Currency Strategist, Jim Martens, started following markets in the 1980s.  In this new interview, you'll learn how he got his start in markets, and how the flexibility of the Wave Principle enhances your market analysis.

GPS vs. Road Map: Which Works Best? (Part 1)

Updated: December 8, 2015

The market-forecasting method I employ every day has been around since the 1930s. Yet, it works as well as, if not better than, any new-fangled, expensive, computerized technical analysis package I've seen. My method is a form of technical analysis based on...

Brexit and Beyond


Today's episode focuses on Brexit and Beyond. On the heels of the historic vote, Elliott Wave International's Brian Whitmer dropped by the ElliottWaveTV studios for a quick interview and update on the state of the European Union and the European economies. Next up is another interview with Steve Hochberg and Pete Kendall, the co-editors of EWI's monthly Financial Forecast. They sat down with ElliottWaveTV to discuss the volatility that followed last Thursday's Brexit vote. The last feature is another interview with Jim Martens, the editor of Elliott Wave International's Currency Pro Service. He explains how he prepared his subscribers for the violent reversal and historic sell-off in the British pound.

Forex Focus


Jim Martens, the editor of Elliott Wave International's Currency Pro Service. Take a listen as he gives you a preview of what's going on in the FX world post-Brexit. Michael Madden, who forecasts cross rates for EWI's Currency Pro Service, talks about the volatility following the historic Brexit vote. Jeffrey Kennedy, the editor of our popular Trader's Classroom educational service he weighs in on how you know when it's time to enter a trade.

European Elections


Social mood translates into the tight race at the polls in the French election. In Europe, we're seeing bond market behavior that resembles what occurred before the credit crises in 2008, 2010 and 2012. Outlook for the British pound and currency markets following the UK's call for a snap election.

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