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U.S. Treasury Bonds: A Sentiment Reversal From Mid-December

Updated: February 23, 2018

Since the peak in September 2017, T-Bond futures prices have recently fallen hard -- now see the unfolding (and telling) reversal in sentiment among two trader groups.

"I Wouldn't Touch Bitcoin, Risk of Collapse Too Big"

Updated: December 22, 2017

"Wild" doesn't begin to describe Bitcoin's price action. This spring, it traded as low as $1200. Last week, BTC futures topped $20,000. And on December 21, in an article by newsmax.com, EWI's Elliott Prechter gave this warning…

Bitcoin: Here's Why the Dec. 17, 2017 Push Above $20000 Was in the Cards

Updated: December 18, 2017

It’s hard to believe, but Bitcoin started out at 1 cent in 2009. Today, there are over a thousand crypto-coins, and all of them are being bid up to astronomical levels. The CME has just launched Bitcoin futures, and our own Currency Pro Service is now offering Elliott wave Bitcoin forecasts. Which brings us to this chart…

Energy ETFs: What You Need to Know

Updated: August 10, 2017

Steve Craig tells you about energy ETFs and explains how they let you gain exposure to energy markets without the leverage involved in futures trading.

How Price Action in Energy ETF Preceded Sell-Off in Crude Oil

Updated: July 5, 2017

On Feb. 4, 2017, a major financial publication proclaimed: "Oil Prices Headed Higher in 2017." Conversely, one day earlier, EWI's energy analyst said "we need to respect the possibility that a significant top is in place." That top remains intact.

3 Ways to Combine a Technical Indicator Like MACD with Elliott Waves

Updated: October 29, 2014

Trend indicators are computerized studies that you often see at the bottom of price charts. There are literally hundreds of technical indicators out there, but of all those, one of the most useful ones is MACD, Moving Average Convergence-Divergence.

Here's Why Trendlines Are Your New Best Friend

Updated: September 9, 2014

Could a simple trendline help you identify price breakout points, manage risk, and identify critical resistance levels in the markets you follow? You betcha! Watch and learn from EWI's Chief Commodity Analyst Jeffrey Kennedy.

How to Find Trading Opportunities Using Fibonacci Analysis

Updated: August 29, 2014

Jeffrey Kennedy demonstrates how Fibonacci ratios help you determine price targets and turning points. The most common Fibonacci ratios are .382 and .618, but there are others...
8 Results