The Wave Principle of Human Social Behavior And the New Science of Socionomics

This book introduces you to the new science of socionomics and shows you how history unfolds not randomly or in cycles but as form-driven fractal waves. It's fun and entertaining, too. One seasoned veteran reported, "I kept nodding my head, sometimes laughing out loud and shouting Yes!"

  • Format: Book | 463 pages
  • By: Robert Prechter

Understand what truly drives cultural expression and social action

In this volume, Robert Prechter proposes a new science called socionomics. It's the study of how humans interact, and how that interaction determines the course of the economy, culture and history.

The purpose of this book is to establish the idea that in humans, an unconscious herding impulse drives social mood trends and changes that are specifically patterned according to a natural growth principle and which in turn is the engine of cultural expression and social action.

Table of Contents

Part I: An Introduction to the Idea of the Wave Principle
Part II: Validating the Wave Principle by its Own Operation
Part III: The Basis of the Wave Principle in Biology, Psychology, and Sociology
Part IV: An Introduction to Socionomics
Part V: Further Afield

Meet Your Author

Robert R. Prechter

Robert R. Prechter is known for developing a theory of social causality called socionomics and for his career applying and enhancing the Wave Principle, R.N. Elliott's fractal model of financial pricing. Prechter has authored/edited several academic papers as well as 18 books, including Conquer the Crash, a New York Times best seller.

Unlock the secrets of a powerful forecasting engine

Social mood trends represent changes in human attitudes. There is compelling evidence that changes in social mood trends precede changes in history and culture, indicating that the former causes the latter. This orientation has allowed successful forecasting of financial, economic, political and cultural events. The relationship of the pattern to Fibonacci mathematics suggest that the Wave Principle is another manifestation of a type of growth pattern found throughout nature in processes of growth and decay, expansion and contraction. The Wave Principle of Social Behavior is your key to unlocking the secrets of this powerful forecasting engine.

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