"Hey, what if we had an investment vehicle that would 'mimic' and let you trade a whole different market?" The first successful exchange-traded fund appeared in 1993: the S&P's SPDRs. "Spiders" became the world's largest ETF. Today, there are hundreds of ETFs. The good news is, you can forecast them with Elliott waves just like you would forecast the market they "mimic." These free resources show you how.


“Natural Gas Traders Despearately Seeking Ways to Predict Trends”? We've Got a Match!

On April 18, the US Natural Gas Fund (UNG) soared to its highest level since January 2019. Mainstream "matchmakers" cite geopolitical supply threats and cold weather blasts as the catalyst for UNG's surge. But neither event occurred BEFORE prices rallied, so how did they cause it? Our answer: They didn't! But here's what did.

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How to Set and Manage Stops with the Wave Principle

EWI's Jim Martens and Jeffrey Kennedy show you how to use the Wave Principle to set and manage your protective stops to control risk, protect your gains and trade with confidence.