Gold may steal the spotlight when it comes to investing in metals, but there is also silver. And let's not forget "Dr. Copper" -- so named because of its uncanny ability to predict the broad economy. And then -- there are gold stocks, platinum, palladium and aluminum (or aluminum, if you live across the pond). All of these are biggies, and here are some free resources to help you navigate them.

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How (Not) to Track Copper Prices Using U.S.- China Trade Talks

If you want to know where copper prices are headed, check the pulse of the U.S.-China trade war -- right? Well, that's what mainstream analysis tells you. But when copper prices topped in mid-July, and then bottomed on September 3, trade talks were all over the map. Elliott wave analysis, however, foresaw both turns with time to spare.

Next Time Gold & Silver Prices Surge, Will You Be Ready?

You can be. Daily -- even intraday! -- Metals Pro Service forecasts keep you ahead of trends and help you make informed trading decisions in precious metals, aluminum, copper and more.