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Crude Oil Plunges 6%: See the Daily Elliott Wave Setup that Called the Fall (in Advance)

March 15 saw oil prices plunge 6% for its worst single-day fall since July. Mainstream experts say the Silicon Valley Bank crisis lit oil's bearish powder keg. But the real story looks much different.


FTSE 100: “Climbing an Icy Slope”

Looking at the main British stock index going back to the 1980s, a "dramatic" Elliott wave price pattern becomes visible. The name of the pattern is ending diagonal. Learn more about it -- and the implications for the FTSE -- in this new video by our Head of Global Research, Murray Gunn.

China + Emerging Markets: More to It Than Meets the Eye

Emerging markets and commodities are generally joined at the hip. So, when the Invesco DB Commodity Index Fund (DBC) fell to a new low for 2023 recently, conventional forecasters saw it as a bearish sign for the region. Now get our take -- in this new video by our Global Market Perspective contributor, Mark Galasiewski.

U.S. Steel (X) Hits 1-Year High: Where Human Logic Fails, Elliott Wave Pattern Prevails

Last September, steel prices were circling the drain of 1-year lows after plunging 40%-plus from the year's highs. Mainstream perception was deeply divided about where U.S. Steel Corp. (X) was headed. But the Elliott wave pattern pointed in one direction -- see why.

Why Bitcoin Rallied Amid Crypto-Related Bank Failures

Many investors are probably wondering why Bitcoin rallied around the time that two crypto-related banks went down for the count. Here are some insights that you'll find useful now -- and in the future.

Banks in Trouble: Our Forecast from October 2022

There's little-to-nothing one investor can do about a systemic banking crisis - except to have the knowledge to get out of the way beforehand. See how we helped subscribers do exactly that.

The Shocking Truth About the FDIC and Your Bank Deposits

Will the FDIC protect your deposits in case your bank goes under? If another financial crisis hits, millions of depositors may be more vulnerable than they realize. Here are insights you need to know.

Silicon Valley Bank, Silvergate and “The Everything Bust”

The failure of Silicon Valley Bank (as well as Silvergate Bank) may be an extension of what we call "The Everything Bust." This bust involves an array of financial assets -- and is already underway. Are you prepared for what's next?


3 Stock Indexes, One Message

While the conventional market observers are blaming the recent turmoil on the banking system upheaval, we have a different take. Catch up on our reasoning at a glance when you see this chart and commentary from the March 10 Short Term Update.


Trend vs. Trend Correction: How to Spot the Difference

"The trend is your friend," they say, but how many times have you jumped into a move thinking it WAS the trend -- only to see the market turn around and retrace the entire move? Watch our Interest Rates Pro Service editor explain how he deals with this problem.

Manic "SPAC"-ulation: For Our Long-Time Readers, the Crash Came as No Surprise

In 2020-1, Special Purpose Acquisition Companies (SPACs) were all the rage on Wall Street. These reverse IPOs raised money in a theoretical future company first, and then, sought to find that company after. What could go wrong? For us, everything.


"Why the Triangle is my favorite Elliott wave pattern"

USD/CAD, USD/JPY in focus: See how a single high-confidence Elliott wave price pattern helps you define both risk and reward in this new video by our Currency Pro Service editor, Michael Madden.

Market Trek: Silicon Valley Bank and "The Great Purge"

The "binge and purge" credit cycle dates back decades. It goes like this: When interest rates are low, people binge on credit. When the rates rise... yep, you got it. Watch Market Trek Brian Whitmer show you an eye-opener of a chart going back to the 1960s -- and explain how the Silicon Valley Bank collapse fits in the cycle.


Those Bankers!

Are they set up to be blamed again?

Back in October we wrote about how banks were carrying heavy losses on their bond portfolios and that it was a problem that was not going to go away.

Check out this chart that is a "thing of beauty" to see what's next for banks.


U.S. “Debt Bomb” Has Gone Off

Adjusted for inflation, consumer debt in the U.S. has been contracting for two years. That may sound like a good thing... but first, take a look at this chart in the new video by our Financial Forecast co-editor, Peter Kendall.

Mood Riffs: Giant Losses & A Case of the Mondays

You ever hit the snooze button on Monday morning and wish you could just gently ease your way into the workweek? Doing precisely that has become one of the latest trends among social media business influencers. Learn what it says about the social mood trend and discover why Amazon and other once-highflying corporate titans have recently booked ten-figure losses.


When Everyone Is Bullish… Who’s Left to Be Bullish?

In the show "Billions," a large hedge fund has a staff psychologist. Why would they need one? Because market success starts with understanding yourself -- and other market participants. With that in mind, look at this SentimenTrader Risk Appetite Index chart we show subscribers in our new, March Financial Forecast.

Housing Recession? This Homebuilding Stock Says, "I Ain't Scared."

In mid-2022, pretty much every measure of U.S. housing market health came tumbling down. But none of that factored into the Elliott wave assessment of where the 4th largest U.S. homebuilding stock (NVR, Inc.) was headed. Namely, through the roof! Here's why...