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Student Review: “Trade Small, Win Often”

Thomas Lasco is a retired professional pilot. He trades full-time. He took our "Trade Small, Win Often" course in February-May. See what he has to say about Dick Diamond's 80/20 method and the course.

Stocks: When Grass Looks Greener on the Other Side of the … Pond

Would you like to find out about an indicator that proved highly useful in anticipating the historic stock market tops of 2000, 2007 – and 2020? Here are the insights of EWI’s analysts – along with two revealing charts.


3 Ways to Handle Volatile Markets

You know: "Strike the iron while the iron is hot." Lately, though, it’s been so "hot," it’s sometimes plain scary. But fear recedes when you have a plan. Watch our Trader's Classroom instructor share his practical ways of dealing with -- and capitalizing on -- this volatility.

How We Kept Subscribers Ahead of Wild Treasury Note Action in February and March

The past seven weeks saw an epic rise in the price of 10-year Treasury Notes: Yet it was also an epic opportunity for traders and active investors. See exactly what Interest Rate Pro Services subscribers saw to stay ahead of the trend.

Whitmer on Market Rallies

Brian Whitmer, our Global Markets Strategist, shows you what history says about big bear market rallies. He focuses on Europe, but you see the very same phenomenon in other regions -- including the US.

Just How "Subjective" Is Elliott Wave Analysis?

Swedish stocks are not a market you hear about often. Well, all the more reason to see how Elliott waves handled the recent crash -- and address a question about the objectivity of wave analysis that we sometimes hear. Watch our Head of Global Research explain.

Tyson Foods: Why Traders Should Stay 6 Feet Away from Fundamental News

In the weeks before shares of Tyson Foods plummeted by 50 percent, there was no "fundamental consensus" about what was next. Yet the Elliott Wave pattern for Tyson was "crystal clear." See the chart and forecast that anticipated the decline.


What Every Trader Needs to Know Right NOW

Brian Whitmer, EWI's Global Markets Strategist, presents EWI's research into several key market indicators. These indicators have stood the test of time and are critically important to investors at a time like this.

Stocks: Why “Buying the Dip” is Fraught with Danger

Many investors want to buy bargains after a downturn in the stock market. Yet, financial history teaches harsh lessons. This chart shows a “nightmare” that market participants want to avoid.

Gold's March 23 Surge: How the Fed's Stimulus Fits In

On March 23rd, gold rose 5 percent: News stories (of course) cited the Fed's stimulus "cannon shot." YET: Our Metals Pro Service forecast gold's big move on March 20th. See the chart and quote for yourself.

Indian Stocks Fall 12% in One Day: "Too much downside momentum"

On March 23, India's S&P Nifty stock index collapsed. Before the Asian-Pacific Markets opened that day, our Asian-Pacific Short Term Update posted this chart and comment for subscribers…

Crude Oil: A Contrary Forecast, Before the (Nearly) 70 Percent Decline

In barely 9 weeks, crude oil fell nearly 70 percent. Yet, at the January high, sentiment expected higher prices. Now see the contrary-to-sentiment forecast that had subscribers ready for exactly what unfolded before crude collapsed.

Why Global Investors Should Pay Attention to “Non-Confirmations”

A special market condition allowed our global analyst team to alert subscribers as early as last November: "Stock market indexes almost always fail to confirm one another during major transitions." Learn more by reviewing these two instructive charts.

From "Gung-ho" to "Cautious": How Sector Rotation Data Helps You Spot Trend Changes

At EWI, we look at 100+ market indicators to support our Elliott wave forecasts. Watch our Head of Global Research show you how the Sector Rotation Ratio in European stocks helped us warn subscribers of today's market woes well in advance -- and what this ratio says about the market today.

Oil's 25% Drop on March 18 Had Nothing to Do with OPEC

Third waves in the basic Elliott wave pattern are typically the strongest and fastest. The sell-off in crude on March 18 fits the 3rd-wave "personality." Which is to say, the sell-off was predictable, if you were watching wave patterns in oil's charts in the days before. Watch our Energy Pro Service editor show you the details.

What Asian Currencies Tell You About Equity Trends

Over the past few weeks, stocks and bonds (understandably) have stolen the spotlight. One market you don't hear about much are currencies. So, let's fix that. Watch our Asian-Pacific Strategist show you what the recent big moves in local currencies say about the trend in equities -- plus, the future of the Chinese yuan vs. U.S. dollar.

YETI Stock, and How Traders Can Manage Risk in Combustible Times

From February 4th thru March 18th, YETI's share price plunged nearly 60 percent: Now see the Trader's Classroom forecast that caught most of the huge move down.

How to Spot Potential Winners of the Next Big RALLY

When stocks are down 40% or more, it's hard to spot future leaders -- stocks that will lead the market higher when a rebound begins. Watch our monthly Global Market Perspective contributor show you how to handle this challenging task using Elliott waves.