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Can You Spot the Bear Market Leaders?

It's not unusual for stocks which led on the way up to lead on the way down. This chart shows the possible leaders of the bear market. Also, learn how you can prepare for what may be ahead.

Scaling the Mountain of Market Forecasting One Elliott Wave “Rope” at a Time

If somebody asked you in January 2022 what stocks were set up to succeed in the coming year, big pharma and wealth management firms seemed like shoe-ins. But instead of climbing to bullish peaks, these 2 Nasdaq leaders -- Arrowhead Pharmaceuticals and Focus Financial Partners -- took a turn very few expected.

Bitcoin: How the “Fear of Missing Out” Still Lingers

Even after a big decline in Bitcoin, a bullish conviction about the cryptocurrency remains -- at least in some quarters. Elliott wave analysis can put Bitcoin's price action into context.


Fear & Greed: What Really Caused the Crypto Collapse

From November 5-10, some of crypto's heavy hitters dropped significantly. FTX takes the brunt of the blame, but a quick glance at these charts will show you how Elliott waves were ready for the drop. Plus, you'll learn what our expert analysts are looking for next in cryptos.

The Crazy Volatility in Cocoa Has Us Giving Thanks for Elliott Wave Analysis

At the start of November, cocoa prices came out of the gate in rally mode, soaring to six-month highs on November 10. But since then, the sweet soft has soured to multi-week lows. Turns out our Elliott wave analysis caught the moves in both directions --what's more, our Elliott insights also consider where cocoa may be headed next.

VIX: Why Fear is Set to Grip the Stock Market

Stock market trading has recently been relatively calm. Is this the "calm before the storm"? Well, you may be interested in learning how the market has behaved in recent history around this time of the year. You might be surprised.

Bitcoin’s November Pain. The FTX-Binance Drama isn’t To Blame

Yes, cryptocurrencies are volatile. Yet any investor can look at a price chart to see the Binance/FTX “bombshell” exploded after Bitcoin began to fall. Now see our forecast beforehand.

Bear Market Rally: "We've Seen This Before"

Since 1929, four bear markets in the S&P 500 saw declines of 40-to-50 percent. Now see each one -- the relevance of these examples to today's bear market will quickly become obvious.


U.S. 10-Year Notes: "There's No Doubt About the Trend"

U.S. Treasury prices have been on the downside trajectory; yields have been rising. The question is, when might this trend end? And how do we use Elliott waves to spot a reversal? Watch our Interest Rates Pro Service editor Jim Martens answer these questions using a chart of the 10-year Notes.

Sugar Spikes to 5+ Month High: How to Manage Opportunity

Sugar’s price chart shows that the "reasons" for the rally came after the rally was already underway. A true forecast anticipates the move -- that's what our analysis did.


Here’s How Volume and Elliott Waves Work Together

At key market junctures, as prices shift from bull to bear and vice versa, trading volume often creates a certain signature. Watch our monthly Global Market Perspective contributor Murray Gunn walk you through the chart of Vanguard Total World Stock Index ETF, VT, to show what to look for -- and what volume is suggesting for global stocks now.

Crude Oil: Why You Should Look Beyond Supply / Demand

There's a widespread belief that a change in supply and demand is the primary mover of oil prices. However, Elliott Wave International has investigated this belief and the findings may surprise you.


PTPC: Midterms Recap & 2024 Election Preview

A "red wave" that didn't come ashore. A strong show for the status quo. A Senate hold for Democrats and a narrow House majority for Republicans. Let's make sense of the 2022 U.S. midterm elections and then look ahead to the 2024 presidential race.

Market Trek: Nope, Fed's "Pivot" Won't Spark a Stock Rally

You hear a lot of talk these days that as soon as the Fed stops raising interest rates, the bull market will return. As it's often the case, one look at a simple chart dispels this myth. Watch our Market Trek host Brian Whitmer do just that in his new video report. (Brian's global destination today is Bangkok, Thailand.)

U.S. Dollar: Has the Mainstream Been Way Too Confident?

Bullish sentiment toward the U.S. Dollar index has recently been quite pronounced. Yet, knowledge of the Elliott wave model -- such as this common relationship between these two Elliott waves -- provided a strong clue that the bullish sentiment may have been off track.

Gold vs. Australia’s Gold Miners: Following a Pattern

Gold mining stocks rose strongly off their 2015 lows, in-line with the Elliott wave view. Now that gold prices have risen, how might that impact gold miners? Watch as our Asian-Pacific analyst Mark Galasiewski walks you through a chart of the S&P ASX All Ordinaries Gold Index.

Feeder Cattle’s 2-year Long Rally Shows Why Market Forecasting is NOT Monkey Business

Are financial market trends "random"? Do "events" drive the turns and trends? See exactly how we answer these questions, via our forecast before the two-year rally in Feeder Cattle


FTX Collapsed. Why Did Most Cryptos Collapse with It?

The latest crypto market wipeout caught many players by surprise. Most cryptos are highly correlated to Bitcoin, and when it went down, the rest of them followed. But watch our Crypto Pro Service editor, Tony Carrion, explain why BTC's wipeout was not an unexpected event -- and give you a hint at what's next.