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Germany’s Bonds: How to Spot Rising Yields Without Reading the News

U.S. Treasury yields aren't the only ones that have been rising. Just like here in the U.S., you can find a lot of "fundamental" explanations for the moves in German bonds. But watch how an Elliott wave pattern warned of these developments as they were just starting.

Groupon (GRPN): See the “Value of a Blank Price Chart”

If you've ever applied technical indicators to a price chart, you know the challenge -- namely, where do you even begin? Watch our Trader's Classroom editor walk you through a "blank chart" of GRPN to show you how to spot simple levels of support and resistance, for starters -- and get an idea as to what's next.

Beware of This Classic “Tip Off” Behavior in the Stock Market

This time-tested indicator provided a warning before the historic 2007 stock market top, and here in 2021, investors should focus on this indicator again. Find out why.


"There’s no tellin’ where the money went..."

If you apply for a loan to buy a car or a house, and the bank manager sees that your existing debt is 3 times your annual income... do you think you're getting that loan? Well, says our Head of Global Research, "Global debt is now 3.5 times our income." Read Murray Gunn's thoughts on what this implies.

Did the Stock Market Presage Trump’s Acquittal?

Check your politics at the door and dive into a fascinating story about how stock prices have foretold the outcomes of presidential impeachment trials for more than 150 years.

SNAP Soars to Record Highs: When Did the Snapshot of Opportunity Really Come into Focus?

Snapchat: April 2020 saw the start of an explosive move higher. Now see the inverted "head-and-shoulders" pattern we showed Trader's Classroom subscribers, which had them on the right side of the trend.

U.S. Treasury Yields: “Acceleration of the Rise in Rates”

The 39- year bull market in the U.S. Treasury long bond, which likely ended in March 2020, was left further behind as yields jumped significantly during the past several trading days. See what helped Elliott Wave International's subscribers stay ahead of these moves in the U.S. Treasury long bond.

Oat Prices Soar to 7 Year Highs: Is the Bull Really Wearing a Milk Mustache?

Did the price rise in oats reflect its rising popularity with consumers? Or, is there a better explanation for the price trend? Our chart and forecast has a clear answer to this and more.


Junk Bonds (JNK): Time to Change Your Thinking?

Over the past year, the junk bond ETF JNK has consistently moved "up and to the right." Yet, the momentum signature shows that JNK may see some rough waters ahead. Watch our Interest Rates Pro Service editor give you another important update to the story that he began a few months ago.

Oat Prices AND the Truth Behind the "White Gold" Rush

This February, oat futures took the grain stage by storm when prices surged to 7-year highs. Mainstream analysts cite the white-hot craze for "white gold," (i.e. alternative, non-dairy products like oat milk). We have an alternative, non-fundamental side to the story you're gonna want to drink in.

Japan's Nikkei Rally: This Elliott Pattern Anticipated the Huge Move Last APRIL

Back in April 2020, coronavirus was spreading and global markets had crashed. Yet this did not "neutralize" the Nikkei's Elliott Wave pattern. See for yourself what our forecast said, and what the Nikkei did.


USD/JPY: See How Elliott Wave Perspective Quickly Shows What's Next

Dollar-yen is a key forex market. To know which way the pair is going, you could study and compare dozens of "fundamentals" in the U.S. and Japan... or you could simply take a look at an Elliott wave chart. Watch our Currency Pro Service editor do just that.


Don’t look now, but even the Fed’s wires are sparking!

"The large sell-off in U.S. Treasury bond futures yesterday at the U.S. morning open might have had something to do with a snafu in the plumbing of the Federal Reserve system," writes our Head of Global Research. See why he thinks this is "of great interest."


Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum: How to Apply Elliott Waves to Cryptos in Real Time

Cryptocurrencies are relative newcomers on the financial market scene, and there are lots of opinions out there on how to forecasts them. But why reinvent the wheel? Watch our Crypto Pro Service analyst walk you through applying wave analysis to the three biggies -- in real time.

U.S. Stocks: Here’s a Big Sign That “Sentiment Cannot Get Much More Extreme”

Very few investors want to bet against the bull market. Even those who lean bearish are taking noteworthy stock market actions. Learn more as you take a look at this revealing chart.

Apple Stock: Post-Split Blahs? Remember the Pre-Split Hurrahs!

On April 1, 2020, Trader's Classroom said Apple's price showed that a low may be in place, and an "opportunity to the upside," and that "times like this offer opportunity …" See how this forecast unfolded before Apple's 4-1 stock split.

Bitcoin: Let’s Put 2 Heart-Pounding Price Drops into Perspective

Bitcoin's price fell hard on Feb. 22 and many observers are wondering if this is the start of a crash. Well, the word "crashed" was also used back in January, when the cryptocurrency fell from $42,000 to below $30,000, however, prices bounced back. Elliott wave analysis puts both price drops into perspective.

The Disney Rally: See How Artificial Intelligence Forecast That Rise

The EWAVES analysis engine saw Disney's Elliott Wave pattern, anticipated a rally just ahead, and identified a protective stop: Flash Service subscribers were ready for the move that followed. See for yourself how it unfolded.