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U.S. Stocks: This Major Group of Investors is Sending a Signal

Heavy buying of U.S. stocks by this group of investors has usually served as an “excellent indicator.” A historical chart provides a case in point. Get the insights you need to know – and learn why these insights are relevant now.

NIO Stock Soars 679% in 4 Months: Get the FULL "Comeback Story of 2020"

In early May, Jeffrey Kennedy showed a chart of NIO and said the stock was in the early stages of a powerful third wave: See for yourself what unfolded next.


Finding Clarity in Bond Markets with Elliott Waves

EMLC is a fairly exotic market instrument reflecting the values of… other fairly exotic market instruments. It's an ETF that tracks bonds issued by emerging market governments. Can a market like that reflect accurate Elliott wave patterns? Watch our Interest Rates Pro Service editor explain.

“Junk” Is Hot Again – Despite Warning Signs

Global investors have been clamoring for junk bonds. As our July Global Market Perspective notes: "Demand for junk is so high that analysts are lamenting a 'shortage of high-yield assets for funds to buy.' All the while, financial dangers lurk. Here are the details.


Stellar, Cardano: 296% and 1400% Rallies Leave Bitcoin in the Dust

With 1500+ cryptocurrencies out there, which ones are good bets? Watch our Crypto Pro Service editor show you how Elliott waves helped us catch the recent rallies in Stellar and Cardano. (Also, a look at Dogecoin, Elon Musk's "favorite cryptocurrency.")

EURUSD: The EU Recovery Plan Did NOT Spark the Euro's Near-term Recovery. See What DID

The Euro's rally to multi-year highs was unfolding before EU member states reached their July 21 agreement. Now see the "what and when" of the forecast we delivered to subscribers.

A 90-Year-Old Investment Insight That's Relevant in 2020

July 28 was the birthday of Ralph N. Elliott, the discoverer of the Wave Principle, so we decided to pay tribute by sharing one of his key stock market observations. See how it applies here in 2020.

This Chart of Coffee Prices Since 1977 Speaks Volumes

You can apply Elliott wave analysis to charts on any time frame. Watch our Commodity Junctures editor walk you through coffee's wave pattern going back some 40 years -- and learn what they suggest for this important commodity in the months (and years) ahead.

Netflix (NFLX) Rallies to Record Highs: Foreseeing the "Lockdown Bounce" BEFORE Lockdown

Netflix's bull move in 2020 began before shelter-in-place orders came in mid-March. Chart of the Day shows the chart and forecasts that anticipated the move - also before shelter-in-place.

Why Commercial Real Estate is Set to Get Slammed

The real estate market – both commercial and residential – appears to be on shaky ground. Get the insights that you need to know.

Gold's July Rally in Metals Pro Service

See it for yourself: At several important moments in gold's month-long rally, our daily and intraday analysis made a big difference to subscribers.

Silver Soars to Seven Year Highs: See When the Near-Term "Party" Started

In a few trading days (July 17-22), silver prices soared twenty percent: See the near-term forecast that anticipated the big move, in Chart of the Day.

Insights into the Public’s Obsession with Big-Cap Technology Shares

Nearly every investor knows that the share prices of big technology names have been on a tear. Yet, many may not realize what the public’s obsession suggests at this particular juncture. Here’s an insight that investors need to know.

Discover Why We’re Living in an Age of Turbulence

Federal agents and protesters clash in the streets. Free speech proponents and antagonists clash online. Branches of government clash in the courts. Why can’t we all just get along? And why does civic life these days seem to be anything but business as usual? The answers to these questions reveal something profound about the social mood trend, with implications for what to expect in the financial markets, the economy, politics and beyond.


Calling for Silver's 20% Rally… 4 Days Before "Bullish" News

On July 17 -- before gold and silver jumped higher (allegedly on the heels of the July 21 news of the European economic stimulus package) -- Elliott waves already called for a strong rally. Watch our July 17 Metals Pro Service forecast to see the bullish pattern behind the move.

Shanghai Composite: Who Saw the Opportunity Before It Was Hot?

News about health does NOT drive financial markets -- so skip what's irrelevant and see for yourself a forecast that got it right about the rally in the Shanghai Composite Index.

This Stock Market Indicator Reaches “Lowest Level in Nearly 20 Years”

The rally in stocks has convinced many investors that the bull market is back. However, it’s wise to consult financial history. Here’s why.


Trade Options? Two Strategies That Work with Elliott Waves

Robert Kelley, the editor of our U.S. Intraday Stocks Pro Service, has been involved with options and Elliott waves since 1986. Watch as he explains two strategies that can work with clear Elliott wave counts. Markets in focus: S&P 500 and Boeing (BA).