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Anyone Can Learn Socionomics

Want to predict the next big thing in fashion, film or pop music? What about developments in the economy, politics and societal health? Whether you’re new to socionomics or just want to brush up on the basics, you’ll be understanding and anticipating social trends in no time as you watch a child, young adult and expert apply socionomic theory in this engaging video.

Chipotle 70%-plus Rally to Record Highs Was on the Menu -- Back in March!

"It's important to … look at the bigger picture. This stock is still on course for much higher prices." That was our forecast for Chipotle, in March 2020. Now see what happened in the months that followed.

Bulls vs. Bears: This Sentiment Survey Provides Important Insights

Could the Dow Industrials hit 40,000 in 2021? At least one analyst says "yes." Bullish sentiment "remains as strong as ever." Let's delve into the details as you take look at this chart.

Look at These 2 Big Warning Signs for the U.S. Economy

The big economic news during the past several weeks was that the U.S. economy grew 33.1% on an annualized basis in Q3. However, the evidence shows that this figure does not tell the full story. Take a look at these two charts.

This High-Confident Trade Set-up Makes for High-Confident Traders

"Confident trader." Ten-fifteen years ago, the idea used to be an oxymoron -- and now, it's a multi-billion self-help industry with everyone from Wall Street gurus to armchair experts offering their brand of motivational wisdom: trust falls, vision boards, brain retraining, positive visualization, mentorship, and so on.

USDZAR: The Rand Was Supposed to "Languish." So Why Did It Rally to 8-Month Highs?

The supposed "pro-Rand" news all came in the past month, yet the currency's uptrend has unfolded since April. See the forecast that saw the rally happening at the time.


Forex: How to Spot Reversals with Elliott Waves

Our Currency Pro Service editor, Jim Martens, has been applying the waves to the markets for over 30 years. In this video, he walks you through steps that help him answer one of the most frequent questions we get from subscribers: "How do I spot trend reversals using your method?" (USDCHF in focus.)

FSLR: Don't Watch What a Company Does; DO Watch What Its Price Chart Shows

Do positive or negative financial reports anticipate the turns and trends in a company's share price? See why the answer is "no" - plus what does help foresee the trend.

Small Traders vs. Large Traders vs. Commercials: Who Is Right Most Often?

The Commodity Futures Trading Commission monitors three groups of participants in commodity markets. Learn why one of these three is usually on the correct side of markets at key price turns and what this means for investors at this particular juncture.

If "Fear" is a Commodity Killer, How Did Soybeans Rally 40 Percent?

News about soybeans was bleak in March, with words like "uncertainty," "fear" and "price killer." Yet soybeans rallied to 4-year highs. This scenario is exactly what our March 2020 Monthly Commodity Junctures anticipated.


What NOT to Do When Using Elliott Waves (TSLA in Focus)

"If you do it wrong, you get it wrong," -- "it" being your market forecast. The long-time editor of our Trader's Classroom knows this well from his 25+ years of market experience. Watch him explain how to get it right using a fresh price chart of Tesla, Inc. (TSLA)

Margin: How Stock Market Investors Are “Reaching for the Stars”

Financial history shows that many investors tend to approach the market aggressively just when they should be doing the opposite. A particular behavior that was prominently on display in the historic market years of 1929 and 2007 is showing up -- again! Here's what you need to know.


Crude Oil and Natural Gas: Same Wave Pattern, OPPOSITE Implications

Elliott wave analysis is all about recognizing price patterns on a chart. Both crude oil and natural gas have recently served us great examples of classic wave patterns in action. Watch our Energy Pro Service editor walk you through his recent real-time forecasts -- and get an idea of what's likely next.

What Our Forecast Said Before Bitcoin's Big Rally

You can see the Bitcoin chart and bullish forecast from our October Global Market Perspective, published before the big rally of the past six weeks.

A Bitcoin Chart You Have to See to Believe

In just a little over a month, Bitcoin has rallied $6,000! Now, see the Bitcoin chart that shows you 11 eye-opening forecasts that have helped guide our subscribers.


CAC 40: Revisiting Rue Quincampoix

The word "millionaire" was first created around 300 years ago on Rue Quincampoix in Paris, France. That's where money-printing inflation created illusion of wealth -- before the inevitable deflation took hold. Today, the French CAC 40 index holds a clue suggesting if another brush with deflation is ahead.

Bond Market: “When Investors Should Worry”

In early 2020, many bond investors were worried about default risk. Recently, however, those worries have lessened considerably. What does this suggest? Here's a chart and commentary.

Bitcoin Soars to Multi-Year Highs: Sticks & Stones Blah, Blah BUT Names Will Never Hurt Thee

On October 15 and again on November 3, Crypto Pro Service showed subscribers clear Elliott Wave patterns pointing to a big Bitcoin rally. See the chart for yourself, now.