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See It: Ethereum Fell 26% After This Forecast

Crypto markets are no strangers to volatility -- and you know it. Still, when you see it in real time, it takes your breath away.

Costco Hits Record Highs: Could You See the Rally Coming?

Costco's share price has outperformed in 2019 -- yet as late as March, financial news sources painted a confusing picture. Not so with Trader's Classroom forecasts: See the evidence for yourself.

Big Move in Pound v. Dollar: See the Long-Term Chart that Saw It Coming

The July Global Market Perspective showed a long-term chart of the British Pound v. the U.S. Dollar. See why a long-term chart in a monthly publication is very relevant to investors who look for opportunities right now.


Would You Lend YOUR Money... for 98 Years, at 1.2%?

Something's happening in the global credit markets that has never happened before. For starters, the amount of negative-yield bonds has just hit an all-time high. Yes, bonds that you buy -- and pay the ISSUER for the privilege -- have never been more popular. And that's just the tip of the iceberg. For more, watch this 4-minute video by our monthly Global Market Perspective contributor, Brian Whitmer. You'll also discover what country just sold a 98-year bond at 1.2%... and what it all means.


Add This Price Pattern to Your Trading Arsenal

One of the easiest Elliott wave patterns to spot on a price chart is an ending diagonal.

It looks like an arrow. And when it ends, prices reverse fast back to its origin.


Bitcoin: $13,868… $9,651…$13,202… What's Next?

Pop quiz. Do you know when Bitcoin's daily trading volume hit an all-time high: at the 2017 peak near $20,000 -- or at this year's peak near $14,000? Watch to get the answer and learn more about Bitcoin's latest ups and downs.

“Democracy is in retreat.” Why Now?

"Democracy today is battered and weakened." That sounds like a political statement ... until you consider the source, and the evidence. See and hear it for yourself in this Chart of the Day.

Worried About the Fed? Don’t Be -- Here’s Why

Millions of investors analyze the Fed's every word. But do central banks control financial markets? It's time to take a close look at the data.


Fibonacci Numbers in Asian Stocks: Watch

Hong Kong's Hang Seng stock index recently reversed its June rally -- and the reversal came at the Fibonacci .618 retracement point. Watch to see what this implies for Hang Seng from here.


Pot Stocks: Ready to Grow Up?

Companies capitalizing on the cannabis boom are beginning to generate profits and expand rapidly through M&As. They are also starting to get accepted by state and national governments, global corporations, celebrities -- and institutional and mainstream investors. Time to invest in pot stocks? Get answers -- free -- in this excerpt from our April 2019 Global Market Perspective Special Report.

Almost ALL Stock Market Reversals Exhibit This One Trait

Elliott Wave International analysts study more than 100 indicators. Among them are indicators which provide insights into the stock market's momentum. Take a look at this revealing chart...

Todd Gordon's Gold Trade: Watch and Listen to a Trader at Work in Real Time

CNBC commentator and professional trader Todd Gordon put on a recent gold trade: See for yourself the charts and decisions he made along the way.

Oil Prices and the 2019 Hurricane Season

Like 2005's Katrina, a major Gulf of Mexico hurricane can deal a heavy blow to crude oil production. Most financial and economic pundits would then conclude that such a supply disruption would send oil prices skyrocketing with demand. Yet this chart defies their Econ 101 logic.

Two Big Moves in Oil: Will the Real Driver of Price Please Stand Up?

Why have crude oil prices been so volatile? NOT because of the U.S.-China trade truce, and NOT from OPEC's production cut. The answer is investor psychology, which unfolds in Elliott wave patterns. See it for yourself.


Gold: Simple Price Pattern, 300% Rally

Priced in Indian rupees or Australian dollars, gold is at record highs. How did it get there? And what's next? This short video gives you some answers.

Watch as Mark Galasiewski, a contributor to our monthly Global Market Perspective, shows you how a simple price pattern in the Australia's ASX All Ords Gold Index helped him guide subscribers for months.

The CBOE Breaks Up with Bitcoin: The Biggest BULLISH Sign for Cryptos in 2 Years?

From the start, Elliott wave analysis has anticipated many of Bitcoin's biggest turns and trends: See our forecast of the latest big rally for yourself.

Stocks: Why Small Caps Bear Close Attention

The S&P 500 index is widely followed but it by no means tells the whole story of the stock market. Get important insights into the performance of another index as you look at this chart ...

The Pattern That Anticipated 4 1/2 Years of the Trend and the Turns in Gold

Gold hit a big low in Dec. 2015: In the 4-plus years since, we’ve kept subscribers on the right side of all the sharp trends and turns that followed. Now see the pattern for yourself.