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Cotton Futures: From Multi-Year High -- TO -- Decade Low. It's Not About the Virus!

In mid-2018, news stories about cotton led traders to expect a rally. Yet our June 2018 Monthly Commodity Junctures anticipated a very big decline. See what actually happened, via Chart of the Day.


Chinese Yuan and Hong Kong Stocks: What's Next?

The yuan's been gaining against the greenback, fulfilling our long-standing forecast. The Elliott wave pattern in the Hang Seng, Hong Kong's flagship stock index, is also telling. Watch our Asian-Pacific market expert explain more.

Think Coronavirus Caused the Crash? These Two Charts Beg to Differ

The Dow fell to a low on March 23, yet daily new COVID-19 cases continued higher with a peak 43,438 new cases on April 7. By then, the Dow had already rebounded strongly, up 22% from its low. See for yourself why the market led and the virus followed.

Deflation: Why the “Japanification” of the U.S. Looms Large

Japan has been struggling with deflationary pressures for 30 years. Now, signs of deflation are evident in the U.S. Here’s what characterizes a “deflationary crash.”

How to Combine Elliott Waves with Candlesticks

Both Elliott waves and candlesticks are popular methods of technical market analysis. Watch as our Commodity Junctures editor shows you how candlesticks can confirm an Elliott wave count. Market in focus: coffee.


Inflation or Deflation? For Answers, Look to TIPS

Treasury Inflation-Protected Securities are bonds tied to measures of inflation, like the CPI. The higher the inflation, the better the returns. But see how Elliott wave patterns in TIP (an ETF) give a good idea if the market is still expecting inflation ahead. Log in -- or sign up for FREE to watch now.

The Dow: Anticipating the Post-Memorial Day Rally... PRE-Memorial Day!

Before May 25th [Memorial Day], our May 22 Short Term Update showed an E-mini Dow Futures chart, preparing subscribers for a big upturn. See the chart and forecast for yourself, right now.

Stocks: What to Make of the Day-Trading Frenzy

Around the time of the February stock market top, speculators were showing an “amazing willingness to bet on stocks with borrowed money.” Now that a fast rally has followed a fast market meltdown, this update on day trading suggests a lot about what’s next for the stock market.

EURGBP: Finding High-Confidence Set Ups in the High-Speed Chase for Opportunity

Mainstream analysis missed the major opportunity in the EURGBP, yet Elliott wave forecasts gave subscribers multiple "heads up" about the action: See it now in Chart of the Day.

Europe, Take Note: China's Lessons in Authoritarianism

When do authoritarian leaders come to power? You've probably heard that it's likely to happen in a "crisis," when people demand safety and quick decision-making. But what's a "crisis"? Here's a closer look -- and a more nuanced answer.

Update on "Bearish Move of A Lifetime in Crude Oil" - What We Said AFTER the Fall

The Elliott Wave pattern for crude oil anticipated the epic decline in April, and then the strong rally that followed in May. See the charts and forecasts for yourself, in Chart of the Day.


Euro-Sterling: What to Expect into Summer

EURGBP is an important forex pair. Log in -- or sign up FREE -- to watch as our cross-currency expert revisits a recent forecast and uses "simple Elliott wave guidelines" to set price targets for euro-sterling for the summer months.

Why Bear Market Rallies Are So Tricky

Many professional financial observers have opined that the stock market bottom is in. Yes, stocks have rallied since March 23, however, the return of this sentiment should give investors pause.

Dam Disasters: See What We Told Readers in January About the Catastrophic Risks

Thousands evacuated. Homes destroyed. Warning signs ignored for decades. And a surprising connection to the stock market. Discover the link between complacency, markets and major dam failures that we shared with readers just months before the latest cluster of dam disasters in the U.S.

Netflix Stock Sets New Record: Live Stream Elliott Wave Opportunity

As Netflix shares hit a mid-March low, experts were bearish the stock: Record unemployment and belt-tightening made the service look non-essential. Yet, as far back as January, our Elliott Wave analysis saw a rally ahead.

The Dow's All-Time High: Why the World Partied Like It Was 1999 … Just Before the Collapse

Just before the Dow registered its great peak in February, Disney recorded the best year in box office history, Taylor Swift set a record for simultaneous chart hits and sentiment indicators were abuzz with optimism.

An Eye-Opening Perspective: Emerging Markets and Epidemics

Many global investors would probably be surprised by the performance of this group of stocks following past disease outbreaks. Let’s review SARS, the Swine Flu -- and now, COVID-19 -- from an Elliott wave point of view. Look at these two charts.

Dow Down 1000 Points in 2 Days: Wham, Bam... POWell???

The Dow's big, two-day decline started around 3pm on May 12th. Yet media reports pinned the 1000-point drop on comments by Fed Chair Powell on May 13th! Now see the forecast that anticipated the decline before it happened.