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Positive Ratings, Scores, and Outlook Yet this Stock Turned... Down?

If a stock's price trend should reflect its fundamentals, PNC shares should have gone higher -- now see the forecast that got it right.

Can You Navigate the Altcoin Universe of "Cons and fraudsters and scams"? Yes!

Our analysis of the altcoin Polkadot shows that you can avoid click-bait driven commentary on cryptos, and instead focus on the Elliott wave patterns that unfold on market price charts.


Bitten by FANG? Clocked by Cryptos? -- 'Air Pockets' Everywhere

Down more than 25%, the NASDAQ is "officially" in bear-market territory. "Big whoop" as they used to say -- some of the hi-tech darlings have already been cut in half and then some. Bet the folks down 50% or more in their so-called investments are glad to hear they're "official." And now Bitcoin, the King of Cryptos, has hit an "air pocket" of its own and fallen below $30,000. Wonder if that's officially a bear market, too? This excerpt from our new, May Financial Forecast explains how it all fits together.


Bitcoin: How to Spot Signs of Fast Reversals

Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies are no strangers to volatile, sharp reversals. If you get caught up in one unprepared, it's not a good feeling. But watch our Crypto Trader's Classroom instructor show you how Elliott waves can help take the "surprise" out of crypto "surprises."


EUR/USD: How to 'Trade with the Trend'

The euro vs. U.S. dollar is most-traded forex pair -- and lately, the euro has been losing, pushing EUR/USD lower and lower. At moments like that, many FX traders will try to catch the bottom. Watch our Currency Pro Service editor show you what Elliott wave evidence you need to do that with less risk.

This is “Anything but Positive for Housing”

A big shift appears to be taking place in the U.S. housing market. There are signs that the recent trend of skyrocketing prices is set to slow down -- even reverse. Learn why.

Video Mood Riffs: Just Say No to Drug Charges & Improvised Market Explanations

In this new video version of the Mood Riffs column from The Socionomist, you'll learn how social mood shifts the public's view on drugs and why the Fed is not as in control of the markets as you may think.

Do "Flash Crashes" Really Come Out of the Blue?

"Black swans" or "flash crashes" are sudden market moves that shock just about everyone. However, when you watch market price patterns, you can often anticipate a sharp move ahead, in both directions. Watch our European Financial Forecast Service editor explain what to look for. (DJ Norway Stock Index in focus.)

U.S. Stock Indexes: How We Forecast 2022 So Far

The 3-time per week Short Term Update has kept subscribers a step ahead of the relevant trends and turns in U.S. stock indexes. See the chart and forecasts for yourself, right now.

The Key to Predicting Commodity Prices is NOT the Past. So... What Do You Think Is?

At the outset of the pandemic in early 2020, cotton prices had wilted to a 10-year low. Fundamental analysts "painted a pretty tough picture" for cotton's future. And that's when things took a very unexpected turn. How come? Here are some uncommon answers.


Bitcoin: Finally, a “Bullish Capitulation”?

Something happened in Bitcoin's technical backdrop a few days ago that deserves your attention if cryptos are your forte. Watch our Crypto Pro Service editor walk you through a key chart and explain what it suggests next.

Is Bitcoin Headed to Zero?

The price path of Bitcoin has been volatile in recent years, to say the least. Forecasts have ranged from a million dollars all the way down to zero. Here's why you may want to consider the Wave Principle when analyzing cryptocurrencies.

Candlesticks + Elliott Waves: A Powerful Combo

Every trader wants to know when a trend might end and prices might reverse. You get some interesting results when you combine Japanese Candlesticks with Elliott waves -- watch our Trader's Classroom editor show you how to do that. (In focus: Square Inc., SQ.)

Adobe Inc. Stock Plunges to 2-Year Low: Seeing Is Believing

As Adobe's share price hit an all-time high last November, the financial media said "expect more." Now see for yourself the contrary forecast that anticipated Adobe's 45 percent decline.

Stock Markets: “What Happens When the Dip Keeps Dipping?”

Millionaire investors recently revealed what they would do if the stock market continued to decline. Find out what they said -- plus, look at two graphs to help you decide if their planned strategy is sound.

[Market Trek] "If You Have ANY Money Invested, Watch This"

Do you own stocks? Bonds? Real estate? Then you'll want to see this chart of a 78-year cycle in U.S. Treasuries -- and, by extension, interest rates. Watch this new video by your series host Brian Whitmer where he explains how this 78-year cycle is "probably affecting you already." (Brian's global destination today is Brazil.)

Gold's Unstoppable Winning Streak -- Oh, Wait, "Winning" is NOT What Happened?!

After nearing all-time highs in March, Wall Street said gold's "Winning Streak" looked "unstoppable." Now see the contrary forecast that anticipated the big decline in gold.


How to Forecast U.S. Treasuries BEFORE the Fed Speaks

On May 4, about 30 minutes before the Fed's interest rate news at 2 PM, our Interest Rates Pro Service analyst Jim Martens posted a video for subscribers. Watch a clip now to see how Elliott wave patterns in the 30-year Treasury Bonds helped Jim forecast the big move in bonds before the news.