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USDJPY: Two Charts, Same Wave Pattern – and Same Forecast

You may have heard us say Elliott wave chart patterns are fractal -- meaning, smaller patterns make up larger ones. To understand how powerful this can be in forecasting, watch our Currency Pro Service editor walk you through the 2-week and daily charts of the Japanese yen, a big forex market.

Natural Gas: Catching the "Unstoppable" Rally Before it Even Started

Natural gas saw a HUGE rally in the past five months: Most analysts point to "weather." Yet that does not fit the facts. See the natural gas chart and forecasts that tell the real story.


Elon Musk vs. Dogecoin: Who Leads, Who Follows?

For months leading up to its May peak at 73 cents, Elon Musk's tweets about Dogecoin were said to drive its price higher. Since the peak, Dogecoin has fallen 78% -- yet, Elon Musk's tweets haven't stopped! So, was it really one person's tweets that were driving this market higher? Our Crypto Pro Service editor explains -- and gives you a hint as to what's next for the "joke crypto."

U.S. Housing Market: Not “a Bubble This Time Around”?

Investors know that financial bubbles have occurred in the past and will likely develop again in the future. But their "bubble" attitudes are almost always different in the present. Learn how this applies to the 2021 U.S. housing market.

See How Elliott Wave Analysis Anticipated Fast Action in the 10 Year Treasury Note

If you're a trader or active investor, check out the June and July forecasts we showed Interest Rate Pro Service subscribers: They were ready for opportunities.

Ralph Nelson Elliott’s 150th Birthday: How He Discovered the Wave Principle

Is there "any rhyme or reason to the stock market"? That's what Ralph Nelson Elliott wanted to find out. This extraordinary man's 150th birthday is July 28 and here's what he discovered in answer to his question.

Coffee Soars to 7-Year High: All Frost Talk and No Game!

In the past week coffee saw its fastest surge since 2014. As for "why," commentary world-wide pointed to a freak frost in the heart of Brazil's coffee belt. Now see the chart and forecast that was way ahead of the trend.

Global Investing: Here’s the Message of Consumer “Overconfidence”

Many investors believe that global stock markets will benefit from the current economic "boom." That seems to make sense -- however, you may want to review what financial history shows.

Lumber's Bubble Pops: When Did the Hissing Sound Really Begin?

In late May, we said the time to yell "Timber!" on lumber's bull run had arrived. Meanwhile, the experts said the building material's boom was here to stay. Only one perspective was right. Hint: As of July, lumber has erased all its 2021 gains.


Quantum Leap or Quiet Before the Storm

"Many people think the 2020s will repeat the 'roaring' 1920s. There's always that chance, but the probabilities are..." See this chart for the full answer, courtesy our Head of Global Research, Murray Gunn.


May 10, 2021: Investors, Mark This Date

When you zoom out and look at the stock market's price action over the past 20 years or so, a clear pattern emerges. Watch our monthly Financial Forecast co-editor Pete Kendall show you what's going on and why May 10 of this year is so important.


1-2, 1-2: "My favorite trade setup"

E-mini futures contracts trade 24 hours a day. Watch one of our U.S. Extended Hours Intraday Stocks Pro Service analysts show you his favorite setup (for a 3rd wave) using the NASDAQ E-minis as his example.

Crude Oil Plunges 6.5% in One Day: No Two Ways About Why

Oil's most recent decline began on July 13 -- days before OPEC'S July 18 supply increase shocker. See our Pro Services forecast before the decline unfolded.

Next Time You See “4 Times as Many Bulls as There Are Bears,” Remember This

Many stock market investors get fooled at major price turns because a bottom never feels like a bottom and a top never feels like a top. With that in mind, here's how investment advisors have recently felt about the stock market.

Bitcoin's July 15 Faceplant: It was an Inside Job Alright ... Just Not the Kind You Think

Bitcoin's fall began last week: media reports blamed a certain Twitter post that went up after price had turned. See it for yourself -- and our forecast beforehand -- in Chart of the Day.


How RSI Helps You Nail the End of 5th Waves

When the 5th wave of a basic 5-wave Elliott wave pattern ends, the trend reverses. That's important information for any trader or investor – but how do you know just when that 5th wave may be over? Watch our Currency Pro Service analyst show you how to use RSI and cross-market analysis to help with the task. (Forex market NZD/USD in focus.)


Emerging Markets: Will Recent Declines Continue?

While stocks in places like India have powered higher lately, other emerging markets have sold off. Watch our Asian-Pacific expert walk you through the wave pattern in iShares MSCI Emerging Markets ETF EEM for some objective answers rooted in market psychology.


Forex Traders, Honor Thy Stops

If the 3 rules of real estate are "location, location, location," then you could say that the 3 rules of trading should be "risk management, risk management, risk management." Watch our Currency Pro Service editor show you how to use Elliott wave analysis to place your stops. (EURUSD in focus.)