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Five Cannabis Stocks, Five Opportunities Unfolded as Forecast

Q: What makes a good forecast even better? A: When it applies to five individual stocks instead of just one. See how this worked with our November cannabis stocks forecast.


Independent Scotland = Market Crash?

Scotland's independence is again a hot topic in Britain, with many observers saying that a break-up of the union would be bad for the country's financial markets. For a different look at causality -- i.e., chicken vs. the egg -- watch our Head of Global Strategy show you the current Elliott wave setup in EURGBP and FTSE.

Stocks vs. U.S. Births: Is There Really a Connection?

In a word, yes. A couple of decades ago, Robert Prechter plotted the number of annual births on a stock market chart and noticed a remarkable correlation. Except, it's not for the reasons you may think... Watch the Socionomics Institute's Director Matt Lampert and EWI's Robert Folsom dive into details.

How This Global Financial Player Became “Primed” for a 90% Plunge

"How The Mighty Have Fallen." That's the title of one of our revealing charts inside our just-published May Global Market Perspective. Take a look at a "triple top" in the price pattern of this global financial institution -- and the 90% decline which followed.

Copper Soars to 10-Year High: Pity Not the Analyst, DO Use Better Analysis

Barely a year ago, copper was widely reported to be a major casualty of the pandemic-plagued economy. But that's when Metals Pro Service turned bullish on copper's future. See the chart that shows how price unfolded as forecast.

Bitcoin Cash 🔥🔥🔥 This Blaze Has Been Burning for Some Time

On May 5, Bitcoin Cash soared 50% to land at its highest level in three years. News of the move blew up the Twittersphere, but the BCH blaze isn't new. It started burning in December 2020. We know because we saw it coming then.


Emerging Markets vs. Copper: A Noteworthy Correlation

Lately, copper price and emerging markets have moved together. Of course, just a correlation is not enough to know where both markets should next, so watch our Asian-Pacific Financial Forecast editor show you how Elliott waves helped with the task.


Chart a market, any market...

You can chart the price of any market. But will it show an actionable Elliott wave pattern? If it's a liquid enough market, yes. Watch our Interest Rates Pro Service editor walk you through an example using UK 10-Year Bond yields.

Forex Traders: Which Story Begets the Success Story?

Back in January, some observers said the Japanese Yen was "too strong" for its own good vs. the U.S. Dollar. We saw a very different path ahead -- see the chart and forecast for yourself.

ESG Bonds: Why You Should Expect Exposure of “Greenwashing” to Intensify

Regulators are investigating suspicions of "funny business" associated with so-called "green" and "social" bonds. Will more stories of exploitation regarding this type of debt surface? Here's what our Elliott Wave Financial Forecast has to say.

Ripple Crashes 40%: Wash Your "Washout" With Soap!

One look at Ripple's chart and you'll see why recent news stories about the crypto are full of drama. Yet don't miss the chart we showed subscribers before the big move happened.

EWAVES Update: Double-Digit Gains on Dow Transports Forecast

See our March 5th recommendation for yourself, and how the Dow Transports performed in the month that followed.

How to Use “Ecstatic” Investor Psychology to Your Advantage

In December, our Global Market Perspective identified this market as "wildly overpriced." See what has happened since as you look at this chart.


Ethereum North of $2700: Who Could’ve Known? Watch…

Bitcoin isn't the only cryptocurrency that's been orbiting the moon lately. Since March, the price of bitcoin's second-closest competitor Ethereum, has doubled. Was there a way to foresee the rally? Yes -- watch our Crypto Pro Service forecast from March 1 explaining the bullish setup.

'Cancel Culture': Where Did It Come From, Where Will It Go From Here?

Cancel culture: Is it the latest "fashion statement" in political anger, or does it have a history? Matt Lampert & Robert Folsom answer that question in this episode of Pop Trends, Price Culture, and discuss where the trend may go next.


China, India, Korea: How to Spot Spectacular, Fast Setups

Learn which wave patterns helped our Asian-Pacific Financial Forecast editor alert subscribers to recent individual stock opportunities -- and train your eye to see the same wave setups again and again, across markets.

Why, Oh Why Did WY Soar to Record Highs in April?

Picture this: It's May 2020. The pandemic has just kicked into high gear and one sector is slated to be a foregone casualty: real estate. And yet, one forecast for a leading real estate trust and timberland company calls for a "new bull market" into 2021. See "WY" Elliott waves went against the mainstream grain AND what happened to the stock in question.

Capital Gains Tax Hike News: Was It REALLY to Blame for Sell-off?

A widespread belief among investors and financial journalists is that news drives the stock market's trend. Consider the report that the president plans to hike the capital gains tax and a sample of other possible events. Learn what really governs the price pattern of the stock market.