Foreign exchange is the world's biggest market, with daily trading volume of $5+ trillion -- about 10 times the total volume of the world's stock exchanges combined. High liquidity and 24-hour access are just two reasons why millions of traders focus on currencies exclusively.

Trends, Turns and Dollar Index Opportunities Since 2021

Sentiment indicators can help you anticipate huge turns in financial market trends. See exactly what Short Term Update subscribers saw at the start and the end of a two-year move in the Dollar Index.

Bitcoin: Anticipating the Next Big Move

There's been a lot of negative news in the world of crypto during the past several months. Yet, the price of Bitcoin has recently advanced -- which Elliott waves anticipated. Here's the evidence.


How to Fine-Tune Your Elliott Wave Forecast

When you combine Elliott waves with other technical analysis indicators, often it helps you clarify your forecast. Watch our Currency Pro Service editor, Michael Madden, combine the waves with classic technical tools like Head & Shoulders and RSI to forecast the next move in USD/CAD.

Cryptocurrencies Start 2023 With a Bang!

Several cryptocurrencies have seen serious rallies in January. Now see how Elliott wave analysis anticipated opportunities in four crypto markets.


Bitcoin vs. COIN vs. GLXY: See How One Leads the Other

One way that helps in trading stocks, explains our Crypto Pro Service analyst, Jason Soni, in this new video, is to look at Elliott wave patterns in a related market. Watch Jason show you charts of Bitcoin, COIN, GLXY and HUT and show how he puts it all together.

Chinese Govt. Bonds: What to Expect Over Next Few Months

The Chinese yuan has been getting stronger, while the U.S. dollar and China's government bond prices have been falling. If you plot the yuan and bonds on a chart, an interesting relationship emerges. Watch as our Asian-Pacific Short Term Update editor, Chris Carolan, explain more in his new video.

Euro/Dollar Fluctuations AND … the Elliott Wave Factor

What drives FX trends? Wall Street has lists of answers, from interest rates to inflation to the Fed. Now see a forecast based only on a price chart -- and the big moves that followed.

FTX: What Happens After the Scandal?

There's been no shortage of crypto drama in the wake of the FTX implosion. Yet the scandal's timing helps us to see some order in the chaos and anticipate what may be around the corner in the crypto space. See a two-minute breakdown in an excerpt from EWI's just-published Global Market Perspective.

Can Bitcoin's Price Action Really Be Attributed to the FTX Meltdown?

"Not surprisingly, the recent state of bearishness in bitcoin is still being attributed to the FTX exchange meltdown and the fall of its founder Sam Bankman-Fried. However, I think that excuse is getting somewhat tired," says Crypto Pro Service editor Tony Carrion. See his reasoning in this video.

The BOJ Sends the Yen Soaring … We Bleeping Think NOT!

On December 19, our Currency Pro Service forecast a precipitous move lower in the Euro-Yen rate. See for yourself what happened next.


Forex: How to Recognize a Change in Trend

A lot of forex traders watch the news to spot a change in trend. But you can spot market reversals before the news; without any news -- simply by tracking a currency pair's Elliott wave pattern. Watch our Currency Pro Service analyst, Jason Soni, explain how to do that using USD/MXN as his example.

Bitcoin Surges to a 1-Month High: Why Elliott Wave Analysis is the Best Forecasting Face Forward

Before Bitcoin's recent rally, "what's next" stories were all over the place. Now see a clear, on-target forecast that prepared our subscribers for Bitcoin's big move.

Bitcoin: Elliott Wave Analysis Versus Wild Predictions

Opinions about financial markets -- even from professionals -- can widely vary. Such is the case with Bitcoin. Learn how Elliott wave analysis can put the cryptocurrency's price action into perspective.


Cryptocurrencies: "Joined at the hip with the stock market"

The NASDAQ has just passed the 1-year bear market anniversary -- and so have cryptos, with Bitcoin leading the way down. Watch our Financial Forecast co-editor Pete Kendall explore this connection as he walks you through the charts of FTT, Bitcoin, Cronos and others.

Yen’s Surge to 3-Month Highs: Not in the “Fundamental” Playbook

The recent move in the US Dollar/Japanese Yen has shocked currency market participants far and wide: Now see what our analysis showed subscribers.