Challenge the mainstream beliefs on investing. News doesn't cause the market to move. Let us show you how wave patterns on a simple price chart can tell you more about the trend than you'll ever hear on the six o'clock news.

U.S. Housing Market: Not “a Bubble This Time Around”?

Investors know that financial bubbles have occurred in the past and will likely develop again in the future. But their "bubble" attitudes are almost always different in the present. Learn how this applies to the 2021 U.S. housing market.

Ralph Nelson Elliott’s 150th Birthday: How He Discovered the Wave Principle

Is there "any rhyme or reason to the stock market"? That's what Ralph Nelson Elliott wanted to find out. This extraordinary man's 150th birthday is July 28 and here's what he discovered in answer to his question.

Global Investing: Here’s the Message of Consumer “Overconfidence”

Many investors believe that global stock markets will benefit from the current economic "boom." That seems to make sense -- however, you may want to review what financial history shows.


May 10, 2021: Investors, Mark This Date

When you zoom out and look at the stock market's price action over the past 20 years or so, a clear pattern emerges. Watch our monthly Financial Forecast co-editor Pete Kendall show you what's going on and why May 10 of this year is so important.

Next Time You See “4 Times as Many Bulls as There Are Bears,” Remember This

Many stock market investors get fooled at major price turns because a bottom never feels like a bottom and a top never feels like a top. With that in mind, here's how investment advisors have recently felt about the stock market.


Emerging Markets: Will Recent Declines Continue?

While stocks in places like India have powered higher lately, other emerging markets have sold off. Watch our Asian-Pacific expert walk you through the wave pattern in iShares MSCI Emerging Markets ETF EEM for some objective answers rooted in market psychology.

Why Bitcoin’s “Wild Swings” May Soon Resume

Bitcoin's trading range has narrowed considerably in the past several weeks. In addition, trading volume has fallen. Learn why it's time to get insights from bitcoin's Elliott wave pattern.

“The Case for Losing Money” in 2021

A "risk-embracing behavior" that was pronounced in the exact month of the NASDAQ's historic top in 2000 is now flashing a warning sign in 2021. Here are the details.

3 Reasons Why You NEED the Wave Principle

The Wave Principle is a valuable tool that you need to add to your toolbox. In this clip, Trading Instructor Jeffrey Kennedy outlines the 3 key reasons why you need to incorporate the Elliott Wave Principle when looking for trade setups in your markets.

Bitcoin: How Investors Extrapolate the Trend

Many investors tend to linearly extrapolate today's financial trends into the future. This practice is fraught with peril and evident in the price predictions for bitcoin. Here are the details.


"Accumulation, Participation, Distribution" – Where Are Stocks Today?

Global equity funds have seen more cash inflows this year than in the past 20 years combined. Our Head of Global Research, Murray Gunn, puts this stunning statistic in the context of the Dow Theory's market phases and shows you how it all fits together with the stock market's Elliott wave position.


What Do India’s Stocks Signal for COVID Outbreak?

Paradoxically, when the pandemic's first wave hit in March 2020, global stocks quickly found a bottom and haven't looked back in over a year. What can we learn from India's recent brush with the infection? Our Asian-Pacific expert explains the surprising way disease outbreaks fit into the stock market's larger wave pattern.

How Stock Investors Are “Betting the Household” – and, What It May Mean

It generally pays to be independent from the investing "crowd" – especially at key price turns. Here’s why.

Why This Stock Market Index May Be Headed for a “Bumpy Ride”

The stock of a company which has been "losing money for seven straight quarters" is now the largest component of this stock index. Hold on to your hat! Learn how "meme" stocks serve as a big warning sign.

The Housing Market: "Curb Appeal? We Don't Need No Stinking Curb Appeal!"

Sometimes, a personal anecdote helps bring into focus a problem we all intuitively understand. Watch our "resident skeptic" Dave Allman take a stroll through his neighborhood for an unvarnished look at the current real estate trends.