Socionomics and Social Mood

Changes in social mood precede changes in the markets, the economy, politics and more. Understanding this insight equips you to anticipate major shifts in trends and capitalize on lucrative opportunities before most people see them coming. Content provided by EWI's affiliated research organization, the Socionomics Institute.

How a Passion for History Turned into a Passion for Helping People Conquer Social Trends

You may have wondered how someone becomes a professional socionomist. Socionomics Institute Director Matt Lampert shares his unique story and introduces you to the key socionomic insight that has helped thousands of people to overcome and capitalize on sweeping changes in society.

Anticipate & Capitalize on Social Trends: An Introduction to Socionomics

Learn how shifts in social mood shape trends in social behavior in this presentation designed for those new to the socionomic perspective.

China, India: Richer or Poorer?

Watch our Asian-Pacific Financial Forecast editor, Mark Galasiewski, explain whether China and India are headed for "wealth creation" or "wealth destruction" in the years ahead.

Marijuana Laws & Markets – Is There Really a Connection?

When you think about the war on drugs, the stock market probably isn't the first thing that comes to mind. Yet society's tolerance of marijuana has followed the stock market's waves for decades. See a hundred years of history on one chart in this clip from the Pop Trends Price Culture videocast.


Yet Another Sentiment Extreme in Australia

In the Land Down Under, consumer expectations have just hit another high. Sounds bullish, right? Actually, sentiment extremes, bullish or bearish, often carry a contrarian message. Our Asian-Pacific Financial Forecast editor explains.


The Green-Eyed Monster Surfaces

If you feel that "everyone's getting rich but me," you're not alone. Far from it! Lots of people feel the same way today, and it's not a surprise. Why? Just watch as we revisit big market pivot points of the past two decades.


What Do India’s Stocks Signal for COVID Outbreak?

Paradoxically, when the pandemic's first wave hit in March 2020, global stocks quickly found a bottom and haven't looked back in over a year. What can we learn from India's recent brush with the infection? Our Asian-Pacific expert explains the surprising way disease outbreaks fit into the stock market's larger wave pattern.

The Rise, Fall and Quiet Deliverance of Irving Fisher

Irving Fisher was America's first "celebrity economist." In 1929 he said the stock market had reached a "permanently high plateau," which today sounds like "New Normal." Matt Lampert and Robert Folsom discuss the hard lesson Fisher learned, and what the "greatest economist the U.S. every produced" did after.

China During Chairman Mao: Negative Mood Catastrophe

The scale of destruction under Mao Zedong boggles the mind: Even so, you may find that this conversation offers unique insights into the "why" that propelled a uniquely awful period in post-WWII China.


Mmmmwahhhh. Luxury's Long Kiss Goodbye.

If the world's 500 richest people were a country, at $8.4 trillion their combined "GDP" would be the third largest economy in the world, behind the U.S. and China. This boom in global wealth has been fueling the consumer discretionary sector, which has outperformed the global stock market since 2009. But now something "really grabs our attention" on the chart of Consumer Discretionary Select Sector SPDR Fund ETF (XLY). Our head of Global Research explains.



If you are old enough to remember the booming real estate market back in 2006, you also remember that it was the last year of the U.S. housing bubble. The following year, social mood took a hard dive, the stock market topped and a set of dominoes around the world quickly ushered in a global financial crisis, the biggest one wince the Great Depression. But what if "it's different this time?" Our Head of Global Research shares his thoughts in the new essay.


International Politics: What Stocks' Trend Tells You About Next Steps

If the phrase "global effective minimum corporate tax rate" gives you a toothache, you're not alone. But as unexciting as that may sound, there is a lesson to be learned here -- a lesson in how social mood, as reflected by the stock market's trend, influences big politics. Our Head of Global Research explains. (ETF VT in focus.)


Global Markets: See Our “Macro View from 30,000 Feet”

Stocks, Bitcoin, commodities, bonds... right now, Elliott waves are painting a clear picture for all the key markets you hear about in the news. Watch our Head of Global Strategy walk you through a series of charts to give you a one-of-a-kind &"view from 30,000 feet."

PTPC: "McCarthyism" - You May Know the Who, But Do You Know the When and the Why?

Matt Lampert and Robert Folsom discuss exactly what McCarthyism was and where it came from. The parallel to politics in our time is unsettling indeed.

Stocks vs. U.S. Births: Is There Really a Connection?

In a word, yes. A couple of decades ago, Robert Prechter plotted the number of annual births on a stock market chart and noticed a remarkable correlation. Except, it's not for the reasons you may think... Watch the Socionomics Institute's Director Matt Lampert and EWI's Robert Folsom dive into details.