Socionomics and Social Mood

Changes in social mood precede changes in the markets, the economy, politics and more. Understanding this insight equips you to anticipate major shifts in trends and capitalize on lucrative opportunities before most people see them coming. Content provided by EWI's affiliated research organization, the Socionomics Institute.

'How people FEEL is how they ACT'

Like all ideas that make you want to slap yourself on the forehead and scream "How didn't I think of that!", the idea behind socionomics is simple: Social mood impels social action. When you know social mood's trend, you can forecast everything from the stock market to culture to politics and more. So, how then do you define the social mood trend? Watch our Head of Global Research touch on that in this video.

PTPC: How to Forecast the Economy Better Than Alan Greenspan (According to Alan Greenspan)

Want to forecast the economy better than the most famous economist of the past half-century? Listen as Matt Lampert and Robert Folsom turn to some wise words from Alan Greenspan himself to address that question.

Mood Riffs: Tuition Prices Slashed & BuzzFeed Buzzes Out

Tuition prices might seem like they only go in one direction: through the roof. But colleges have quietly been rolling out stealth, bargain-basement-style sales to attract students. For some schools, it's turned into a going-out-of-business sale. Speaking of going out of business, can you open a newspaper these days without reading about another "new media" company that has bitten the dust? Get the socionomic scoop on shuttering schools and media outlets in the latest edition of Mood Riffs.

Can You Use Cultural Expressions to Forecast the Stock Market?

It's been more than a year since the Dow Jones Industrial Average registered its all-time high, yet investor enthusiasm remains elevated. Why? And what does it signal about what could be around the corner in the markets? Get the answer in this peek inside the latest issue of EWI's Global Market Perspective.

Mood Riffs: What Do Horror Movies, Stock Prices and Epidemics Have in Common?

Scary movies. Scary markets. Scary viruses, bacteria and fungi. See how you can tell when society's scare-o-meter is likely to reach hair-raising heights.

Why Have Society's Values Shifted Over the Past 25 Years?

When you look at society today, there's no dispute that social values have shifted. But why? Some say demographics. Others blame politics. Yet others say it's the influence of the news and social media. Let's take a look at an indicator that tells a different story about why our values differ starkly from a generation ago.

Will Investment Bankers Ever Remember the Last Crash?

It seems like after every stock market crash, Wall Street firms, regulators and lawmakers proclaim that new regulations will ensure that financial crises never happen again. Yet the crises and crashes keep coming. This video shows you how the collapse of Archegos in 2021 signaled that big banks -- including Credit Suisse -- had once again forgotten the lessons of history.


PTPC: The Stock Market is Riskier Than Economists Realized

Everyone knows financial markets are risky. But just how risky are they? Economists thought they knew, but it turns out that they had underestimated market risk by several orders of magnitude. Discover why and learn about a perspective that can help you get a better grasp on risks in the markets and everyday life.

Mood Riffs: Giant Losses & A Case of the Mondays

You ever hit the snooze button on Monday morning and wish you could just gently ease your way into the workweek? Doing precisely that has become one of the latest trends among social media business influencers. Learn what it says about the social mood trend and discover why Amazon and other once-highflying corporate titans have recently booked ten-figure losses.


Does the Russian Bear Have More Bite?

It's hard to believe we're already a year into the Russia-Ukraine conflict. More than a week BEFORE Russia invaded Ukraine, we recorded this episode of Pop Trends Price Culture. It's as prescient now as it was when released. The video flips conventional thinking on its head. If you're wondering how war affects markets, you asking the wrong question...

This Chart Anticipated Rising Concern Over Nuclear Weapons

As battles continue in Ukraine, the world finds itself thinking the unthinkable once again. Yes, after decades of relative complacency, an era of heightened concern over nuclear weapons seems to be upon us once again. See the chart that used Elliott wave analysis to anticipate such a development more than seven years before Russia's invasion.

Video Mood Riffs: Dropping Pounds & Crumbling Crowns

Our Video Mood Riffs feature goes beyond the markets to examine cultural trends. In the latest episode, discover why a new fat-trimming trend may not last when stock prices hit the skids. Plus, see why the next big bear market could rip some jewels out of the new British king's crown.

PTPC: In Harmony with Social Mood -- The Genius, King, Godfather and Poet Laureate

Ray Charles. Elvis. James Brown. Chuck Berry. These four pop music icons need no introduction. Music historians have told their individual stories many times. But when we zoom out and look at their careers collectively, we see the indelible influence of social mood on their bouts of triumph and tumult.

When Do Maritime Disasters Occur? The Answer May Surprise You

Is it possible that shipwrecks have a socionomic influence? This video examines major maritime disasters from the past 300+ years to reveal that the timing is not random.

Video Mood Riffs: A House Divided & Tech Run Amok

They say "a house divided cannot stand," yet the House of Representatives managed to hold itself together after the recent drama over who would become the Speaker of the House. But what do cracks in the political consensus tell us about the mood of the country -- and by extension, the mood of the markets? Plus, see how fear is sparking new uses of technology on the battlefield.