Socionomics and Social Mood

Changes in social mood precede changes in the markets, the economy, politics and more. Understanding this insight equips you to anticipate major shifts in trends and capitalize on lucrative opportunities before most people see them coming. Content provided by EWI's affiliated research organization, the Socionomics Institute.

What the Heck is Going on in the Stock Market?

Those who think stock prices move rationally in response to news must find themselves entwined in a ball of confusion. The economy is in recession, unemployment's in double digits, unrest flows through the streets, a global pandemic resurges... yet stock prices have soared. The truth is that stock prices aren't regulated by news or even, as you'll discover in this clip, economic fundamentals and valuation benchmarks.

Horror Movies and Bear Markets: A (Non) Surprising Correlation

Remember “Seinfeld”? The happy-go-lucky show dominated TV prime time during the booming 1990s. Then the internet bubble burst and we got “Survivor.” You’ll find a similar connection between stocks and movies -- our August Financial Forecast explains.

Discover Why We’re Living in an Age of Turbulence

Federal agents and protesters clash in the streets. Free speech proponents and antagonists clash online. Branches of government clash in the courts. Why can’t we all just get along? And why does civic life these days seem to be anything but business as usual? The answers to these questions reveal something profound about the social mood trend, with implications for what to expect in the financial markets, the economy, politics and beyond.

Election 2020: On a Knife's Edge

Forget the polls, betting markets and even the economy. One indicator with a 228-year track record is signaling that this year's election is a lot closer than you think.

Why the Spirit of '68 is Alive in 2020

Many cultural observers have noted the parallels between 1968 and 2020: protests, a pandemic, a contentious presidential election, a fierce stock market rally and a historic space launch. But the question remains: why are these two years so similar? The lead article in the July issue of The Socionomist has the answer and assesses the probable ramifications for the future of social trends. Read it free.

See 7 Signs That Showed the Age of Turbulence Was Nigh

A year ago, we reminded readers that attacks on successful corporations are hallmarks of falling transitions. But that wasn’t the only signal on our radar that suggested volatile times were ahead. Discover the cultural clues that echoed prior tops and foreshadowed turbulence in the markets and social life.

What Do U.S. Protests Have in Common with Europe’s Disunity?

The civil unrest sweeping America has been up close and personal in nearly every major city. Discover how negative social mood can divide not only families, streets and communities but entire continents as well.

Dam Disasters: See What We Told Readers in January About the Catastrophic Risks

Thousands evacuated. Homes destroyed. Warning signs ignored for decades. And a surprising connection to the stock market. Discover the link between complacency, markets and major dam failures that we shared with readers just months before the latest cluster of dam disasters in the U.S.

The Dow's All-Time High: Why the World Partied Like It Was 1999 … Just Before the Collapse

Just before the Dow registered its great peak in February, Disney recorded the best year in box office history, Taylor Swift set a record for simultaneous chart hits and sentiment indicators were abuzz with optimism.


(Not a Typo) "Europe Has Been in a Bear Market for 20 Years"

It's hard to believe, but a key European stock index is still trading below its high from 20 years ago. That speaks volumes about Europe's social mood -- and the future of the European Union. Watch our Head of Global Research explain.

View the Global Economy from 30,000 Feet

If you zoomed out and took a snapshot of the markets and global economy, you'd see a pandemic, tumultuous equities, a rout in oil, record-busting bailouts, buybacks under fire, and the Fed flexing its muscles as the specter of deflation looms. But what does it all mean, and why is it happening now? Listen as EWI's Head of Global Research, Murray Gunn, breaks it all down in this conversation on the Classic Business podcast.


This Indicator Flashed "Danger" for Chinese Stocks Well BEFORE Pandemic

While the news is mulling over "what the Chinese knew and when they knew it," from a technical analysis perspective it's mostly irrelevant for market timing. Watch our Asian-Pacific Short Term Update editor show you one indicator that flashed red well in advance.

Are You Ready for Some Football?

Most sports leagues have closed up shop during the coronavirus pandemic, but professional American football is fighting to maintain business as usual. Beyond the pandemic, football faces a host of vulnerabilities—and opportunities—at the current juncture, and its stakeholders would be prudent to take note when preparing for the sport’s “new normal.”

How to Withstand the Siren Song of a Market Rally

Dramatic rallies go hand-in-hand with dramatic bear markets. The psychology behind bear market rallies is powerful and tempting, seducing investors to fall feverishly back in love with the market at just the wrong time...


Want Proof Markets Are NON-Rational? See This.

How can 1400 individual stocks, governed by a myriad of individual factors, fit into the same technical market pattern? There is only one logical answer. Watch our Asian-Pacific expert explain -- and show you how the COVID-19 pandemic fits into the same pattern.