You can use Elliott wave analysis to help you trade the markets objectively. It helps you identify trends and turning points, find realistic price targets and manage risk with precise stop-loss levels -- putting you miles ahead of other traders.

See Why U.S. Dollar Is Probably Near a Bottom

Sometimes a simple Elliott wave chart shows you at a glance why a market is near a major reversal. Such is the case right now with the U.S. dollar. Watch our Currency Pro Service editor explain -- and discover what you get during our Forex and Metals FreeWeek (August 12-19).

Aussie Dollar Soars to Multi-Month High: You Can't Have Your Fed Stimulus Boost AND Eat It Too

In mid-April, Currency Pro Service told subscribers to expect a rising trend in the Aussie/US dollar. We called for a powerful Elliott Wave pattern known as "a third-of-a-third wave" higher. Now see for yourself what followed.


Finding Clarity in Bond Markets with Elliott Waves

EMLC is a fairly exotic market instrument reflecting the values of… other fairly exotic market instruments. It's an ETF that tracks bonds issued by emerging market governments. Can a market like that reflect accurate Elliott wave patterns? Watch our Interest Rates Pro Service editor explain.


Stellar, Cardano: 296% and 1400% Rallies Leave Bitcoin in the Dust

With 1500+ cryptocurrencies out there, which ones are good bets? Watch our Crypto Pro Service editor show you how Elliott waves helped us catch the recent rallies in Stellar and Cardano. (Also, a look at Dogecoin, Elon Musk's "favorite cryptocurrency.")

EURUSD: The EU Recovery Plan Did NOT Spark the Euro's Near-term Recovery. See What DID

The Euro's rally to multi-year highs was unfolding before EU member states reached their July 21 agreement. Now see the "what and when" of the forecast we delivered to subscribers.

This Chart of Coffee Prices Since 1977 Speaks Volumes

You can apply Elliott wave analysis to charts on any time frame. Watch our Commodity Junctures editor walk you through coffee's wave pattern going back some 40 years -- and learn what they suggest for this important commodity in the months (and years) ahead.

Gold's July Rally in Metals Pro Service

See it for yourself: At several important moments in gold's month-long rally, our daily and intraday analysis made a big difference to subscribers.

Silver Soars to Seven Year Highs: See When the Near-Term "Party" Started

In a few trading days (July 17-22), silver prices soared twenty percent: See the near-term forecast that anticipated the big move, in Chart of the Day.


Calling for Silver's 20% Rally… 4 Days Before "Bullish" News

On July 17 -- before gold and silver jumped higher (allegedly on the heels of the July 21 news of the European economic stimulus package) -- Elliott waves already called for a strong rally. Watch our July 17 Metals Pro Service forecast to see the bullish pattern behind the move.


Trade Options? Two Strategies That Work with Elliott Waves

Robert Kelley, the editor of our U.S. Intraday Stocks Pro Service, has been involved with options and Elliott waves since 1986. Watch as he explains two strategies that can work with clear Elliott wave counts. Markets in focus: S&P 500 and Boeing (BA).


Germany's Long Bond: See How Elliott Waves Spotted the Rally

The Bund is Germany's equivalent of the 30-year U.S. Treasury bond -- which is to say, an important market…albeit a slightly exotic one. Do Elliott waves work in a market like that? You be the judge.

Worst Economic Crisis in 80+ Years, Yet Copper Prices Soar. Any Questions?

Copper hit a 4-year low in March -- and a few days later, our Metals Pro Service told subscribers "to adopt a bullish view." Now see the chart and forecast for yourself, plus the 40 percent rally that followed copper's low.

Gold's Breakout to 9-Year Highs: One Path Versus Two the Sides of Fed Stimulus

On June 5, our Metals Pro Service showed subscribers a gold chart and said a price action was "opening the door to considering bullish potential" beyond the 2020 highs. The $140 per ounce rally to 9-year highs followed this analysis.

Moving Average + Trend Channel = Clarity

Yes, you've learned the "theory" of Elliott waves. Now comes the hard part: real-market application. Watch our Trader's Classroom editor Jeffrey Kennedy share with you two practical tips. (Stocks in focus: NAV, MRVL and TSLA.)

So, What ARE the 4 Elements of High -Confidence Trading?

On July 13th, we are starting our online course for traders looking to add more clarity to their everyday decisions. Watch you course instructor show you what the 4 elements of high-confidence trading mean for him.