You can use Elliott wave analysis to help you trade the markets objectively. It helps you identify trends and turning points, find realistic price targets and manage risk with precise stop-loss levels -- putting you miles ahead of other traders.

Ethereum Kissed $200 Support Goodbye. Do You Know the Real Reason Why?

Just one week ago, Ethereum traders were basking in the glow of bullish news reports and elevated price forecasts. But then, ETH went against its bullish script and plunged more than $60 – a 25% sell-off! -- to a multi-month low. What you need to know, however, is that the cryptocurrency followed its Elliott wave script to a "T."


Elliott Waves: "Simple" Does the Trick

You may have heard that Elliott wave analysis is "complicated." It can be -- just about anything could be made complicated.

TEVA Stock: What a Long, Bad Trip It's Been

In October 2018, EWI's Jeffrey Kennedy said pharma giant Teva was in danger of falling below a boundary line that would push prices "below $10 a share." In turn, the stock fell to 17-year lows, before Teva’s negative fundamentals made news.


"Pinch Me": How to Build Your Ideal, Custom Technical Indicator Page

You know that there are hundreds of technical market indicators out there. Some of the most popular include oscillators, moving averages, trend channels... You've also seen names like MACD, SMI and Stochastics that some traders swear by.

The Dollar-Yuan: How We Showed "Tomorrow's News Today"

On August 2nd the Dollar-Yuan went vertical, and a flood of news stories then explained "why." Now see the August 1st forecast that called the move before it happened.

[UPDATED] The "Down Arrow" in the Dow We Showed Subscribers on July 29th

See the forecast and chart (complete with the directional arrow) we showed subscribers well before the "trade wars" story supposedly drove down the Dow.

Is Bitcoin Really in A World of its Own? Why It Matters to Your Portfolio

Conventional financial wisdom claims that bitcoin's performance is "not correlated" with that of Blue-Chip stock indexes. This claim is easy enough to check: See the evidence for yourself.

Crude Oil Bulls Got Their Rate Cut. And... Oil Prices Crashed 8.1% in One Day?

Before the Fed's July 31 decision on interest rates, oil bulls crossed their fingers for the first rate cut since 2008. That's exactly what happened. But instead of rallying, oil prices suffered a walloping, one-day 8% decline on August 1. Forget the Fed, here's the real story on why oil tanked.


Chipotle (CMG): How to Combine the "Old" with the "New"

Do you have a favorite technical analysis indicator? Maybe Japanese candlesticks, or the Head & Shoulders price pattern, or... Elliott waves?

Big Move in Pound v. Dollar: See the Long-Term Chart that Saw It Coming

The July Global Market Perspective showed a long-term chart of the British Pound v. the U.S. Dollar. See why a long-term chart in a monthly publication is very relevant to investors who look for opportunities right now.

The Fed: Will They, or Will They Not?

Is there a more definitive way to forecast what the Fed might do about interest rates than looking at "fundamentals"? We believe, there is. This is the price of the 30-year U.S. Treasury Bond...

A Stalling Auto Industry Doesn't Mean the U.S. ECONOMY'S Check Engine Light is On -- Right?

Did you know that the rate of job growth is at its most negative in decades? You will, once you see this chart for yourself.

Crude Oil Turned Down & Not for the Reason You Might Think

On July 15, Energy Pro Service chief analyst Steve Craig showed a chart with labels that identified the start of a decline. See the chart -- and forecast -- for yourself, right now.

Altcoin's "Bloody Monday" Takes No Prisoners -- Who Holds the Key?

Are this week's wild price moves evidence that cryptos are "unpredictable" markets, with sharp moves which take no prisoners? Put simply, NO. See for yourself the difference that Elliott Wave analysis can make.

Costco Hits Record Highs: Could You See the Rally Coming?

Costco's share price has outperformed in 2019 -- yet as late as March, financial news sources painted a confusing picture. Not so with Trader's Classroom forecasts: See the evidence for yourself.