You can use Elliott wave analysis to help you trade the markets objectively. It helps you identify trends and turning points, find realistic price targets and manage risk with precise stop-loss levels -- putting you miles ahead of other traders.

Bitcoin's $1300 Rally Defied the 1-2 Punch of Bearish Fundamentals. Here's Why

Bitcoin wasn't supposed to rally in October, or so said media reports. Yet the real cause of bitcoin's price action is NOT the news. It's the psychology of investors, which reflects clear Elliott wave patterns directly on price charts. See it for yourself.

Our Sr. Metals Analyst About Dick Diamond’s 80/20 Method

Tom Denham, long-time editor of our Metals Pro Service and veteran market analyst, decided to join our November 2020 class, “Trade Small, Win Often: The Dick Diamond Method of Trading for a Living.” (We start November 5.) Watch why Tom decided to join and what he expects from this intensive course in this 3-part interview.


Japanese Yen: How to Handle "Messy" Market Corrections

Strongly trending markets make things easy. But forex markets mostly meander around, seemingly without direction. Watch our Currency Pro Service editor show how Elliott waves can give you clarity using price action in USDJPY since March.

USDCAD: We Can Count At Least 4 Major Opportunities So Far in 2020. Can You?

In March, the Canadian Dollar turned up as the US Dollar went down: It was the first of four opportunities in USDCAD from March to October. Currency Pro Service subscribers were ready each time.


Oil: Why the Latest Rally Might Not Stick

If you want to see what's really behind crude oil's recent bearish reversal, watch this video. You'll see how market psychology warned of the reversal days in advance -- and get an idea as to what's next. Our Energy Pro Service editor explains.

Ethereum: The "Black Swan" Event Didn't Keep this Phoenix From Rising

Before Ethereum's uptrend started last March, reasons to turn bullish were absent from the news. Yet, Pro Services told subscribers to look for a rally. See the chart and forecast for yourself.

So, Wait… Just HOW Do I Make a Forecast Using Elliott Waves?

It starts by accepting the basic premise of Elliott wave analysis: Namely, that market prices are not random but patterned -- and therefore predictable. Watch our Trader's Classroom editor explain using the chart of Regeneron Pharmaceuticals (REGN).

The Fate of An Incumbent President vs. Stock Prices

"Politics drive stock market trends" is a common yet fatally flawed assumption. To see why, all you need to do is look at elections with an incumbent U.S. president: See this for yourself, right now.

What REALLY Moves Bitcoin?

Some say, Bitcoin and the S&P 500 are joined at the hip. Some say, Bitcoin and U.S. dollar are inversely correlated. Some say… well, watch what the editor of our Crypto Pro Service thinks about all that first.

Any Liquid Market, Any Timeframe: Know How to Spot New Opportunities Today

This year, everyone from retirees to generation Z's have turned to online trading in hopes of earning money amidst economic uncertainty. But all too often, new traders focus too much on chasing opportunities at the expense of managing risk. Elliott Wave International's on-demand webinar -- "Introduction to Spotting Elliott Wave Trading Opportunities" can help you fill in this important gap. (FREE; $129 value)


TSLA: Closing a Gap Tells You What's Next

On September 16, Tesla had finished up a significant selloff. The stock was moving up. The question was, "Where is it going from here? Up even more? Or is it about to sell off again?" Watch our Trader's Classroom editor show you the likely answer -- from watching gaps in real time.

Zillow Stock Opportunity: No Clear Fundamental Picture? No Problem

After a 4-year low in March, Zillow soared to all-time highs on September 25. See why so many mainstreams analysts missed the, versus what we said to Trader's Classroom subscribers.


Corporate Bonds: Market Leads, Fed Follows

Back in March, in the thick of the sell-off, the Fed pledged to buy corporate bonds, as a "last-resort" measure. Investment-grade debt rallied. But Elliott waves were one step ahead. Watch our Interest Rates Pro Service editor explain using LQD, a corporate bond ETF.

Cardano: From 3-Year Low To 2-Year High To 3-Month Low

Days after cryptocurrency Cardano hit a 3-year low, our Crypto Pro Service showed a major bottom in place. See the chart and forecast, plus what Cardano did in the months that followed.


This Price Pattern in German Bonds Is Worth Noting

You've heard that, "When stocks go up, bonds go down -- and vice versa." That's debatable, but see how a simple Elliott wave pattern already shows you what's likely next for Germany's government debt. Our Interest Rates Pro Service analyst explains.