You can use Elliott wave analysis to help you trade the markets objectively. It helps you identify trends and turning points, find realistic price targets and manage risk with precise stop-loss levels -- putting you miles ahead of other traders.

Can You Navigate the Altcoin Universe of "Cons and fraudsters and scams"? Yes!

Our analysis of the altcoin Polkadot shows that you can avoid click-bait driven commentary on cryptos, and instead focus on the Elliott wave patterns that unfold on market price charts.


Bitcoin: How to Spot Signs of Fast Reversals

Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies are no strangers to volatile, sharp reversals. If you get caught up in one unprepared, it's not a good feeling. But watch our Crypto Trader's Classroom instructor show you how Elliott waves can help take the "surprise" out of crypto "surprises."


EUR/USD: How to 'Trade with the Trend'

The euro vs. U.S. dollar is most-traded forex pair -- and lately, the euro has been losing, pushing EUR/USD lower and lower. At moments like that, many FX traders will try to catch the bottom. Watch our Currency Pro Service editor show you what Elliott wave evidence you need to do that with less risk.


Bitcoin: Finally, a “Bullish Capitulation”?

Something happened in Bitcoin's technical backdrop a few days ago that deserves your attention if cryptos are your forte. Watch our Crypto Pro Service editor walk you through a key chart and explain what it suggests next.

Candlesticks + Elliott Waves: A Powerful Combo

Every trader wants to know when a trend might end and prices might reverse. You get some interesting results when you combine Japanese Candlesticks with Elliott waves -- watch our Trader's Classroom editor show you how to do that. (In focus: Square Inc., SQ.)

Gold's Unstoppable Winning Streak -- Oh, Wait, "Winning" is NOT What Happened?!

After nearing all-time highs in March, Wall Street said gold's "Winning Streak" looked "unstoppable." Now see the contrary forecast that anticipated the big decline in gold.


How to Forecast U.S. Treasuries BEFORE the Fed Speaks

On May 4, about 30 minutes before the Fed's interest rate news at 2 PM, our Interest Rates Pro Service analyst Jim Martens posted a video for subscribers. Watch a clip now to see how Elliott wave patterns in the 30-year Treasury Bonds helped Jim forecast the big move in bonds before the news.

Traders: The Best Way to Seize Opportunity? Slow Your OWN Momentum Down!

Mainstream finance 101 says that past price action is a great determinant for the future. Well, if you used that strategy on Big Board listee and natural gas tycoon Energy Transfer LP (ET) at the start of 2022, you would've been on the wrong side of a massive opportunity.


Interest Rates: “Interesting Times, and About to Get More Interesting”

The yields on 10-year U.S. Treasury Notes are bumping up against 3%, and everyone from hedge funds to real estate buyers want to know what's next. Interest rates, after all, affect almost everyone. Watch our Interest Rates Pro Service editor walk you through the Elliott wave opportunity brewing in 30-year Treasuries to answer this question.


How to Spot Market Tops and Bottoms Using Elliott Waves (Part 2 of 5)

When you catch the exact top or bottom of a market move, it makes you feel like Einstein. Spotting a wave pattern called "diagonal" helps you with this challenging (and rewarding) task. Watch our Commodities Intraday Pro Service editor Nady Laymoud walk you through a soybeans chart to show you how to do just that.

FedEx Stock (FDX): This Bearish Opportunity Was Lost in Mainstream Transit. But It Found Its Way to Traders by Other Means

After FedEx's Q2 2021 crushed Wall Street expectations, analysts expected to open a bullish "package" from the company's stock in 2022. Instead, they got a 25% selloff between January and April 8. There's no sending this move back; but there was a way to see it coming!

LEAN HOGS Reach New Contract Highs: How Real is Fundamental "Reality"?

Our lean hogs forecast in October 2021 anticipated the huge rally that began soon into 2022. See the forecast and rally for yourself in Chart of the Day.


Britain's Marks and Spencer: 5 Waves Up Marked the Spot

Markets progress in a basic pattern of 5 Elliott waves in the direction of the main trend and 3 waves against it. So, spotting the end of a wave 5 is key information. But how? Watch our European Short Term Update show you how he applied Elliott waves to a chart of Marks & Spencer plc during the stock's recent rally -- and the subsequent 46% sell-off.

Flash Service Forecast: See What We Said Before Netflix's 54 Percent Plunge

The 4-month plunge in NFLX raises a simple question: Could a trader have anticipated the downturn? See for yourself why reply say "Yes."

Ethereum Rises to 3-Month High: Resist the Urge to "MERGE"

Rumors about Ethereum's "the Merge" upgrade began to circulate in mid-November, when the crypto started a big decline. Now "the merge" is supposed to explain a rally? See a forecast that actually makes sense.