You can use Elliott wave analysis to help you trade the markets objectively. It helps you identify trends and turning points, find realistic price targets and manage risk with precise stop-loss levels -- putting you miles ahead of other traders.

The 3 "Horsemen" of Trading Doom... AND 1 Sweet Dog Named Berry

In 2011, the heated emotions surrounding the commodity bull market made it difficult to see the 50%, multi-year long crash that began that September -- and persists to this day. Thanks to the "discipline" of Elliott wave analysis, though, anticipating the reversal was possible. Read the full story, along with an exciting announcement about an upcoming educational webinar, here.

The Greater the Wealth Gap, the Harder the Stock Market Falls?

The more the wealth gap grows, the closer the stock market gets to a major peak. See the evidence for yourself during the previous two times the "gap" grew, and the market hit major long-term highs.

Global Manufacturing: About to Enter "A World of Hurt"?

See the broader economic context that day-to-day headlines don't deliver: Chart of the Day shows you the big-picture trend in the all-important trend in global manufacturing.

Who Sees "Opportunity" In Cannabis?

See for yourself what happens when a previously forbidden vice becomes acceptable – not to mention profitable.

Who Expected What When Bitcoin’s “Death” Was Pronounced?

Dana Weeks talks to EWI's Currency Analyst Jim Martens, about what it REALLY means when headlines about financial markets turn extreme. Case in point: Bitcoin

Are We In The “Golden Age of Cannabis”?

EWI anticipated legal cannabis in the U.S. more than a decade ago. Now listen to Mark Galasiewski's interview with Dana Weeks, about opportunities in cannabis stocks.

Todd Gordon: Trading, and Interviewing a “Trader’s Trader”

In his interview with Dana Weeks, Todd Gordon describes his interview with a trading legend, his keynote address at the "Money Show," and his Lulu trade.

Will Global Rate Shifts Come to the Treasury Market?

In his interview with Dana Weeks, Jordan Kotick looks to major bond market trends abroad for what may be next in the U.S. Treasuries market.

The Cryptocurrency That's Leading the Pack in 2019

Our Cryptocurrency analysis showed subscribers a bullish Elliott Wave trade set-up on Cardano's price chart, namely: A third wave. See it for yourself.

Fed Re-Examines Its Own Ability to Control Inflation: What Next?

Why does the Fed keep missing its inflation "target"? Here's a clue: $10 Trillion in debt outstanding. See what this looks like, in Chart of the Day.

The "Silver Lines" of Opportunity

So far in 2019, silver prices have experienced at least two major turns: a sell-off from late February followed by a rebound in early March. Here's what could have helped you to anticipate both.

A Money Center Bank Falls to a 10-Plus Year Low: Now What?

From a high near $150 in 2007, Deutsche Bank's share price recently fell below $8. But is this the end of the long down trend? A hint comes from an Elliott Wave pattern that unfolds in three legs. See it for yourself in Chart of the Day.

Gold and Silver Trend: Unfolding Together?

EWI's Pro Services analyst Tom Denham talks with Dana Weeks about “extended hours” coverage of U.S. stock markets.

"Inverted Yield Curve" -- What It Is, Why It Matters

Headlines scream about the inverted yield curve. Yet, in his chart-packed explanation, EWI’s Jordan Kotick gives you a context you won’t find elsewhere.

Robert Kelly on the S&P 500, the Trend in 2019, and the “Major Market Index”

Dana Weeks speaks with Robert Kelly on the recent new highs for 2019 in Blue Chip stock indexes.