You can use Elliott wave analysis to help you trade the markets objectively. It helps you identify trends and turning points, find realistic price targets and manage risk with precise stop-loss levels -- putting you miles ahead of other traders.

The Elliott Wave Principle: A "Marvel" of Technical Analysis

Just when you thought there'd been every possible adaptation of the Marvel comics movie franchise, we've thought of one more: A Marvel installment based on financial market analysis.


1, 2, 3… Third "Mania" in Progress Now

When you observe market behavior for a couple of decades, you'll see some things you'd never thought were possible. Watch our Financial Forecast co-editor share what has surprised him over the years -- and what he's watching now.

Bitcoin: The Real Cause of the September Crash

September 2019 saw Bitcoin fall 20%, its largest monthly decline since November 2018. See for yourself how Elliott wave analysis anticipated the turn before price went south.

A Simple Bar Chart Pattern to Alert You to BIG Moves

Technical market analysis doesn't have to be complicated, the long-time editor of our Trader's Classroom tells his subscribers. Watch Jeffrey Kennedy show you a simple bar chart pattern you can start using today to spot trend reversals. (Markets: GOLD; SIRI, ROKU.)


How to Set Price Targets with Elliott Waves

You probably know that Elliott wave analysis has three strict rules, plus a handful of guidelines. When you apply them to price charts, you can set realistic price targets -- short- or long-term. Watch as our monthly Global Market Perspective contributor shows you how.

Learn How to Use Options + Elliott to Spot Opportunities

Want to see how a real options trader uses Elliott waves to spot new opportunities?

We pulled this recording from a recent live trading webinar hosted by our friend and fellow Elliott waver, Todd Gordon.


420 Stocks: Canopy Growth Corp. (CGC) Coming Off the High

Less than six months ago, Canopy Growth Corp. stock was soaring high; hitting an all-time high above $52 in April.

It has since dropped below $20/share. What happened? And, more importantly, what's next?

See For Yourself How "Five Up" and "Three Down" Recently Worked in the S&P

From Oct. 1st thru Oct. 11th, our U.S. Intraday Stocks Pro Service twice saw a 5-up, 3-down Elliott Wave pattern. Now you can see them too, and what we said at the time.

Learn to Count Waves Correctly… 4 Minute Clip

There are some basic rules to follow when you put Elliott wave labels on a price chart. Watch this quick clip for a few simple dos and don’ts. (Market in focus: Starbucks, SBUX).

Exactly What We Said Before the Dow's Two-Day 1,000 point (intraday) Decline

This week saw a huge move in the Dow Industrials: What did we say, and when did we say it? Watch for yourself and get the answer, in Chart of the Day.

What We Said Before Silver's Rise … and then Before Its Fall

After a months-long decline in silver, we put subscribers on the right side of the trend. Then as silver was hours away from ending a 30-plus-percent rally, we put subscribers on the right side of the trend AGAIN. See it for yourself, right now.

What's Driving Palladium's Record-Breaking Rally? Hint: NOT a Supply Deficit

Does "supply deficit" explain the recent bull move in palladium? Good question -- and you'll know the answer simply by looking at palladium's price chart, in this Chart of the Day.


Learn "Head & Shoulders" in Just 12 Minutes: Watch

"Technical analysis does not have to be complicated," says our Trader's Classroom editor. In this 12-minute clip from a recent lesson, watch Jeffrey Kennedy show you how simple a classic chart pattern, Head & Shoulders, can be. (Stocks in focus: CMG, NOC, TWTR, WWE).

Before EURUSD's Peak, and After: But What's Next Now?

February 2018 was huge for the EURUSD. Headlines then were bearish the euro, bullish the dollar. Yet we saw that peak for what it was, and price unfolded as forecast for 18 months. See it here (plus what may be next) in Chart of the Day.

Crude Oil Surges Most Since 1991 Gulf War: Was the Drone Attack Really to Blame?

On Friday, September 13 -- before the attack on Saudi oil processing -- Commodity Junctures editor Jeffrey Kennedy forecast the move higher in crude prices. See the chart and forecast for yourself.