You can use Elliott wave analysis to help you trade the markets objectively. It helps you identify trends and turning points, find realistic price targets and manage risk with precise stop-loss levels -- putting you miles ahead of other traders.


Inflation or Deflation? For Answers, Look to TIPS

Treasury Inflation-Protected Securities are bonds tied to measures of inflation, like the CPI. The higher the inflation, the better the returns. But see how Elliott wave patterns in TIP (an ETF) give a good idea if the market is still expecting inflation ahead. Log in -- or sign up for FREE to watch now.

Stocks: What to Make of the Day-Trading Frenzy

Around the time of the February stock market top, speculators were showing an “amazing willingness to bet on stocks with borrowed money.” Now that a fast rally has followed a fast market meltdown, this update on day trading suggests a lot about what’s next for the stock market.

EURGBP: Finding High-Confidence Set Ups in the High-Speed Chase for Opportunity

Mainstream analysis missed the major opportunity in the EURGBP, yet Elliott wave forecasts gave subscribers multiple "heads up" about the action: See it now in Chart of the Day.


Euro-Sterling: What to Expect into Summer

EURGBP is an important forex pair. Log in -- or sign up FREE -- to watch as our cross-currency expert revisits a recent forecast and uses "simple Elliott wave guidelines" to set price targets for euro-sterling for the summer months.

Netflix Stock Sets New Record: Live Stream Elliott Wave Opportunity

As Netflix shares hit a mid-March low, experts were bearish the stock: Record unemployment and belt-tightening made the service look non-essential. Yet, as far back as January, our Elliott Wave analysis saw a rally ahead.

Dow Down 1000 Points in 2 Days: Wham, Bam... POWell???

The Dow's big, two-day decline started around 3pm on May 12th. Yet media reports pinned the 1000-point drop on comments by Fed Chair Powell on May 13th! Now see the forecast that anticipated the decline before it happened.

Can You Count to 7? Then You Can Navigate Complex Corrections

Complex Elliott wave corrections can intimidate even experienced Elliott wave traders. Watch our Trader's Classroom instructor show you a simple trick -- which involves counting to 7 -- to navigate the markets when prices get "messy."

Apple Stock: Hitting the Bullseye in a Blizzard of Uncertainty

After Apple's share price tanked in March, mainstream sentiment was all over the map. Yet Trader's Classroom subscribers found a clear, impartial assessment of Apple: See the forecast, and what followed.


DJIA: Watch Elliott Waves at Work

Readers sometimes ask us if Elliott waves also work on short-term timeframes -- i.e., intraday. The answer is an enthusiastic "Yes!" -- in fact, watch our U.S. Stocks Intraday Pro Service editor show you a fresh example from intraday price action in the DJIA on May 11. Log in -- or sign up for FREE -- to watch now.


Bitcoin "Halving" vs. Elliott Waves

Bitcoin recently experienced a scheduled event, the so-called halving. What is it -- and more importantly, is it always bullish for Bitcoin's price? Log in --or sign up for free -- to watch our Crypto Pro Service editor walk you through Bitcoin's key Elliott wave patterns.

Anyone Can Learn Elliott: Watch a Child, College Student and Expert Count Elliott Waves.

Learning the Elliott Wave Principle might seem daunting. But in this video, you'll discover that just about anyone can count waves--even a third grader. If you're new to the Wave Principle or just want to brush up on the basics, you'll find yourself spotting patterns within minutes as you learn the building blocks of Elliott with a child, a college student and an expert.

The Stock Market's Downside: 2 Ways Speculators Can Be Rewarded

Speculators who sell the stock market short – or bet on a downturn – do so at considerable risk. Yet, successful short sellers can enjoy this “double benefit.”

EUR/USD: Why the Bulls Didn't See the Bear Market Coming in Time

There was no fundamental reason for the euro to turn down against the dollar -- yet there was a clear bearish Elliott wave set up. See it here for yourself.

Gold's 8-Year Cycle -- and Why the "Safe Haven" Has Not Rallied

Gold hasn't seen the sort of rally in recent months you'd expect from a safe haven. In fact, mid-March saw an 11-year low. Even so, gold bulls are adamant. Why? See the chart that helps answer that question (and more).

Bulls Get Drunk on Boston Beer: The Best Predictor of Price is ... NOT Profit

Do declines in company profits mean share prices fall? In theory, the answer seems obvious. Yet, check out this real-world example of falling profit and soaring stock trend -- and how Elliott Wave analysis anticipated the stock rally.