You can use Elliott wave analysis to help you trade the markets objectively. It helps you identify trends and turning points, find realistic price targets and manage risk with precise stop-loss levels -- putting you miles ahead of other traders.

Tilray Shares: Managing Risk and a Missed Forecast - A Brief Case Study

Your trading method should help you succeed: but, your method should also help you manage risk. See a forecast that did not work out, yet that did have an excellent "B" plan.

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This Simple Bar Pattern Can Tip You Off to Major Reversals in Any Market

What's your favorite reversal indicator? Is there something you look for on a price chart that tips you off to a major trend change? Bestselling author, Jeffrey Kennedy, shares one of his favorite bar patterns that does just that. He shows you an example of how this bar pattern has recently prepared traders for two major price reversals. Then, Jeffrey reveals a major stock that just flashed this reversal pattern. Tune in now.

Germany's DAX Index: When Sentiment Says "Boom," Prices Say Achtung (Warning)!

In early 2018, bullish sentiment for Germany's DAX was far and wide ... just before a 20 percent decline. Yet, our GMP subscribers were ready for the big turn.

China's Yuan Weakens Despite the Will of its Central Bank

Why has China's central bank let the yuan plunge against the US Dollar since April 2018? Well, China's central bank tried and failed to change the trend. who saw the decline coming? Chart of the Day has the answer.

Our Forecast Anticipated the S&P 500 Rally: The "Powell Effect" Came LATER

The "Powell Effect" supposedly led to the S&P 500 rally that began on June 4th. Yet a simple timeline shows you the facts about what came first. This Chart of the Day also shows you what a real forecast looks like.

Marriott Stock Soars DESPITE the Biggest Cyberattack in History?

There was every reason for investors to “check out” of hotel giant Marriott, as a flood of bad news arrived in February. But now see and hear why there was a good reason to “stay.”

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Elliott Wave Tips of the "Trade"

What's the number one rule governing whether a market's price chart presents a high-probability opportunity -- or failure? If you don't know the answer, it's time for a refresher Elliott wave crash course! Our FREE video lesson takes you back to the basics and paves the way to a more favorable trading future. Watch it now!

A Star Diamond Student Speaks

Guide Vadim Pokhlebkin calls Paul Hotke “One of the star students” of the Diamond method. Paul took the Dick Diamond "Trade Small, Win Often" course February-May. Hotke is an articulate guy -- he owns his own CPA business and trades part-time. You can hear just what he has to say about the method and the course in this 12-minute segment.

Ripple (XRP): Why We Love 3rd Waves (and Why You Should Too)

In the Elliott wave model, third waves are often the broadest and strongest moves within a trend. That is why Elliott wave traders love them.

The Before and After of the Big Move in 10-year Treasury Notes

Who was prepared for the big bullish move in Treasury Notes on May 22-23 ... before it happened? See the answer for yourself onscreen right now, in Chart of the Day.

Student Review: “Trade Small, Win Often” (Watch)

Thomas Lasco is a retired professional pilot. He trades full-time. He took our "Trade Small, Win Often" course in February-May. See what he has to say about Dick Diamond's 80/20 method and the course.

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Crude Falls Hard: The Set-up You Need To See

On May 21, with crude trading near $63 a barrel, our Energy Pro Service posted a subscribers update showing that oil was poised for an explosive move... down.

April Lows, May Highs in Treasuries: What's Next?

Dana Weeks talks to EWI Analyst Jordan Kotick about the April low in Treasuries, how to follow the yield curve, and exactly which Treasury instrument he's got his eye on now.

Artificial Intelligence: 3 Reasons to Fear a b-A.I.-r Market

You name the industry -- from cyber-security to healthcare, telecom to transportation, big data to... baby diapers! -- high growth companies across the globe are investing in Artificial Intelligence technology at an astounding rate. But could there be a reason to fear a boom-bust cycle ahead? No... there are three reasons!

The Unreported Yet Biggest Danger of Trade Tariffs

Dana Weeks talks to EWI Analyst Murray Gunn about how "Trade Tariff News" misses the true, long-term dangers to markets, economies, and people.