You can use Elliott wave analysis to help you trade the markets objectively. It helps you identify trends and turning points, find realistic price targets and manage risk with precise stop-loss levels -- putting you miles ahead of other traders.


Corporate Debt: A Trend to Watch in 2021

LQD is a well-known investment-grade corporate bond ETF. Watch our Interest Rates Pro Service editor show you a clear Elliott wave pattern starting to emerge in this market -- and explain what this likely means for corporate debt next.

Does the Fed "Control" Gold Prices? See the Facts and Forecasts

Mainstream economic wisdom says Federal Reserve policy drives the price trends of gold. Now see the facts, charts and forecasts and show otherwise.

New Zealand Dollar Rallies to 2-and-a-half Year High DESPITE a Dovish RBA: How Bout Them Kiwis?

By mainstream logic, dovish comments by Australia's central back should have crushed New Zealand’s Dollar. But the Kiwi began a powerful rally. Now see the forecast that got it right.


Here’s Why Bitcoin “Targeted” the $42,000 Mark

On January 8 -- before Bitcoins $10,000 mini-crash three days later -- our Crypto Pro Service told subscribers to watch the $42,000 price level because it could produce a bearish "reaction." Why? Watch our Crypto Pro Service editor explain. (Hint: Think "Fibonacci.")

Bitcoin's 24-Hour Crash: FCA Warning Was a Slap in the Face. But It Wasn't the Cause.

Dang that was fast! Bitcoin prices have plummeted 26% for their worst two-day plunge since March 2020. Mainstream experts cite London's Financial Conduct Authority warning on the risk of cryptos as a possible "crashalyst." But the FCA warning came after prices already turned.


EURUSD: Does “Trend in Motion Stay in Motion”? Yes, Up to a Point.

Since March 2020, the dollar has been steadily losing to the euro. All the while, EURUSD, the biggest forex market on the planet, has been climbing. But the key advantage Elliott wave analysis gives you is the ability to see when the trend is about to end. Watch our Currency Pro Service editor explain how this applies to EURUSD now.

Gold's Rebound to 8-Week Highs Was NOT What the Fundamental Doctor Ordered

As November ended, gold had its worst month since 2016. Mainstream analysts said Covid vaccine news would push prices even lower. Now see the forecast that anticipated the gold rally.

Oil Rebounds to 10-Month Highs on... Vaccine Hopes? Not Exactly!

Pro Services reveals the true cause of crude oil's late 2020 rally; hint: it wasn't vaccine hopes.

Snapchat's 2020 Comeback: There Were 2 "Writings on the Wall," But Only 1 Was Right

And the winner of 2020's best-performing social media stock is... Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest? Try, Snapchat! This year, the photo-app underdog SNAP outshone its peers in a massive rally that saw prices soar five-fold to all-time highs. If you didn't see this one coming, you're not alone. Then again, imagine if you did!

USDCHF: It's Nice to Say We're Managing Risk. It's Quite Another to Show You How

The US Dollar/Swiss Franc trended sideways from late July thru late November, but then the pair turn down on December 1st in a fast fall to 6-year lows. See how we helped subscribers minimize risks ahead of time.

Riot Blockchain Soars to 2-year High: The "Ace Up Your Sleeve" To Play this Wild Card

Our October 4 Currency Pro Service showed a chart of RIOT Blockchain with a very clear UP arrow -- and said price looked "poised to the upside." See this forecast and what followed next.

CTSH: Are You Staying Cognizant of High-Confident Trade Set-Ups? An Example to Follow

Was there a way to be ready for CTSH's powerful rally to multi-year highs? The May 11 Trader's Classroom chart of Cognizant did indeed anticipate the move. See it for yourself.


STOXX Europe 600 Index: Let’s Play a Simple Math Game…

Take a number; any number. Now take another one. Add them up. Next… well, we’ll let our Head of Global Research give you the rest of this fun little math game. Suffice it to say that at the end, you end up with a precise Fibonacci ratio, which has lots of relevance to the next move in EU stocks. Watch.

EURUSD: Were Vaccine Hopes the "Shot" that Drove the Euro to 2 1/2-Year Highs? (Hint: NO!)

The timeline on the EURUSD chart shows the November recovery was NOT caused by "vaccine hopes." Now see the forecast that did anticipate the rally.

Pinterest Stock's Huge Rally: Why Elliott Wave Analysis Belongs on Your Pin Board

The August 12 Trader's Classroom showed a chart of Pinterest that said a recent price gap confirmed that the stock was in a third wave rally: See the chart and forecast now.