You can use Elliott wave analysis to help you trade the markets objectively. It helps you identify trends and turning points, find realistic price targets and manage risk with precise stop-loss levels -- putting you miles ahead of other traders.

Solana: Putting Recent 232% Rally in Perspective

When Solana was released in 2020, it went for 21 cents -- that's before it rose as high as $258 a coin. Then it crashed 97%! Now that's it up big again, is that the start of a new move to all-time highs? Watch our Crypto Trader's Classroom editor, Tony Carrion, give you his thoughts on what's going on.


'Tis the Season

The stock market has seasonal tendencies -- some bullish, some bearish. As the year moves ahead, knowing "when to hold 'em and when to fold 'em" could be powerful. In this new video, our Trader's Classroom instructor Robert Kelley walks you through charts of S&P 500, VIX, VXX, AAPL, EUR/USD and more to show how to make seasonality work for you.

What to Make of Gold’s Rally at This Juncture

Most investors are bullish on gold. Indeed, some analysts expect price "records" in 2023. But we've seen sentiment extremes before. Here's a review.

Cryptocurrencies Start 2023 With a Bang!

Several cryptocurrencies have seen serious rallies in January. Now see how Elliott wave analysis anticipated opportunities in four crypto markets.


Eurex Bund: Taking Elliott on the Road Less Traveled

We often get asked if Elliott waves work in markets other than the major ones. The answer is a resounding yes. The waves track investor psychology, so anywhere you have a group of investors buying and selling, you'll see waves shaping the trends. Watch this quick wave lesson from our Interest Rates Pro Service analyst, Ivo Zhelev.

The "Alternate Ending" Elliott Analysis Showed 2 Years Ahead of Time

See the long-term and short-term Elliott wave forecasts that anticipated the direction of big opportunities in sugar.


90 Years Later, Elliott Waves Keep Paving the Way

Almost 90 years ago, R.N. Elliott made his discovery that the financial markets are patterned. Today, the same patterns repeat in all liquid markets. Watch our Commodities Pro Service editor Jim Martens give you a recent example with feeder cattle in focus.

Market Trek: 24% of Russell 3000 Firms Share This Open Secret

When your operating revenue can't even cover the interest payments on the money you owe, you might have trouble sleeping at night. That's where almost a quarter of the Russell 3000 companies find themselves today. Watch our Market Trek host Brian Whitmer walk you through a 30-year chart to show the extent of the problem. (Brian's global destination today is Thailand.)

How to Know When 5 Waves Mean “STOP” or “GO”

You may already know that trending moves develop in 5 waves, while countertrends have only three legs. But does every 5-wave move indicate the start of a new trend? There's a bit more to it, explains our monthly Global Market Perspective contributor, Murray Gunn, as he shows you a chart of EuroSTOXX 50, a pan-European 50-blue chip index, and explains what the waves show.

Invest in Emerging Markets? For Clues to What's Next, Look at Taiwan

Over the years, Taiwanese stocks have proven themselves to be a bellwether for the entire emerging market sector. Watch our monthly Global Market Perspective contributor, Mark Galasiewski, walk you through a couple of charts that hint at what's next for Taiwan -- and emerging markets as a whole.

Natural Gas: Here’s What Happened After a “Double Top"

Technical analysis looks at the behavior of a financial market itself. This contrasts with "fundamental" analysis, which examines factors outside of a market, i.e., news and events. Elliott Wave International favors technical analysis and this natural gas chart provides an example of why.

What Happens When Too Many Companies Are "Walking Dead"

What is a "zombie" company? Why are they multiplying so quickly? Which ones are the biggest zombies? Get answers in this Chart of the Day.

2022 was a Year of Crashes and Comebacks. In Focus: Nike, Inc. & NVR, Inc.

If becoming a stronger and more skillful trader is among your list of new year's resolutions, then consider this: In 2022, athleticwear giant Nike Inc. crashed to 2.5-year lows AND home construction leader NVR Inc. rallied to 10-month highs. Elliott wave analysis prepared traders for both.


Bitcoin vs. COIN vs. GLXY: See How One Leads the Other

One way that helps in trading stocks, explains our Crypto Pro Service analyst, Jason Soni, in this new video, is to look at Elliott wave patterns in a related market. Watch Jason show you charts of Bitcoin, COIN, GLXY and HUT and show how he puts it all together.

Why Oil Prices Fell in the Face of “Supply Shock”

Many oil market observers try to predict prices by looking at "fundamentals," such as supply and demand. However, history shows that investors cannot always count on this type of analysis -- far from it. Here's what you need to know.