You can use Elliott wave analysis to help you trade the markets objectively. It helps you identify trends and turning points, find realistic price targets and manage risk with precise stop-loss levels -- putting you miles ahead of other traders.


GameStop (GME): Applying Elliott Waves to a "Crazy" Market

Was there any way to foresee GME's jump from $4 to $350 -- and to forecast what's next now? Yes. Watch our Trader's Classroom editor give you some clear, objective answers.


USD/ZAR: New 'Opportunity of Interest'

Last April, more than one market was flashing an Elliott wave opportunity. Dollar/Rand is not a forex market you hear about often, yet... it's often where people aren't looking that deserves your attention. Watch our Currency Pro Service analyst explain last year's opportunity -- plus, another one in the making.

Show Me the Monero... And We'll Show You the Opportunity

Since March 2020, the Monero cryptocurrency has rallied 800-plus percent. See and read the Elliott Wave forecast that anticipated the huge move.


Ripple (XRP): How to Trade Elliott Wave Triangles

You've seen them: First, the price swings wide, then less so, then the swings get smaller and smaller... until -- boom! -- prices spike. Triangles are high-confidence Elliott wave patterns, and you see them across different markets. Watch our Crypto Pro Service analyst Michael Madden explain how to trade one by looking at the recent action in cryptocurrency Ripple, XRP.

Why Didn’t EURUSD Ride Democrats’ “Blue Wave” Higher?

This January, the euro stood at its highest level against the U.S. dollar in 2-1/2 years. And, according to many experts, the January 6 Democratic victory of the U.S. Senate was set to be a victory for euro bulls, as well. But instead, the euro reversed its uptrend as the U.S. dollar gained, and strongly. Why? Here's an uncommon answer.

See How “Elegant and Brilliant” Simple Indicators Can Be

Some technical analysts -- especially newbies -- love to add more and more indicators to their charts. But do you really have to? Watch our Trader's Classroom instructor Jeffrey Kennedy show you that more is not always better -- and see how to handle the indicator overload.

Aluminum Surges to a 2-Year High: A Price "Puzzle" With One Main Missing Piece

In May and June of 2020, the pandemic-stricken economy and halt in manufacturing across all industries was supposed to crush aluminum prices like a tin can. Instead, the metal began to rise in a powerful rally to 2-year highs. Find out why the obvious outcome isn't always the right one.


Trend-Follower or Contrarian, Here’s How Elliott Waves Help You

Some traders go with the trend, while others try to nail market tops and bottoms. While the latter strategy is far more risky, Elliott waves equips you to employ both. Watch our Currency Pro Service analyst walk you through AUD/JPY charts to show you how.


March 13, 2020: Key Day for Cryptocurrencies (Cardano in Focus)

From $0.02 last March to $1.48 today, Cardano's 8,122%, one-year rally put it in 3rd place as the world's largest cryptocurrency by market capitalization. Was there anything last March to alert you to the opportunity? Yes -- watch our Crypto Pro Service explain.

Long-Term Commodities, Price Turns, and Opportunities

In 1981, the Elliott Wave pattern anticipated a very long-term change in commodities. In 2008, the pattern again anticipated a huge turn in the trend. See the charts for yourself, and Robert Prechter's perspective on what's next.

1 Month, 1 Stock, a 30% Rally. Foreseeable? You Bet.

On February 19, Grand Canyon Education Inc. (NASDAQ: LOPE) rallied to its highest level in 18 months. True or False: "The stock's surge was caused by a strong earnings beat." The right answer might surprise you.

Where Were You When this Benchmark Energy ETF Turned on a Dime?

Back in late October, news reports about the exchange-traded fund Energy Select Sector (XLE) were bearish on the price trend. Yet our Pro Service forecast a large rally just ahead. See the chart for yourself.

Today vs. the 2000 Dot-Com Boom: See the Chart for Yourself

Fervently bullish extremes in the media and the market can signal the end of an era. See an example from the past ... compared to a similar extreme today.

How the “Crypto-Craze” is Getting Even Crazier

Elliott Wave International called attention to Bitcoin back in September 2010, when the digital currency was trading for just pennies. The world of "cryptos" has evolved dramatically since then. Learn about one of the most recent crypto developments.


U.S. Treasuries: 39 Years Down, 39 Years Up

Before the recent uptick, interest rates had declined for 39 long years. But did you know that before then, interest rates rose -- also for 39 years? Watch our Global Market Strategist offer you this uncommon perspective on bonds -- and explain the implications.