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What’s Driving the Housing Downturn? Interest Rates or Investor Psychology

Housing data in 2018 looked ... unhealthy. The "villain" seems obvious -- namely, central bank rate hikes. But now see the charts and evidence that show a different (and far more credible) explanation.

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DX Alert: Want a Sneak Peek at an Experimental New Flash Feature?

Traders Classroom Senior Analyst Jeffrey Kennedy records a video for Flash subscribers to explain not only the Elliott wave setup, but also his own additional technical tools and "how to know when you're wrong" to mitigate the risk.

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Central Banks are Buying Stocks. So, You Should, Too...Right?

"Don't fight the Fed," goes one of Wall Street's adages. If you can't fight them, join them -- right? We have tracked some of the history of central bank asset purchases. You'll see it in this excerpt from our monthly Elliott Wave Financial Forecast.